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Julian Wilson in Indonesia

Midway through the year, Julian Wilson and Matt Wilkinson led a small team to Indo for a funtime boat trip. You’ve already seen Wilko’s clips from the trip. This is Julian’s clip. And it’s amazing. Some of the combos in here are outta this world. There’s a Montaj-esque vibe going on which is just fine. Step inside and live tropically, just for a moment.

  • hahaha

    medina won!


      HAHA your wrong look at the name on the trophy and there is nothing you can do to change the fact that it says Julian Wilson 1st place.
      So get over it or go have a cry on your mummys shoulder!

      • lol

        Medina won.


      first of all medinas backhand doesnt even come close….


      what do you have to do to get a video on stab!? jesus christ that some A++++++ shit and they just stick it on the Web. I wonder what his keeper clips look like??????

  • Frothdog

    Here we go ……

  • unicorn rider of lushness

    That last wave was pretty rad, as well as that segment where he was paddling. Got all hot and sweaty.

  • Gay Australia

    He cute

  • Hank M.

    I love Julian Wilson

  • bytrannybrazil

    He’d look hot as a woman…

  • luke

    That was fucking insane! cannot fault that webisode at all. wow.

  • john

    that last one blew my mind, and that was even before he set up for the final flip… holy crap!

  • hugh gorgan

    no claims?

  • Thommo

    Holy shit that kids the whole package! killin it JW! Word to the CT, Please fuckin put an event in Indo already, its just getting silly now.

    • Yep

      Truth! Get everyone over to Kandui and have the pick of the spots around there, although over half the tour will have to camp…

  • 3

    I’m throwing a chair right now!

  • flojo

    wilkos clip was better

  • Moses

    Dear lordy. C’mon people, can we all appreciate how amazing that surfing was just this once.

  • oh boy

    i’m pretty sure medina won that competition back in those days…

    • yewwing

      You make sense, shut up. Medina isn’t part of this post. The clip is sick!

  • bbbbb

    NOW thats more like it!
    I was still depressed about the ACE clip.

  • Yes

    I like the bit where he nearly lands on what looks like John Johns head.

  • tyler

    Damn, thoroughly displaying that REPITWA

  • Seppo Life

    All on Merricks and Mayhems’ even Julian knows you Aussies shape like fucking shit!! hahaha’

    • fred

      A lot of JS boards ridden up to the 2 minute mark….

    • TH

      Nah mate… Aussie surfers just make your boards look good son!!

    • dumb seppo loves wang

      Pretty sure it was mainly JS’ and a few Merricks… didn’t see a mayhem…..

    • dean

      aussies shape all the merricks and glass em better you dork

    • hahah

      Yep you dumb fuck see the tractor log,seppo your a retard.

  • JOB

    So tell me how it is possible that likes of Fanning an Parkinson are world title contenders wen they surf like that an jules surfs like this!

    • bam bam

      cause julian will never surf as precise and as fast as mick and not even come close to being a stylish as parko

  • lordsword

    fuck the ments are good.

  • ballsack

    Stab!!! In the post about DR’s latest webisode drop you said confidently that it was the best we’d see all week…you were wrong!

  • ballsack

    Seppo Life, I spotted a JS in there! Aussie boards are great too!

    • by Yank doodle

      Yeah well spotted son, and Im sure your right, JS does have some great Chinese shapers in his factory. but what does thAT HAVE TO WITH ALL YOUR BEST SURFERS ON OUR BOARD???

  • vvvv

    Bruce rides JS

    • volcoms out bro

      bruce who?

      • Bruce Irons


  • Your mom is your dad


  • Anon

    Where has Julian been lately? Didn’t feature in Dear Suburbia, couple of minutes in Bending Colours, no clips on his website, must have a stockpile of footage somewhere.

  • by peanut

    Yeah Fanning and Taj both love Mayhems too.

  • by Ballsack

    AMerican Surfers and Surboards ranking Ranking @ #1. Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Tom Curren, Andy Irons. ……

  • r trouble

    mayhem and al merrick top shapers but there was a heap of js shapes ridden there.
    js best chew them up n spit them out (team rider relationship)shaper out there
    ever notice how well js can reproduce a channel island
    blackbox=dumpster diver

    • brazzos surf ugly

      yeah all you cunts TRYING TO copying us seppos , coz you cant create. your the same as the brazzos that try to imitate our surfing

      • zanetb

        you are a sad human.

