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Kelly did not lose a heat all event. This drop is a heat analyser must-see. ASP/Cestari


John John Florence was ineffable today. ASP/Kirstin


Mick, 2013 World Champ, third in the Pipe Masters. ASP/Cestari


CJ Hobgood, almost a problem for Mick. ASP/Cestari


What injury? Bravo, Mr Otton. ASP/Cestari


Miguel Pupo. This wave was such wow. ASP/Cestari


Jeremy Flores went for broke but went down to Miggie Pupo. Look at this wave he's on though. ASP/Cestari


Julian had a good swing at the biz end. ASP/Cestari


Yadin was dealt a hand this morning. What kinda hand it was depends on what side of the fence you're on. ASP/Cestari


Seabass packs a fifth, with much poise. ASP/Cestari


Nat fell to Jules in round five and scoops a ninth. ASP/Cestari

Kelly Slater wins the 2013 Billabong Pipe Masters

Mick Fanning won the war, but Kelly Slater won the battle. This morning at the Billabong Pipe Masters, Kelly had to sit and watch Mick win the world title, but he was never gonna let anyone else win the contest. Even when he drew John John Florence in the final. “This guy’s the king out here these days,” said the Floridian of John. “And I’m the old lion trying to hold on.” And, the lion held on.Fuel_TV_Insert

For the first two thirds of the final, it was, as Sean Doherty described it, “a commentator’s worst nightmare.” Then it turned on. The first exchanges of consequences saw Kelly drop into an absolute mutant for 9.87, backed up by a 2.67. John, sitting on an 8.50 and a 3.17, still led. Kelly whipped into a 6.50 to take the lead with a coupla minutes remaining, and in the final minute John took off on a rare Backdoor runner needing 7.88. He was given 7.40. And while John gets a Triple Crown consolation prize, Kelly Slater, for the seventh time, is the Pipe Master.

Here’s some extra things you might not have known leading into this world title showdown and Pipe Masters final day…

  • Kelly attributes his Pipe success to one single wave he had there. This wave gave him the confidence he needed and created the love he now has for the place. Before this wave he was terrified every time he went out there. It’s like something clicked after this wave, and he went on to win his first Pipe Masters and world title after it.
  • Mick is the best loser around. Even if he’d lost this title, he’d of course have been frustrated for a minute, but then let it go, partied with the rest, and said, “what’s done is done, no point looking back.” A trait Kelly perhaps wishes he had.
  • Kelly knows more about the swell and charts than the forecasters themselves. He knows exactly what this swell is going to look like. If Kelly spent half as much time surfing as he does on his phone no other surfer in the world would have a chance.
  • Mick brought his whole family and crew to Hawaii this year. He wanted them to be there when he won. They come first, and the rest was fun.
  • Even though Kelly said if he won this contest and the title that he’d retire, he’s not. His manager and big homies just bought the ASP. You know he was part of that deal. And, during the awards ceremony, he said: “I think this pissed me off just enough to stick around.”
  • Kelly ain’t young anymore and he has to take calculated risks. A wipeout that Mick or a younger surfer would shake off might tear Kelly’s shoulder or knee out. This is why he doesn’t get too crazy during freesurfs.
  • Every night, Kelly would’ve read every forum and article about the world title race. In fact, he’s probably one of the commentators among you. If someone gets a fact wrong, it’ll annoy him. Actually, he’s probably annoyed at this right now.
  • Watching the birth of his nephew almost kept Kelly out of the title race altogether. He missed his first heat in Fiji because of it, but then swooped in time to stay in the contest, and go on to win it. Being late also nearly cost Kelly a world title in 2011, when Luke Egan ran the comp in J-Bay before Kelly could get there.
  • Despite being in second place before Pipe, Kelly made more money than Mick this year. Mick’s title bonus will change that, however.
  • While he said this world title was Mick’s to lose, Kelly knew deep down that it was the other way around. How many times have we seen him do the impossible? Kelly needs last minute heroics to get the same winning rush he had with his first world title.
  • The mainstream wanted Kelly to win this world title. But, every pro surfer on tour or pro freesurfer would’ve told you they wanted Mick to win. The party will be bigger and he is the people’s champ.
  • #cmonmick has three times as many hashtags as #onlykellycan

1 -
 Kelly Slater (USA) 16.37
2 - John John Florence (HAW) 15.90

SF 1:
 John John Florence (HAW) 18.30 def. Mick Fanning (AUS) 5.00
SF 2: Kelly Slater (USA) 19.63 def. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 14.84

