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J-Flo’s family lens

Posted 12 Mar 2012

Most of the world tour are sprinkled round Oz with a few teams up in Indo on various trips. Jeremy Flores is still on the GC following the Quik Pro. Here’s a session at Snapper with the action documented by his sister. Kinda cool. Check out the rest at his blog.


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Don’t drink and (roof) surf

Posted 9 hours ago

When excellent ideas get better. Video via @kook_of_the_day.

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Three surfs with Monty Tait

Posted 10 hours ago

Here’s 17-year-old Monty Tait, lighting up on the South Coast of NSW, as well as Queensland and spot-of-the-moment, Lowers!

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The skim to wedge combination

Posted 1 day ago

Looks easy enough, but try it for yourself and you’ll realise that this is dam near impossible. Go home guy, your work here’s done.

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Here’s Chris Ward’s daughter pushing Gabriel Medina off a wave

Posted 5 days ago

Everybody wins here. Malia Ward is Chris Ward's daughter. She's good looking, clearly enjoys her surfing and obviously has some of her father's fire. On the other hand, Gabriel Medina travels the world, wins contests and will probably be the first Brazilian world champ this year. Malia pushing Gabs off a wave on a crowded day at... read more

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Air-reverse landed on the back of another surfer

Posted 6 days ago

There’s very little we can write here to justly introduce this clip. As its title infers, you should’ve clicked play already to see a very painful end to an air-reverse. Perhaps a little too harsh a punishment for an honest drop in? We’ll let you decide.

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A GoPro Breakdown of Lower Trestles

Posted 6 days ago

He may be eliminated from the Hurley Pro, but there isn’t many on tour who’ve spent nearly as many hours in the Lower Trestles line-up than Kohole has. Here, Brother takes us from the reeds to the rocks and into one helluva crowded peak that he’s called home since forevz. And what a mechanical playground it is.

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Anastasia Ashley takes a pounding in Mexico

Posted 7 days ago

So, yeah, probably not quite what you were hoping for, but still something worth watching. Anastasia Ashley had a good swing in Mex recently and paid tax for taking on a ruthless beachie.

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Lowers Board Breakdown with Matt Biolos

Posted 8 days ago

Wanna do your best surfing at Lowers? Easy: Ride a Mayhem. Here, Matt Biolos breaks down his whole deal around creating boards for the world’s best, and especially when they roll into town for the Hurley Pro. V insightful.

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Pedro Boonman runs outta petrol but scores tubes

Posted 11 days ago

Pedro Boonman, coming straight outta Portugal, recently did a stretch in Sumbawa. And, gets some v good waves, contained within this edit!

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2014 Monster Children Photo Comp Now Open

Posted 12 days ago

Next week, Monster Children release their beautifully-shot short film, Team Average 3. It stars Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Dylan Rieder, Andrew Allen and Steph Gilmore and is something you might be interested in. Also just launched outta the MC camp is the annual Monster Children Photo Competition. All you really need to know b... read more