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Matt Banting in “Doliprane”

Ain’t no place like home, but there certainly ain’t no place like Europe either. Particularly, France and Portugal. Mr Matt Banting did some time there recently, and here lay the fruits of said venture. This man’s come on strong of late – his California clip came in hot and this Euro treat is no different. In fact, fast-developing face werk and enthusiasm above the lip considered, this might just be a little better.

  • HeyZeus

    I reckon he surfs a bit like Sally Fitz… and shit, Sally surfs like a barbie doll

    • christtheredeemer

      EXACTLY what i was just gonna write about him looking exactly like Sally Fitzgibbon. All ass sticking out, bad style. She rips and is a chick but a dude biting a chicks style is not cool. Pass on this. Im gonna go watch a john john clip now.

      • HeyZeus

        It’s the flailing arms too. They look like they’re made of plastic and only bend at the shoulder

    • doobie

      hey zoos, im with you dude. totally right. i mean, im all kolohe right, to the end, hes my bro, this guy? naaaa. never gunna be my bro

  • perko


  • Domo

    This guy rips. I hope he makes the tour. Super smooth and big turns for a young guy… Better then Kolohe

    • Guest

      hes a bit too crisp for me. i like them to fall off sometimes

  • TH


  • tomo tale

    he is so worth how much he is payed!

  • the funky bunch


  • POO_sea_LIQUOR

    hes pretty much doing what pussy does during birth. ripping.

  • chuck buckets

    wave garden needs to have a contest. and be bigger.

  • Lord Humongous

    He needs to sort out his right arm. Holding too high above his body on most of the carves. Other than that looking the goods. Hoping he has a big end of year in the Hawaiian Primes.

  • Rod Reguis

    smooth, but a bit pooey?

  • .,

    It would be sick if it didn’t look like he was trying to take flight. Flap away Banting but you aren’t going to fly. Surfs like Jadson but 10x better

  • kolohe

    i like matt

  • sanga

    he reminds me alot of Ben Dunn, by the way what happened to that dude

    • asp judge

      Ben Dunn .. was born, did 3 turns to the beach, then died

  • doobie

    Right so im all for Kolohe, he’s my bro, i surf with him i support him, i love him and ya ive seen his balls one time. But i wouldnt be seen dead surfing with this guy, Matt Banting? That your name? bro i have made bigger splashes from lip bashes in my hot tub. Ya ok the odd spinner off the lip which is kinda lame, but they all doin that. more aggression on take offs, more power when you cut off the rail and more strength in your legs when you come from the top of the wave. Then you’ll get my vote.

    • doobiesucks

      do you get to cup his balls when hes gettin some too doobie? got damn you’re so core brah, lip bashes in the tub for sure!

      • doobie

        fuck yeah! about the lip bash tubes. but unfortunately no i dont cup Kolohes balls. i would tear them off if i had the chance, hes a little rascal.

    • jimi

      kolohe ONLY does fronside spinners cunt. he’s the reason they got lame. kook.

  • Alex Neiberg

    Ya Jimmy!

  • Delbazz

    love all the footage of buildings.

  • Aaron Lieber

    I really like the color correction on this… good vibes!

  • Kevin

    How old is he? Style and form impeccable. He surfs like Jeremy Florence but with insane airs. It must be the european beach break training grounds. I feel bad for any QS’r that has to surf against him.

  • asp judge

    banting surfs perfect… but needs to lay off the weed

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