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Joel Parkinson – One Perfect Day

Last December, Joel Parkinson won the Billabong Pipeline Masters and beat Kelly Slater in the race to win his first ASP world title. You’ve seen a decent amount of coverage from the event, but not like this. One Perfect Day is the official Parko world title documentary, shot, directed and edited by Andrew Buckley. It’s as in-depth a look at that day as you’ll see. Running at 26 minutes, there’s insightful interviews, excellent surfing footage and killer behind-the-scenes vision. Strap in and enjoy.

  • kerzy

    wonder how much blow he bought with the prize money

    • sick

      I heard they just shared an eightball that kerzy bought

  • James B

    Truth is, Joel just won his title because Kelly Slater said no to Brazil´s event to surf 1,5m waves in Australia. Sad mistake for Kelly, but the point is, Joel is not a legit champ.

    • sam

      kelly was injured and couldn’t surf, if you were here on the gold coast you would have seen that in his surfing. And even if he wasn’t, there is no guarantee that he would have got the result needed to win. Parko won Pipe and made 4 finals in 2013. If Brazillians like you can’t be happy for other people’s victories (especially that convincing) then don’t expect others to be happy for you. Poor loser.

    • TH

      Hows the world champ not a legit champ…? explain that one? if your world champ, then your world champ…. champ..

    • TH

      p.s, you are a retard…. and if you are Brazilian, well you’ve never had a world champ, so you dont really have an idea of what makes one anyways…

    • Chris

      by this logic joel should have won in 09′ until he f’d his ankle and tried to keep surfing on it. your living in la la land

    • Bob

      He got more points than Kelly at the end of the year, how is that not legit. If Kelly really deserved to win in 2012, he should have beat Joel at pipe. And Brazil is the worst stop on the tour

  • dd

    It was the year Joel showed you can win the tour with good claims and top turns. Still glad a Brazilian has never won the WCT; and never will.

  • Fanny Alger

    This is what that Red Bull series “21 Days” should have been like, rather than quasi homo-erotic workout footage for 20 minutes.

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