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  • Good Evening

Mr Fanning, himself.


Steve Sherman!


Midnight Juggernauts.


Bottle Thompson and gal pal.


Damo Hobgood.


Sofia Mulanovich and Rebecca Woods.


Jimmy Lees.


Mike Spencer and Matt Biolos.


Chase Wilson.


Mick Fanning x Skullcandy

Mick Fanning has some new Skullcandy headphones coming out. They’re very good, and worth celebrating, and celebrate them Skullcandy recently did. Of the parties Stab has been to since landing on the Gold Coast for the Quiksilver Pro, Mick Fanning’s Skullcandy night at the Coolangatta Sands was one of the most entertaining. Midnight Juggernauts’ DJ set jammed the perfect vibe. The crowd was swimming with recognisable faces (as many social outings at this time of year do in Tweed Heads). And, the Carlton Dry never tasted better. Those Gold Coast days sure are long and bright, but the evening after glow? Phew!

All photos by Life Without Andy.

  • gg

    id skull mandy

  • ratman

    I wonder sometimes if I got tatoos on my arms and a fancy hat, would I be in these photos? I can tell ya’ from experience, it’ a hard life living a rat face and being unpopular.

    • jays

      no, if you had tattoos and a fancy hat you would be steve sherman….

  • tru dat

    mad hueys. what a fucking joke. look at that fuckin clown in the tee and the hat. you fuckstain.

    • mm hmm

      tru dat

  • Billy bogan

    Mad hueys are the biggest bogans around….. That’s all.

  • johnty boy

    oh, what do you know, a bunch of people that are better than me… and Brody Jenner

  • Lulu

    Looks like Damo Hobgood is dating a brazilian shemale…

    • Frufru

      That’s your sister.

      • Cucu

        Nope, could be my brother, though, but looks like your father.

  • crappy

    wow, that was the first photo i have seen of sofia mulanovich in a while. she is a former world champ, but when was the last time she made a heat? i surfed with her a couple of times back in the day. a cute, friendly little girl that could surf well.

  • ron used to be

    I used to surf, but now I just drop comments on this board and take fashion very seriously.

  • snapper

    Why do most of these girls look like fish? Massive foreheads with a wide gap between eyes

  • enough is enough

    sherm looks like a loony toon homeless person with an expensive camera

  • fashionista #1

    is bottle wearing a dress? LOL

    • fashion feuher

      dresses are the new pants.. where have you been?



  • Skuzz candy

    Skull candy are the crappest headphones ever. Average sound and break easily. Great marketing though which is why it must have been so dreamy to be at this snore-inducing party.

  • truth

    skull candy headphones, a dress, and sanuks … only a douche bag knows the feeling.

  • truth

    beginning to think salt water affects surfers judgement in women.. or maybe its seeing women in bikinis all day, or possibly no real confidence outside of the line up. whatever the case, 80% of surfers pick some real throw backs. no real big game fish. get it together boys. pull your selves up by your boot straps, get some real pussy.

    • curious

      post a picture of your wife or whatever

    • modelling

      why the fuck mick is making such an angry face on that first one? doenst he has a so called “charmed life”?

  • so there

    i dig the candy

  • so there

    i dig the candy

  • Paul

    Am I the only one who thinks life without andy is a shit photographer? Anyone can go to a party and take face on portrait shots

  • dave d

    Yuck. Chicks that sink piss are fuckin crook. Dirty bushwackers.

  • Bazz

    Haha every comment on here is a fucking joke

    • Cucu

      Nope, could be my brother, though, but looks like your father.

  • life would be better without Andy

    industrie kooks and groupies same pics of the same kooks every time. Beat it Andy you suck.

  • Jesse

    agree with comment #17 – skully candy phones are low quality/high cost/smart marketing. disagree with comment #22 – as a photographer, these images, though not masterpieces, are nice and clear, with pleasing background ambience.

  • truth

    title of this nonsense should be .. skullcandy fuckery

  • TH

    I made a NY’s resolution this year not to be so judging of other people… its been working out well, but when I came across the photo of the girl sticking her finger up, I caved… Holy hell… Look at that bicep!!!!!! wouldnt want to get a wristy off her, unless your struggling for length?? it would end up like an over cooked noodle!!

  • reason

    if the mad hueys is fucking sick….not

  • yolo

    what the fuck is ‘life with out andy?’ is it like the cobrasnake of the surf world? shit is dated as fuck.

  • daksldaf

    does someone wanna fucking tell me what a huey is

  • harto

    party looks gay

  • pablo escobar

    hueys been doin a bunch of crystal meth or ultra cut overpriced blow that they pay 200 a gram for in oz. i mean just look at the guy… either that or they have stopped drinking (you get skinny as fuck that way too)

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