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J-Flo’s family lens

Posted 12 Mar 2012

Most of the world tour are sprinkled round Oz with a few teams up in Indo on various trips. Jeremy Flores is still on the GC following the Quik Pro. Here’s a session at Snapper with the action documented by his sister. Kinda cool. Check out the rest at his blog.


Hurricane_marie_Newport_Drone Play

Hurricane Marie at Newport Point from above

Posted 12 hours ago

You’ve already seen the photos from Newport Point yesterday and Oliver Kurtz’s barrel and that one wave from Santa Barbara. Now, here’s some drone footage of Newport Point yesterday which, rubber aside, could easily look like small Pipe.

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Volcom Veeco 48-hour screening

Posted 1 day ago

Volcom's Veeco is a documentary about filmmaking, from the company who've delivered the surfing world some of its best ever film like Live We Ride, Subjekt Haakonsen and Chichagof, over the last 21 years. It's a film by Jamie Heinrich and features gents like Ozzie Wright, Gav Beschen, Dusty Payne, Kai Garcia and many more. S... read more

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Wave of the day in Santa Barbara

Posted 1 day ago

Today was a v special day in California. Many fibreglass wranglers could’ve caught the wave of their lives, this one (unidentified) gent did just that. Go in guy, your work here’s done.

Larid_Pier_Shoot Play

Here’s Laird Hamilton shooting the Malibu Pier

Posted 2 days ago

A wild old SE swell hammered into Malibu, and Laird Hamilton, lord of the sea, rode the biggest wave of the day on an SUP and shot the Malibu pier at the end. That is all.

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Ian Walsh and Taylor Steele chase the #ghostwave

Posted 2 days ago

Yeah, it's kinda weird that this comes from Hewlett-Packard, but we're not really complaining. After a recent power cord recall due to fire and burn risk, ol' HP will take the posi PR where they can, and we'll happily watch Ian Walsh and Taylor Steele burn around after the biggest wave never surfed. They're headed for a remote... read more

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Fergal Smith and some Irish Tunnel Vision

Posted 4 days ago

Oh, Ireland! And here’s Fergal Smith, in the mix, from episode 13 of Growing. Boogers aside, there’s some good slab hunting midway through this.

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Drunk History: Eddie Aikau brokers peace.

Posted 7 days ago

Ever heard of the show Drunk History? Well it’s very entertaining, in a nutshell Comedy Central get a historian very drunk and have him tell a story on a topic they’re an expert in. In this episode they talk about the clash between the Hawaiian and Australian surfers with well know actors acting it out.

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Volcom Brazil in El Salvador

Posted 7 days ago

Now, here’s: Marcelo Trekinho, Marcos Sifu, Heitor Pereira, Yago Dora and Alan Fendrich in El Salvador, because surfing.

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Giant grouper eats shark

Posted 8 days ago

… And, just when you thought the Ocean was safe, a fucking fish just ate a shark.

Killer_Whal Play

Killer whale flings sea lion 20 feet in the air

Posted 8 days ago

Just because it’s awesome footage, and regardless of its irrelevance to surfing, here’s a killer whale booting a sea lion into the air in Alaska. Be careful out there, you guys.