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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

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JOB // Random Footage

Posted 30 Jun 2014

Some of it’s old, the glitchy slow-mo is kinda irritating, and the editing at the end may send you into a trance, but it’s Jamie O’Brien surfing Pipe and Backdoor, so you will watch, and you will most likely enjoy.


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Imaikalani Devault: Maui

Posted 4 days ago

If you’re from Maui, chances are you’ve got a real fresh air game. Imaikalani, a new name to cross the Stab office, doesn’t disappoint.

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Fiji is Kelly Slater’s second home

Posted 5 days ago

There's no endorsement like a Kelly Slater endorsement. Especially when he's backing something to do with a place he's been travelling to for 25 years. Kelly's connection with Fiji is borderline-annoyingly well-documented (talking about how relaxed he is there is a fav hit for commentators when the tour rolls into town). But it'... read more

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Jackson Bunch is 11 and killing it

Posted 5 days ago

Here’s 11-year-old Jackson Bunch lighting it up around his home in Maui. Using Finally Moving by Pretty Lights is a stroke of brilliance and it sure is bright up ahead for Jackson.

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Lucas Dirkse: Submerged

Posted 6 days ago

Here’s Lucas Dirkse swirling his way through some tubs near his home in San Diego. Playful tubes make for a v good weekend.

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A pre-christmas session

Posted 6 days ago

Kellen Ellison, Jake Kelley, Chad Compton, Taylor Curran, Keegan Gibbs and Logan Rauhut had a real fine time in the lead-up to Christmas. Just gonna leave this here.

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This has nothing to do with surfing, but watch:

Posted 7 days ago

Africa’s wildly diverse ecosystem and wildlife turns out some amazing visual hits, and this is one of the best. Hippo charge is your new crippling fear, fam.

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Cluster trailer

Posted 8 days ago

Kai Neville’s new film drops in about two months. This was initially meant to drop last year but it was pushed back. Many pro surfer gents are busy getting last-minute waves so their clips feature lots of bangerrrrrrs. Word is that Noa Deane is the best surfer in the film.

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Kaimana Jaquias in Bali

Posted 10 days ago

The waves in Bali sure look fun late season. It might not be the usual pumping offshores, but who can complain about warm, three-foot ramps with no one but a few pals and your fine self?

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Lucas Silveira and Hawaii in 2014

Posted 10 days ago

Lucas Silveira ended 2014 with some Pipe bombs. Is there any better way for a surfer to end a year? Stab suggests not. Any Hawaiian wrap clip for a surfer is hard to pull off without teetering on the edge of ubiquity, but they’re not gonna stop coming so, I guess, get busy living and watch it or don’t? Woo!

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Leila Hurst: Happy Daze

Posted 11 days ago

Here’s Leila in Happy Daze. It’s filmed around the North Shore and is good for two reasons, she’s ripping and it’s just the right length for our short attention spans.