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Jay Davies in: The Island

Jay Davies is a man of the road. And he knows how to thread a tunnel. On an Indonesian island some weeks ago, he found waves detonating on a reef. He and his brother Wyatt slept on a hard wood floor and scored perfection for three days straight. Stab asked Jay to fill the important gaps about his trip.

Getting there: “We left home midday on the Wednesday just before Easter weekend. We pretty much had no idea what we were doing – I’d talked to Marlon (Gerber) and he said they were all getting a boat, and that we just had to get there. He told us that this guy called Pete would pick us up.

So, we ended up having to drive for five hours on the worst-ever roads, then we got to this fishing village at 3am. We were woken up at 5am by the driver, saying that the boat was ready. Marlon and Lee (Wilson) had already gone out there, so it was just me and my brother (Wyatt, who shot and cut this clip.) We were loading our gear onto this boat and the thing was just rotted-away. They had this bamboo stick set-up, plunging away with it, it was like a homemade bilge. They couldn’t get it started for two hours and we were looking at each other just loosing it, cause it was Wyatt’s first boat trip experience and we were on this old, rickety fishing boat. They ended up going through three different starter-motors before one finally worked.

So we were motoring out on this rusty boat, it was overcast and the boys on the boar couldn’t speak a word of English. Wyatt and I were just going, are we really doing this? We kept saying the spot name and they were looking at us like we were aliens. We finally got there and for the next three days, we scored pumping waves every day. The whole time we were there, we slept on hard wood floor, like Indonesian fisherman.”

The end section: “I was the luckiest guy out there. I didn’t hit the reef once. I was lucky, I just kept falling in holes. There was one that just exploded on my back and I got thrown so high in the air, I thought my leg or back was snapped – I was in the foam flying, then before I knew it I was back up, without a scratch.

Right where you doggy door, it goes super deep. Between the reef and the ledge there’s a super deep little section, but there’s certainly zones down the reef that you can get hurt on. A coupla days before we got there, the ocean was alive. Laurie Towner took so much bark off his knee and Dean Bowen had his whole back torn apart. After I found that out I was like, I’m not ready for this. It’s not really user-friendly but some of them just work for you.”

All in all: “It was just a three-day snatch and grab run, really. A five day turnaround – two days travelling and the rest just eating noodles and getting pitted. I love those quick stealth runs, it’s the only way to do it. You’re just surfed-out by the end and you have one beer then before you know it, you’re asleep on hard wood floor.”

For more of this kinda awesomeness, dive over to Jay and Wyatt’s portal, Elsegood Productions.

  • Joey Butterfuco

    Best Clip I have seen in a long time, those bits arent possible for us normal folk shit even pros would come off 2nd best. Davies got the goods…. MAD…

  • d


  • bp

    That was insane.

  • Ben

    That was sick. Jay has a solid set of balls on him.

    • The Inquisitor

      That’s a very visual comment. Nonetheless, I like how bold you are whilst admiring a fellow man’s testicles.

  • ham

    personally i don’t like waves over 4ft

  • Andrew


  • L

    F’n charging. You make it look so easy. 2.36 is just not right. Amazing clip. More of these please.

  • Mad Mick

    All I can say is EPIC… EPIC!

  • Lord Humungous

    Why isn’t Jay on Kai Neville’s movies. He tears the bag out out of it.

    • Ivonna Punchmaicompewta

      I personally think it makes no difference if he’s in Kai’s film or not. We still get to see A+ footage of him regardless.

    • SW

      Agree, he surfs at the level with most of the guys in Kai’s films

  • the tinkler

    holy fuck , big balls , big brarrells, big guy , big fucking effort!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    some serious dump trucks on the end section aye stab?

  • donkey


  • gfc

    you would have to be keen knowing that every wave will smash you on the end section…


    Ya jay, your a freak. that wave looks big even on your 6’6 frame. If dede would have been there it would have looked XXL. Wyatt how the hell did you get to the beach to shoot. Davies are mad hui’s

  • Jimmy

    Jay is the best in the world i reckon

  • SW

    Mental!! Yeah J Dizzle that’s a wild clip, nice edit and soundtrack Wyatty yew!


    Sick! to bad that song has all ready been use in surf madness

  • Surf Nurse

    that is a nasty end section. Miss that doggy door and its all over

  • Thommo

    Big ups dude, I wouldnt even be out there let alone pulling straight on those things..

  • Spanky

    Surely he has a licence in order to drive all those trucks?

  • jesse

    incredible. really don’t understand why the tour doesn’t go to more places like this…

  • Matty

    That was SO heavy. Looks like he’s riding a shortboard too.

  • Hayden

    wow so sick!!!

  • bru bru




    also, song please?

  • SmudeDogg

    Hats off dude, you’re fucking ledge.

  • Barney

    That was intense. JD ripping

  • Barney

    That was intense. Year JD ripping

  • Binnsie

    Jay Davies take a fucking bow. Thirty comments and not one scrap of slung dung, save a minor soundtrack quibble. You big, tall, too-much-of-a-hulk-to-tear-down poppy you.

  • Jay surfs great

    Indo has waves like this everywhere, and every day unknowns ride them.
    What we have here is a six foot (tops) semi close out.
    Marlon could show these Guys better spots than this. But you arent showing any footage of him are you?.
    I doubt jay was the only Guy taking off. Show the other crew in the water on your next vids, fuck, show some un sponsored guys that surf well.
    Jay this, Jay that, ffs, gimme a break.

    • Greg

      He obviously runs a few badges on his sled for good reason incase that skipped your attention fool… You sound like you’re a fair Indo guru shred lord so why don’t you and your mates get your own shit together and make a clip to show us your maddog antics and a few of your secret slabs up that way – I reckon your efforts would be rather comical!!!

    • Eat My Wiener

      You sound like a frustrated mofo

    • Judge #3

      Unfortunately, your comment reflects only you and your poor attitude

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