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J-Flo’s family lens

Posted 12 Mar 2012

Most of the world tour are sprinkled round Oz with a few teams up in Indo on various trips. Jeremy Flores is still on the GC following the Quik Pro. Here’s a session at Snapper with the action documented by his sister. Kinda cool. Check out the rest at his blog.


keramas Play

Rip Curl Does Keramas

Posted 10 hours ago

The Rip Curl Asia team tears apart Keramas in their fancy new GPS watches. How’s that pint-sized T-Knox moment at 1:45?!

Kelly_Slater_Chia_Co Play

Kelly Slater’s Chia Co. Shop

Posted 1 day ago

Kelly Slater mans a Chia Co. shop on the North Shore. ‘Sif the world doesn’t wanna be on the same diet as this man. Doin’ it for the kids!

Cabo_Blanco_Def Play

Cabo Blanco!

Posted 1 day ago

Welcome to Cabo Blanca, Peru, during the Billabong event held there this year. And, cut to some very silky sounds. This perhaps isn’t so much amp-up video as it is zone-out, but it’s still enjoyable on some kinda level.

serpa Play

Franklin Serpa in DIY

Posted 3 days ago

This guy has cat-like tendencies. He whips his tail and lands on his feet. Proof lies at the 1:44 mark…

rob Play

Rob Machado in Peru

Posted 4 days ago

Rob has traveled as much as anyone. This time, he hits Lima, Peru, for a couple small wave sessions with Hurley’s Peruvian team, featuring Martin Jeri, Alonso Correa, Gianni Porcari and Andres Echecopar. A couple more clips of the illusive Rob would be nice, but we’ll take what we can get.

Ollie_Mully Play

Ollie O’Flaherty, eject button at Mullaghmore

Posted 4 days ago

This is one of the more hollow waves we’ve seen at Ireland’s Mullaghmore. But Ollie O’Flaherty, via his XXL Awards entry for wipeout of the year, doesn’t quite get the full potential of pleasure. Quite the opposite, in fact.

tat Play

Tatiana Weston-Webb: “The Beginning”

Posted 4 days ago

Tatiana Weston-Webb might just be the hardest charging rookie on the ladies’ tour this year. You may remember her from last year’s WT event in Fiji, where she made the competition look timid. Expect fearlessness…we think she’ll deliver.

Gabs_WYWS_OBs Play

Oakley’s One Obsession

Posted 5 days ago

Gabriel Medina might just be the most obsessed surfer on the world tour. Kid never gets outta the water. And, that’s what wins world titles. No surprise he features in Oakley’s new One Obsession jam.

italy Play

Northern Italy with Roberto D’Amico

Posted 5 days ago

We know there’re some good surfers from Italy (a la Leo), but until now, we haven’t seen much in the way of surf. After three days in the best waves Italy has seen in years, Italian surfer, Roberto D’Amico, may have made a case for your next novelty trip…

Video by Alessandro Dotti

Nozpantsdef Play

Beach pants, where have you been?

Posted 6 days ago

Where have beach pants been all my life? Doing a day trip that requires a packed lunch and 40 minute walk to that back beach on a not-quite-shorts-weather day was a logistical nightmare til now. These Hook Out beach pants that Rusty’s dropping get it done. Dumpster fit, low rise, drop crutch, skinny legs, elasticated ankles, a... read more