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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

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JOB // Random Footage

Posted 30 Jun 2014

Some of it’s old, the glitchy slow-mo is kinda irritating, and the editing at the end may send you into a trance, but it’s Jamie O’Brien surfing Pipe and Backdoor, so you will watch, and you will most likely enjoy.


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Sessions Ep 1 with Kael Walsh and Felix Leaver

Posted 13 hours ago

Featherweight grommets Kael Walsh and Felix Leaver throw heat, punching ramps and running playful, emerald tunnels. Bright glare and bright futures in this one.

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Dos Hermanos From Jack Coleman

Posted 2 days ago

A tale of two brothers, reunited in a distant country. Warm and fuzzy huh? Jack Coleman’s fruity direction lends a vibey spin between shots of Ari and Raf Browne sliding about on far-out looking semi-finless craft. The brothers have obviously got these things wired. Wave quality is perfectly suited to that board form, clean ru... read more


Dale Staples, Dark Continental Bliss

Posted 2 days ago

Here Dale Staples indulges in Africa’s finer pleasures. First with that one left that just keeps on going in Namibia, then to Bruce’s “Home of the Perfect wave.” The South African knows where to look on the Dark Continent and can navigate his way around the tube.

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Cole Houshmand, It’s On The House

Posted 2 days ago

Cole Houshmand’s a 14-year young cat out of San Clemente. Here we get him on island time putting some playful wedges to use in Maui. With the certain pop and power inevitable to growing older, Mr Houshmand will surely be tearing in the future.

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Pipe, Nov 18th from the water

Posted 5 days ago

Pipeline lit up November 18th. Here’s some before sunset action from the channel. Bruce Irons, Jamie O’Brien and the usual suspects knife and wiggle through the infamous tunnels. Oh, you might want to turn the volume down; unless you’ve been on a serious bender and are looking to wig-out.


Alternating Alternatives with Corey Colapinto

Posted 6 days ago

Mr Colapinto rides anything and everything forwards and backwards. Here’s about 30 minutes of alternative surfing.  Also featuring the mythic men, Ryan Burch and Tommy Witt. There’s a lot of slipping and sliding going on around San Onofre. Hopefully you dig pan flutes and jangles.

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Nazaré gets playful and fun

Posted 7 days ago

Oh, dear lord! We’re drowning in drones… and not particularly sick of it. This is Nazaré, you know that spot in Portugal that pumps out one of the biggest mush-burgers known to man? Well, with less swell the beach break gets hollow and fun. And here Pedro Boonman reaps it’s rewards.

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The Mad Hueys’ Calendar Shoot

Posted 8 days ago

The Mad Hueys are on a good one. They may even be on ‘the one’, which in the good one hierarchy sits above all on an carefree iron throne with nothing in mind but fun. Here’s their calendar shoot, if you like fakies and naked gals, this is for you.


Leila and Sophia Hurst

Posted 8 days ago

Leila Hurst is a Southern California sweetheart. This is the story of her and her sister Sophia. Sofia was born with a walking disability known as Spina Bifida and has endured 29 surgeries in the 27 years of her life. With uncommon lives the two overcome differences and strengthen their sisterly bond through riding waves. Here'... read more

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Justin Becret’s a 13 year-young French-grom

Posted 9 days ago

Ahh, to be 13 again. Nothing to worry about besides the fact that it’s always overhead, and if you surf like Mr Becret, you can make the most of your small stature. Here we get the young French-cat at home putting Hossegor’s hollow wedges to use. A freshly baked platter of carves, pops and tunnels just came out of the oven.