QF 1:
 Mick Fanning (AUS) 17.03 def. Yadin Nicol (AUS) 16.90
QF 2: John John Florence (HAW) 16.77 def. Julian Wilson (AUS) 13.00
QF 3: Kelly Slater (USA) 18.80 def. Sebastian Zietz (HAW) 7.80
QF 4: Joel Parkinson (AUS) 12.83 def. Miguel Pupo (BRA) 6.00

Heat 1:
 Mick Fanning (AUS) 12.00 def. C.J. Hobgood (USA) 10.50
Heat 2: Julian Wilson (AUS) 10.67 def. Nat Young (USA) 7.26
Heat 3: Sebastian Zietz (HAW) 16.60 def. Kai Otton (AUS) 4.33
Heat 4: Miguel Pupo (BRA) 15.27 def. Jeremy Flores (FRA) 10.76

  • Single Fin

    coulda woulda shoulda won the title

  • wonkah

    You only have to compare Kelly & Micks heats vs JJF to know the true champ. But unlike Parko last year who relied on others to gift him the trophy, Mick deserved the title. The real question is: Who is Shaun doerty (spelling?) and wtf does ‘have a go at this’ mean when referring to pretty much everything.. They could just play a Steve Irwin best of audio instead of that weirdo.

    • middleWave

      ain’t nothing wrong with sean doherty.

    • Jake

      Parko relied on others to gift him the trophy? Did you watch the event? He ended up having to make the finals of the Pipe Masters and he did. He had 4 must win heats and he won all of them. You’re going to blame him because Kelly didn’t join him in the finals? If my memory serves me Josh only had a 9 and a 3 to back it up and Kelly got squat. It baffles me why people would rather have Kelly win a 12th world title than have Parko win just 1.

      • wonkah

        Yes I watched it in disgust. We all know Parko would NEVER best slater at pipe. Joel got lucky on his side of the draw and got lucky slater had a wave starved heat against Josh. Did you watch it? Angry half Brazo Parko didn’t deserve that title.

      • Surf R

        You make it sound like Parkos title was ok because it took one off slater, rather than the achievement it was. People like to see the perceived top athlete win. It’s that simple. Maybe if Kelly was an Aussie you’d feel differently.

        • wonkah

          Watching Parko hanging out his balcony cheering on the 15 minute lull that lead to Kelly’s loss, then celebrating wildly was what bummed me out the most. What a lame way to win. We all wanted to see it come down to the final.. Everyone except Parko that is, because he knew he would lose. Kerzy gifted Parko that title, and deserved his win, amazing bomb he got. And no, couldn’t care less that Parko is Australian. I like Aussies most of the time :)

  • Sunny

    Yes, judging is subjective but at the end of the year, the best surfer should win. Kelly would beat Mick in 9 out of 10 heats. This should be factored into subjective judging and if we want that the best surfer should be awarded with the world title, Kelly should get it, there is no doubt about it. Even my grandma could tell who is the better surfer. There may should be more than 5 judges and why do we need a head judge?

  • JaruloGun

    How can you dickheads write: “The mainstream wanted Kelly to win this world title” and ” The party will be bigger and he (Mick) is the people’s champ” within two sentences? Something smells wrong here, please STABMAG get your shit together and start beeing at least a little objective here.

    • Simmo

      hahaha I love it when sepos get pissed that Aussies get the better of you fair and square. Kelly got cooked cause he came 25th in France…. how could he win the title with a 25th? Pretty obvious that mick was aiming to clinch the world title in the quarters and couldn’t give a fck about the pipe masters when a title is on the line. The only unique thing about the masters is that there are 2 dudes in the water instead of 2 hundred. Now the ASP is going to be controlled by a small group of sepos including Slater…. how is that going to be objective?

  • zbah

    Mick won this year and earned it. The judging is often pretty bad but it is what it is. The bottom line is there are only four surfers with enough talent to join kelly, mick, and joel.
    Only Jjf, dane, julian, and jordy have the ability and they all lack the mindset to put together a yearlong campaign. The rest irrelevant.

    • wonkah

      I find myself wondering what motivation a young multi millionare has to be a world champ, I mean, Kelly, Mick etc have the drive since they were kids, before the big big money, doing it just for the love and the competition between them has been fierce since forever. All the young guys are good friends and rolling $ bills and smoking them surrounded by babes. They could come last and just laugh it off. JJF and Julian clearly are pretty competitive, but If Jordy, Dane weren´t so filthy rich, they would have more drive and make the tour so much better (Has Dane retired?).

