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Jay Davies and Taj Burrow, WA

1111 from on Vimeo.

On the 11th of the 11th, 2011 (and maybe even at 11:11am! let’s pretend…), Taj Burrow and Jay Davies surfed in their homeland West Oz. Further testament to the death of half-roter oops, and the remodelling of the now-ubiquitous air-rev, there’s some pretty outlandish (but exciting) aerial attempts in this clip. “An air reverse is like a floater on tour nowadays,” says Taj Burrow. “Unless you do an air where it feels like you’re so high you’re gonna break your legs, no one takes much notice.”

God bless all West Australians for getting out into the brine, too, after every second swimmer has been getting mauled by a great white recently.

Check out more from Jay’s blog, here.

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