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J-Flo’s family lens

Posted 12 Mar 2012

Most of the world tour are sprinkled round Oz with a few teams up in Indo on various trips. Jeremy Flores is still on the GC following the Quik Pro. Here’s a session at Snapper with the action documented by his sister. Kinda cool. Check out the rest at his blog.


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Thiago Camarão, Indo

Posted 7 hours ago

Enjoy Thiago as he makes the most out of smaller Indo surf. If you came for turns, turn away now.

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Mikey February’s 2014 Leftovers are good

Posted 4 days ago

Here’s Mikey Feb, lighting it up all over South Africa to the silky sounds of Ben Pearce. Kid’s really coming on strong and flying the SA flag – there’s some excellent surfing in here. And bravo on a five-minute edit. Let’s make a conscious effort to slightly expand our attention spans in 2015, shall we?

Triple_Transfer Play

Here’s a triple board transfer, obviously

Posted 4 days ago

Double cheeseburgers are kinda good, but triples are just too much. Anyway, here’s Austin Keen doing a triple board transfer!

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Tyler Wright swims in Cronulla pool, mid-heat

Posted 4 days ago

The first mistake you can make at north Cronulla in conditions like the Oz Boardriders Battle recently experienced, is going left. Which is just what Tyler Wright learnt the hard way when she went left mid heat, ending with her leash wrapped around the chain that borders the public pool. She tried to jump back out over a wave, ... read more

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Imaikalani Devault: Maui

Posted 9 days ago

If you’re from Maui, chances are you’ve got a real fresh air game. Imaikalani, a new name to cross the Stab office, doesn’t disappoint.

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Fiji is Kelly Slater’s second home

Posted 10 days ago

There's no endorsement like a Kelly Slater endorsement. Especially when he's backing something to do with a place he's been travelling to for 25 years. Kelly's connection with Fiji is borderline-annoyingly well-documented (talking about how relaxed he is there is a fav hit for commentators when the tour rolls into town). But it'... read more

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Jackson Bunch is 11 and killing it

Posted 10 days ago

Here’s 11-year-old Jackson Bunch lighting it up around his home in Maui. Using Finally Moving by Pretty Lights is a stroke of brilliance and it sure is bright up ahead for Jackson.

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Lucas Dirkse: Submerged

Posted 11 days ago

Here’s Lucas Dirkse swirling his way through some tubs near his home in San Diego. Playful tubes make for a v good weekend.

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A pre-christmas session

Posted 12 days ago

Kellen Ellison, Jake Kelley, Chad Compton, Taylor Curran, Keegan Gibbs and Logan Rauhut had a real fine time in the lead-up to Christmas. Just gonna leave this here.

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This has nothing to do with surfing, but watch:

Posted 12 days ago

Africa’s wildly diverse ecosystem and wildlife turns out some amazing visual hits, and this is one of the best. Hippo charge is your new crippling fear, fam.