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Jay Davies’ Afternoon At The Treehouse mix

“This one’s for ginning around at the treehouse,” says Jay Davies of his exquisite playlist. Watching the clips on his site, Elsegood Productions, it becomes apparent quite quickly that Jay and his bro/filmmaker, Wyatt, have immaculate taste in music. When there’s no waves, things can move kinda slow out there in West Oz. And a good playlist makes all the difference.

Photo by Wyatt Davies

  • s

    so epic

  • s

    easily the best one so far

  • bob

    his clips are rad always good music, should be an video award for the best music usage..

  • Duder

    Why can’t I see the playlist?

  • an

    Shit, that George Benson track is insane! And yeah, he definitely is putting out the best clips with the best tunes.

  • sam murray

    Yeeeeeaaaah JAY

  • kohala

    really nice…some of the best music i have heard in a long time..he just knocked taj off the top for me..shoots brah!!

  • Lord Humongous

    Fuck Yeah.

  • george of the jungle

    best evers!

  • Thew

    Dude Rips and has great taste…rare breed mate!

  • ripper !

    sick !

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