    • dumb seppo loves wang

      What’s a Modoc? You mean a Modco? Nothing like a Rookie……… You Rookie!

  • JS fan

    Parko, Ace, Bruce, JW, Jack Freestone, Occy.. All on JS and tearing it up.

    I had a blak box shaped a few months ago for half price as my shaper got the file. its probably tougher and uses better materials than an actual JS version but $500 cheaper and i got it with a 5 fin set up. My bro in law had the same done with a revolution and couldnt be happier.

    My next board will either be the JS matrix or Monsta x. undecided at the moment but my shaper has the files for them too..

    • shocker

      your shaper sounds like a cunt.
      tell him to hand shape you something and see how well they go.
      fuckin tool.

      • JS Fan

        nah he’s a great bloke mate. why dont you go shape something yourself if you feel that strongly about it? I’d much rather he shape me the JS board i want for half the price of the actual JS. And ive ridden boards he has designed himself and they fucking rip. But everything i wanted in a board was summed up in the blak box so i went with it and couldnt be happier.

        gotta go, your mums ringing me. Bitch must be drunk and horny again.

    • dumb seppo loves wang

      Doe’s your shaper sleep with little boys?

      • JS Fan

        some of you fucking idiots constantly suprise me with the retarded shit that you think is funny/controversial/amusing/insightful.

        Loosen the straps on your stack hats.

  • mike v

    Sorry everybody but Jordy’s Euro montaj was next level shit… much more entertaining than this dreamy never never land shit…

  • Mikes Vagina

    Best clip I’ve seen in the past few months for sure!

  • frank

    1:32 steezy bazza

  • gtls

    Still like Dane’s video more

  • b


  • grommet

    dane’s cooler

  • runedog

    those kick stalls were off the hook yew ..

  • notbitter_stoked.

    Oh my hat! That is a good clip.

    I just gotta read most of these comments on this site and wonder if anyone who posts here actually surfed today or do they just wished they had?? Praps if they had they’d undertsand…

    Retard, callcenter, keyboard mastubating, sofa critic, butt pluggers – just fucking tuck it in will ya?

  • bedswitcher.

    oooh hang where have all those )( banners come from……..?

  • Rudy


  • Chris Hannah

    julia can throw a 1 minute long webisode.
    i rather watch dane surfing in 2 minutes long vimeos.

  • Yep

    That was mental, best footage I have seen of Julian I think

  • Moksha69

    Great clip and didnt take too much time. Kids a great surfer, one of the best Australians right now, but those bangs are just too damn gay

  • Pilot

    JuJu looks in a pretty good shape, but his backside surfing lacks power, speed, verticality…ok, he is able to take off.

  • Max

    That last wave …

  • Nh

    best indo clip I have seen in some time…. How was that last wave? Guys so good.

  • Heitor Villa-Lobos

    seppo life indeed. if it wasn’t for John Butler, australia culture nowadays would be pretty much nonexistent. Build John a huge statue or else the next thing you know skips will be calling obama as mr. president. Yew!

  • Beener

    that was the best web clip i have ever seen for sure. fucking mental.

  • truth

    i wish I surfed like Julian imageine if he had Danes baby

  • what

    hate the way julian surfs like me , copy cat !

  • Dick

    This guy is just another over hyped surfer who cant surf the big stuff. Rastovich, Machado, Girlack with out his ski, Dane, Jordy, those 3 gay Brazillians that do those 360 airs. There all off the team! Cant surf the big stuff. If you see any of these goons out please stuff them!!!

    • lol

      Please, go back to school, right now!

  • Gabby M


  • SAM S


  • dan

    whats the name of the track in this clip?

    • MJ

      Its called “Suck my balls” Written by your dad, produced by your dad ad performed by your mom

  • Mark Mosby

    That macaronis performance was just…!

  • Mark Mosby

    That macaronis performance was just…!

  • ConstableCornelius

    I just want Julian to get good enough in heavy waves to give John John a run for his money. And, perhaps, spark a Jojo and Julian rivalry for years to come. Kinda like the Andy/Kelly one, but with more hair.

    • dp

      or a john john/g.medina rivalry !!

  • rollingin

    i forgot how sick this clip is!

  • Tony Roberts


    • Tony Roberts

      The most tech surfing so far.

  • Seppo1

    One of the best web clips ever put out

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