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Andy and Lyndie

Hawaii’s Greatest Ever Surfer and his Squeezebox.

Maybe six  months back now, GQ ran a real fruity photo shoot with Kid Rock and Pam Anderson. Kid got into bikini briefs, Pam got nekkid and the pair hammed it up round their home neighbourhood of Malibu. Booze was served and cans were unsheathed.
In the absence of any original thought, we immediately began the process of ripping off the shoot. First, we asked: whose girl got the
most sexy on tour?
We answered in unison: AI’s woman, Lyndie Dupuis.
And this is how the event transpired.

The locations: We shot at Reflections on the Sea, the new joint on the beach at Coolangatta. It’s the building on top of Mick Fanning’s Rip Curl store, Glorious John coffee and McDonalds. We shot in the penthouse suite. Historically, Gold Coast hotel proprietors have policed surfboards and sandy feet in the lobby and lifts with vigour. But with surfing now the undisputed star of the Gold Coast, times are a-changing.
“We’ve got lots of the big surfers staying with us,” a sweet woman named Michelle told us. “It’s really great having them here.” The penthouse suite was still for sale hence being available for the shoot, the asking price around four mill. A few days earlier, the suite was loaned to Andy’s brother Bruce and select members of the Wolfpak to “feel out.” They spent a few hours watching the Superbank and watering their livers from level 20.
Also used was the Coolangatta Bowling Club’s superb beachfront green. “We’ll let you in the premier green but we can’t let on the greens in high heels,” were our only instructions. When Lyndie, wearing a bikini and six-inch heels, teetered onto the precious green, however, nobody uttered a word of protest.
As the greenkeeper told us after the shoot: “With a body like that it wouldn’t have mattered if there were huge divets in the green.”

Degree of difficulty: The shoot date was pulled forward five days after Snake handed AI his ass in round three and he booked an early flight home. Richie Lovett’s girl ended up doing hair and make-up, Nudes’ girl styled it and my girl shot it.

Early moods: During initial phone calls, Andy was strict in the rules of engagement for the shoot. “Just so long as you know Lyndie’s not getting all nude like Pamela, man…”

When the mood elevated: During the final shot (suits, lacy gear) AI and Lyndie became relaxed in front of the camera. Andy started dialling numbers. First up, Cory Lopez. “Get up Lopey, we’re partying, baby!”
When Cory arrived with his chick, he was blown away by Lyndie:
AI: “Lopey, you digging this straight hair! Fuck yeah!! I’m taking one of these straightening irons on tour!”
Lopey: “You shoulda worn that thing to the banquet!”
Irons: “Fuck yeah! I woulda been smoking at the banquet in this thing!”
Irons: “My girl’s been getting hair and make-up done all day! We’re going out, baby!”
To Reef Mclntosh: “Reef, the waves on the Superbank are fucken crazy right now! Fucked up! Four feet and firing! Me? Fuck no! I’m working, man! And, I’m drunk! I’m not surfing with forty thousand guys anyway.”
Excellent. – SAM MCINTOSH.

  • r\truth

    AI had it all

  • HI8US



    Aloha A.I

  • yahdude

    Ya Andy

  • Me

    Nice fake boobs lyndie …

    • L8drop

      Lyndie is super hot …. she always will be ….. and i bet you’re not :)

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  • Megaspray

    They say its the life in your years not the years in your life that count most.
    If that is true then Andy had a fucking great life.

  • roblune

    he was such a legend……and legends will always live on.

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