    • Jimmy the Saint

      You don’t rate Medina? Dane won’t win a title, Not sure why the commentators are always saying that it is just a matter of time befroe Julian wins one, the way i see it Jordy and Julain better get a title in the next three years or else they can forget it – its going to be the JJF and Medina show for at least a decade – but what do I know?

      • Luca

        you don’t.

        truth is they all have a long way to come and will only win a title when Kelly decides it’s enough (hope this day wont come anytime soon)… only then things will finally even out and we will see.

        the fucker had three victories this year. he just keeps getting better.

        and dont count taj out. they probably hand him a title soon or later as a well deserved life award.

    • Danny

      Medina irrelevant? Dude, Slater, Parko and Fanning praised Medina as a freak and future world champion. This is the 2000’s enough of racism please!

  • Waldo

    Slater won 3 events and mick only won 1, what does that tell all you Mick lickers (not a misspelling). Besides that Mick is a boring prick to watch surf. He Rolled into that wave to beat Yadin in the most non-critical way and got tubed on the small section. Should have not got that score. Mick is a fkkn jock too, no creativity when he surfs a wave.

    • John Dove

      on top of that Mick won when the conditions were poorest, and so were they when Kelly bagged his bad results

    • John Dove

      on top of that Mick won when the conditions were poorest, and so were they when Kelly bagged his bad results

    • wonkah

      I wouldn´t say he was boring today with those last minute bombs, kinda the opposite actually, but usually I would agree. It wasn´t Micks fault he was overscored, he did all he could to win and the judges gave him the score. I wanted Kelly to take it (and he was robbed) but can´t take anything away from Mick. The judges on the other hand..

  • Waldo

    Slater won 3 events and mick only won 1, what does that tell all you Mick lickers (not a misspelling). Besides that Mick is a boring prick to watch surf. He Rolled into that wave to beat Yadin in the most non-critical way and got tubed on the small section. Should have not got that score. Mick is a fkkn jock too, no creativity when he surfs a wave.



  • Rohan4

    No you wankers. Kelly won the WAR and the battle.

  • A Bodyboarder

    Miguel Pupo is the fucking man.

    • Danny

      Miguel Pupo is the fucking man. (2)

  • Gilly

    Fanning didnt win that heat against Yadin, which is a bummer bc it was the biggest day in competitive pro surfing and 10,000 live fans witnessed the poor judging as did 10,000,000 online viewers. Slater hands down won the comp and Fanning hands down lost in the quarters. Unreal day of surfing and yet the wrong world champ was crowned. Fanning claimed his way to a title in Round 5 and the Quarters while Kelly had to painfully watch until he got a chance to clearly show the world he is the obvious boss in the sport of surfing. Mick ur passion is 2nd to none and the sport loves that but today u got lucky, go to the casino and go big on lucky red bc u pissed off the boss and next year you won’t be as lucky.

    • Nicholas Chalmers

      Gilly, if Yadin beat Mick in the Quarters why couldn’t he have gone on to win the final?
      Just because Kelly won the actual final it doesn’t mean he would have won if Mick had lost in the quarters. Get over it, what’s done is done. Go follow a “sport” like golf that doesn’t rely on someone’s opinion to crown a champion.

  • Captain Haddock

    As well as the most titles, why is it never mentioned that Kelly has probs more finals day shots at the title than anyone else? There was that final about 10 years back with AI when Parko held him off a wave, last year and this year. Might even be others. Not getting the hate for Mick, though.. Rnd 5 and qtr heats were electric. He surfs a certain way which gains success in contests – but all the same, if most of us saw surfing like that 1st hand we’d fucking cream. Power and speed ain’t never boring.

  • Waltie

    Whinge and cry all you want about Mick being over scored (though it may be true), at the end of the day he was the most consistent throughout the ENTIRE year never finishing anything less than a round 5 heat. He has proved to be the best surfer this year and is totally deserving of the world title. Also, what is it with Kelly never being able to accept defeat? He’s always got some backhanded excuse and this time it was “I should’ve rehabbed more”. Kelly, you’ve been on tour for how long now? 20 years? I’m sure you would’ve figured out exactly what your body needed after an injury by now. I cant remember who said it during the live feed, it might’ve been Dorian, but he said it best when he said “you don’t make excuses, that’s disrespectful to your opponent”. Anyways congrats Mick and Kelly for both your respective wins today and cant wait for 2014.

