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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

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JOB // Random Footage

Posted 30 Jun 2014

Some of it’s old, the glitchy slow-mo is kinda irritating, and the editing at the end may send you into a trance, but it’s Jamie O’Brien surfing Pipe and Backdoor, so you will watch, and you will most likely enjoy.


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Vasco Ribeiro and his Portuguese flex

Posted 13 hours ago

There’s a reason why Vasco Ribeiro is the reigning junior world champ. The kid can throw down. He’s clearly ripped more than a couple pages out of Tiago Pires’ book, but has that extra edge of young-knees. Here, he shows his hand both in and out of the jersey. Looking good, young Vasco…looking good.

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Springtime New Jersey for a rugged bunch

Posted 15 hours ago

The New Jersey boys like to avoid  snow of the ground…by getting in the water. Something seems so wrong there. But, when you see the draining beach-break tubes that greet these guys, everything starts to make some sense. Here, we get Sam Hammer, Clay Pollioni, Rob Kelly, and Tommy Ihnken holding down their home turf.

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A California medley with Kolohe, the Gudauskas, and Wardo

Posted 16 hours ago

In this short, filmmaker Hayden Bronson makes a 28-day trek from the Mexican border to Santa Cruz, and back again. While a bit scattered, he managed a fair share of gems by some Golden State standouts. While the surfing is on point, you might want to mute the acoustic Joy Division cover. Like, who does that?!

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Dane Anderson finds the sweet spot

Posted 16 hours ago

Dane Anderson is one of the more steezy cats from California’s central coast. Here, he strays from home for two days to take advantage of the recent run of south swell. How’s the one-two-punch at 37-seconds? Spicy!

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Griffin Colapinto Does Lowers

Posted 1 day ago

Yesterday was a good day for young Griffin Colapinto. School must have been out, because Griffin spent all day at Lowers basking in the south-swell glory. The kid’s backside approach on the Lowers left is impressive, to say the least. If only he pulled that last turn…

Video by Erik Durman

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Gabriel Villaran stings a Peruvian right.

Posted 2 days ago

We’re used to seeing Gabriel Villaran charge in the hair-raising stuff. He’s damn good at it. But, it can’t be XXL all the time, so this Peruvian makes sure he can bob ‘n weave in the regular stuff, too. For a heavy water specialist, he sure is light on his feet. Watch him dance!

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Barreled from Mexico to Hawaii

Posted 3 days ago

Online edits with multiple sessions from waves around the globe are too damn rare. We normally want our content, like, now, without the wait. With a little patience, however, we get something like this edit here, which features spitting Mexican tubes followed by standout sessions on the North Shore.  Watch it all the way throug... read more

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Marco Giorgi is a Smooth Operator

Posted 3 days ago

Marco Giorgi is one stylish cat. Here, he threads Indo barrel after Indo barrel,  throwing a few punts in for good measure. The 2:45 mark is impressive, to say the least.

Video by Deriva Mag

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Mavericks Pumps for Kyle Thiermann

Posted 3 days ago

Kyle Thiermann surfs big Mavericks with ease. Filling up his diesel car, however, apparently isn’t so easy.  Thanks to some good ol’ regular gasoline, Mr. Thiermann vehicle craps out, and he pushes his car the final eight blocks to Mavs…a perfect warmup, right?

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Andrew Gesler Scores In Frigid New Jersey

Posted 6 days ago

Gotta admit, with it’s shakes and bobbles, this is not the smoothest GoPro footy we’ve seen. That said, a few imperfections actually reveal some angles otherwise overlooked. Visual proof from the 14 to 20-second mark.