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While You Were Sleeping | Bite Size!

Jack and Alana

Posted 20 Feb 2013

Romance between surfing’s newest power couple blossomed on the North Shore of Hawaii, but now it’s public: Jack Freestone has officially earned the envy of possibly every man who comments on this website, and certainly every man who clicked the thumbnail of this article. But, can we please refrain from using ‘Jalana’?

  • all up in our biz

    you guys are so lame…

  • Jalana.

    fuck me dead.

  • james

    comments will be closed within the hour

  • thanks

    This whole thing is fucking LOL

  • d


  • bob sacamano

    omg omg omg!

  • bill

    is luke davis gay?

  • scabbies

    thought she was hot until i heard her speak

  • bilbo baggens

    looks like there is something wrong with that guys drink

  • wankers

    hahahahahah fuckin cheezy pretentious made for media bullshit
    possibly the two dumbest people on earth
    Jack is a mong and Alana is a mutant
    They will live their lives on instagram
    funny how a man and a woman can be so gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • z

      yep. nailed it.

  • keeping up with the….

    hahaha who needs the E! channel when we have STAB. my girl will be loggin on more than me soon. But really I love the goss and so do all yous – keep it coming ya sneaky bastards!

  • Laurindsey

    Is that Laura or Lindsey Lohan in the middle and should she be drinking caffeine when she looks …you know….#uptheduffandallthat

  • bitchsmacker

    over in 3 weeks….geez you ever been to OZ…poon everywhere and they dig Califags

  • douch bags

    she is not that hot ,so overrated good luck to them though ,dumb and dumber.surfings power couple is a lame call.

  • Reggie Fessinden

    Combined IQ of 5?

  • Jalana Flanard

    Oh my goodness… really hahaha this is what makes news. I wonder if we gonna see jack doing cliff jumps in a thong now in alana’s lame videos.

  • douche bags

    she is not that hot overrated i say,saying they are a surfing power couple is so lame,dumb and dumber.

  • Jdub

    Apparently this is incorrect, you should take a look at Alana’s latest FAcebook status and I quote “jack and nage are such a cute couple”.
    Alana must of copped a seriously big dick to be suffering denial this badly.
    Public announcement number one

  • bummin

    for some reason Alana just got way less hot :(

  • troglo

    Alana looks like she just got banged



Ala Moana Bowls with Flynn Novak and Friends

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Between the days of July 25th and 26th Oahu’s famed Ala Moana Bowls saw some of the most consistent, large swell to come through this summer. Flynn Novak and the boys gladly took to the left hand reef break, and here are the highlights from those two days.

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Teahupoo Wipeouts!

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Here's a lad from the British Isles called Harry Timpson on holiday in Sumbawa. Lakey Peak's become a bit of a hub for Brits wanting to hone their skills on consistent walls, and, it's hard to argue with that after watching this clip. Harry's hot on the heels of Reubyn Ash as the UK's most prolific hi-fi export with his mix of t... read more

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Mateia Hiquily, Tahitian Tunnel Vision

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Here, we get 19 year old Mateia Hiquily jamming, popping and knifing around his island chain. The Tahitian boy’s looking lively on that sleigh of his. If escapism’s your gig cue to the 1:10 mark.

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Gearoid McDaid’s is and 18 year old, fresh, Irish cat. Here, we get him in a few sessions around his home town. The rubbers thick, and the edits quite pleasant.

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Quinn Mccrystal, California Cold

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Here are some clips from Quinn’s winter sessions on the California coast. Now that the warm months are upon California, and the first of the hurricane swells have kicked in. We look back to the magic that comes in winter from the Northern land.

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Dion Atkinson, Classical Winter

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Here, are the highlights from the Hurley Winter Classic, from July 18th at Fluerieu Peninsula in South Oz. Dion Atkinson took the cake. Some solid rail work exhibited by the ex-CT cat, amongst others.

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The thing with great responsibility, and great pay checks, is that when something goes really wrong, everyone looks to you for the answer. The way that the WSL dealt with the Mick Fanning shark attack was truly commendable, and Commissioner Kieren Perrow gave full credit to his staff. "Coming into this event we have a plan for m... read more


Mick Fanning’s interview immediately after shark attack

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Yesterday proved why Pete Mel is the best commentator on tour: Composure. His channel-cross has always been one of the broadcast’s strongest assets. They’re unique to surf, and Pete’s knowledge, off-the-cuff opinion and dissection of scenarios renders him irreplaceable. After being on the ski which picked up Julian Wilson ... read more