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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

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JOB // Random Footage

Posted 30 Jun 2014

Some of it’s old, the glitchy slow-mo is kinda irritating, and the editing at the end may send you into a trance, but it’s Jamie O’Brien surfing Pipe and Backdoor, so you will watch, and you will most likely enjoy.


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Chile con Wipeout

Posted 17 hours ago

Ah it’s been a glorious run for wipeouts! Here’s the latest, all the way from Chile. Carlos Di Pace makes the critical mistake of taking off four strokes too early and setting a slightly over ambitious line! Still, a marvellous effort all the same, hurrah.

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A West Oz Dream w/ Jarrah Tutton

Posted 1 day ago

It’s just like a dream, that’s keeping you awake. Here, Jarrah Tutton finds himself some cool blue underpasses. This edit, cut to Pink Floyd is quite pleasant.

Filmed by Tom Jennings 

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Leon Glatzer, Costa Jumps

Posted 1 day ago

Leon Glatzer is a German National spending his youth in Costa Rica. He’s making waves on the Euro Pro Junior circuit. It’s safe to say, the kids got some pop. Check the spring at the 2:11 mark.

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A Cosmic Rewind

Posted 2 days ago

Here are the highlights from Vissla's Cosmic Creek, at Salt Creek in Dana Point. A contest that strays from high performance and pays homage to the free-spirited beach vibes of the 60's and 70's. Colin Moran took the cake in the professional category, sharing his heat with the likes of Noa Deane, Dane Gudang, Kalani Robb, Nate Y... read more

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North Point w/ Taj Burrow, Dino Adrian and More

Posted 2 days ago

Remember that swell? You know, the one with all the hype. Well here’s what it did to North Point over the weekend.

Edit by Myles Carroll

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Cam Richards Chaperones The Youth

Posted 3 days ago

Vissla takes the groms on a Nicaraguan field trip. Cam Richards, Josiah Amico, Micha Cantor and Cole Houshmand enjoy the off-shores, warm water, fake tattoos, president masks, sling-shots, and waves. Oh, the angst of youth.

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John John Florence, Dusty Payne and Mark Healey in Hawaii

Posted 4 days ago

This edit would be so good if you cut the slow-mo, changed the song and kept it simple. On the bright side; John John does some open face carves that’ll make you cheeks hurt. Dusty and Mark have cameos, and the waves are prime.

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Kyllian Guerin, Blade Work Beyond 12 years

Posted 4 days ago

Kyllian Guerin’s 12, hails from France and navigates water tunnels well beyond his years. Here, we get a collection of highlights from the grom’s springtime fun. From Oz to Mentawais and the Maldives you can bet the young pups still frothing.

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Diego Santos, an Indian Sumatran Blend

Posted 6 days ago

The weekend is here, that Indo swell you heard about has landed. Nias, It’s probably starting to look a lot like this. Here, Diego Santos find himself in some warm water right hand caves.

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Volcom Takes Over Lowers

Posted 7 days ago

Here are the highlights from Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour global championship at Lower Trestles. The cats take to So Cal’s favourite skate park like a milk filled saucer.