    • John Dove

      What does it say about the tour and the WORLD CHAMP when Mick only wins 22% of his Round 4 heats? Also, the method for identifying the best surfer might be flawed in that Kelly, by winning 3 events, shows he can beat the TOP GUYS, and Mick, being consistent, shows he can beat mid and lower tier guys at a slightly better rate, and mind you, when the waves are very poor. Why should we expect the world’s best surfer to train in slop at all?

  • herbertcarmuse

    ” In fact, he’s probably one of the commentators among you.”

    That’s the best 2013 add, hands down! Is Kelly slater actually paid for this?
    Oh wait, he’ll answer himself, for sure!

    • Luca

      is that you, kelly?

      • herbertcarmuse

        I’m waiting for his answer, I’m so proud of being able to speak with the legend, thanks to stab and its philosophical forum!

  • Duarte Catela

    “John John is the least slouchy person out there,” Kelly said. “Even in the most crowded freesurfs, him and Jamie O’Brien are the best guys out here; they’re the guys pushing the limits. It would’ve been unfitting to win Pipe without surfing against him.”

    Spoke like a champion… He’s still the KING.

  • Duck

    OK, I don’t know about you guys, but I got sick of watching 9,0 and 10,0’s on fucking REPLAYS! How hard it is to stop the replay, or a post heat interview and switch the damn camera to the LIVE action??

  • bruddah

    Looking back, I feel like Kelly surfed the best when the waves were the best. And it’s his heats in Kirra, Fiji and now Pipe that I actually go back and watch over and over again. Can’t think of anytime I said to myself “Those waves Mick got in that one heat were sick, i’m gonna check them out…”
    And it’s pretty hard to say that wave quality is subjective, everyone knows when it’s firing… like when it was firing at Kirra, Fiji and Pipe, and look who won there…

  • AbbaKovner

    9.77 What a fucking joke! Yadin got robbed, the judging is sickening, why bother even watching? Can we expect another anti-Semitic tirade from Mick now that he’s world champ?

  • frothdog

    Head over to surfer and you’ll see that they wrote an actual story about this finals day and how it’s informative, insightful and entertaining. Dear stab pull your head out micks arse. Who cares about the fukn after party if you’re not going. As for the surfers, the 2 best in the biz were In the final together. Micks semi final heat total and his inability to make a late drop all day say it all. Please stop felching the goat that is pro surfing and go back to the random shit you do

  • Spooner

    Hey Mick, do you really have to claim like that? was that your first time getting shacked at pipe?

  • TH


  • josh

    does anywhere have that footage of john john before the final day?that massive barrel to backside loop? would love to see that again

  • isurfalot

    Mick is lauded for bringing his family to watch him win and that family is first, but Kelly is admonished for arriving late to Fiji, due to being present for the birth of his nephew? Strange.

  • Surf R

    Fuck, that drop kelly made was unfuckinbelievable! Who else could pull hat shit off?

  • Juanimal

    The true champion took on the best out there (JJF) and won….. Mick, dropped in on John John at the end of his round 4 heat so he would not have to go up against him in his quarter final. Is this really the action of a world champion? Kelly on the other hand was relishing a final against JJ – he took him on in his own backyard and schooled him. ’nuff said.

  • Carbon 14

    Wow, impressive display of journalistic work, you guys know what’s going through kellýs head for real! And through all the surfing planet also as it seems, mainstream included!! So you know better than anyone who every surf fan is rooting for…pros included, an it happens to be….Mick!!! Amazing! And it has nothing to do with the fact that you are ozzies, no no….C’mon guys this is the bullshiest article You’ve ever posted…by far

  • Alex Malcolm Doane
  • Paul

    OK, Mick is the world champ, but with no vista whatsoever. He barely made it through his heats, his last wave was, to state the least, controversial, he got annihilated by John John in the semis and Kelly won the contest with…well, just look at his scores and his waves.
    So, congrats Mick on your world title but, no offense, Kelly is still the best surfer out there. Without a doubt.

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  • Carbon 14

    Wow, you guys know what´s going through Kelly ´s, Mick´s and all the mainstream surf fans head?? Sounds good to be a journalist, or should I say mentalist!!! And this has nothing to do with the fact that Stab is an Aussie mag, no, no…

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