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Hurley welcomes John Florence (with video!)

Three days ago Stab reported that John-John Florence’s face had appeared in Hurley promotion at the Long Beach Agenda Show. It was the first confirmation of any kind that the Hawaiian had signed with Hurley, a move that’d been coming for months. Now, it’s even more official, with Hurley’s release this morning of a welcome clip. New year, new chapter, etc. The air at the end of this is the precise reason why the entire surfing world, Stab included, is so engaged by this man’s every move of late.

  • mmmm…


    • yes

      MomJohn + Medina’s dad. Someone set these two up and do a reality TV show.

      • chilla gorilla

        It would be more entertaining than Honey Bu Bu and Lo Shawty……..You feelz me??!!

  • kiwibro

    Whens his full length vid due out?

  • Boggy McRail

    wonder what oneills offer was compared to hurleys. if i had to guess, id say oneill couldnt step up with the big coin because a large percentage of their money was spent on a south african caveman with questionable nipple placement.

    • gnartard

      To clarify the surfing caveman is native to Brazil, as opposed to South Africa.

      • Brain Dead

        nah… the caveman really is from South Africa, does Jordy really inspire anyone to do anything? His image is of a douche nowadays

        • the weather man


          I don’t think anyone minds the hype if it is valid and warranted.
          And in John John’s case, it is valid and warranted.
          He is an amazing surfer and a good person, so he deserves the acclaim,
          the applause and the money.


      • gnatardtrash

        It seems some racists agree with you. I do hope you are not from South Africa, you idiot.

  • observationalist

    Yesss John John! Take Nike’s money. About time surfing’s best get mainstream money.

    • YD

      Take Nike’s money? Well, I think Nike will make at least 4x the money they will pay JJ.

  • bruv

    who cares

    • bender

      Alot of people mate. And you obviously if you bothered to read and then comment on the article. Hipster fuck.

      looking forward to this years tour. Can the likes of Taj, Parko and Fanning keep up with the guys like JJ, Medina, wilson and Owen wright who have the complete package and are still so young..

  • hog

    WOW! I need to get me some Hurley clothing.

    • hh


    • yibbida yibbida

      said no one ever..

  • .

    The last air was insane, higher than toledo’s backside air 360.

    • youarejealous

      Maybe higher, never in extension. Nice try, kid, keep searching.

      • .

        Hence the word ‘higher’. Fuckwit

        • drone

          Don’t be upset sweetheart. I promise I will take it easier next time.

  • boner patrol

    that was kinda corny, but that new footage at the end was nuts

  • A-bird

    makes me glad i’ve never done an air. what would be the point of me even trying, i’ll never do one that looks that good.

  • Dikwet

    All 3 of those airs were better than Holy Toledos. Ill give Toledo credit for having a smoother landing….but still. JJF’s airs are so good that they don’t conjure the same wow factor from viewers. Airs of this quality and amplitude are now expected as the norm from young john.

    • stevo

      Wow factor?? Thanks Simon Cowell.

  • bruno

    no one does backside airs 360 better than him, this guy is amazing.

  • fuckoff

    that last backside roter made toledos look like a chop hop. when will these brazzos learn. fuck off

    • fuckoffisafraid

      Neeeveeerrrr… Feels so good to read this shit. Every article, photo or video is a motive for haters to come out and play.

  • L8drop


    I bet those brothers have eaten truck loads of cereal.

    In their house it literally was the breakfast of champions.

    There are great group of boys …. and their mom ain’t bad either !

    Peace out.


  • samson

    ain’t going to make me pay $250 for a pair of boardies, I don’t even care if they make your wang double in size, it’s way to much for a pair of shorts.

    • america

      bullshit, you’d pay 250 for an 8 inch dong

  • slice n dice

    ok so as if changing your sponsor to Hurly is a milestone in line with winning triple crown?

    • Nh

      It is when your making 4 mil a year till your 30! That sounds better than a triple crown to me!

  • Anonymous

    even if the older pros could up their game to his level (which they can’t) their bodies would break anyway. Kelly better start dating tanya harding or he’s toast.

    • rodrigo dornelles

      Or perhaps he can grab tanya’s metal rod and take people’s knees out?

  • Nh

    This guy is so fuckin good!

  • I just came

    dam it know I have to change my shorts

  • so pittedso stoked for this guy

    so stoked for this guy :)))

  • bjorn

    It’s was like one day John said to me, “What, you getting a little jaded on this surf photo ting? Well, you better hold on to your Nikon, uncle!”

  • truth

    good that he gets money.. we’re all stoked for him.

    …but 80% of us hate hurley..

  • Jed

    They didn’t say what age he was when he slayed his first groupie?

    • yibbida yibbida

      probs around 9 i’d say

  • surfnoob

    did he have to pay for those trunks?

  • Juan

    00:27 Mom John’s nipple

  • amitheonlyone?

    I dunno bout you fellas but doesnt it strike you as strange and a little weird the whole mom john thing… why isnt she mom nath or mom isaac or however many other little superfreaks she has groomed for the specific purpose of riding coat-tails and having an easy life. She is a fucking disgrace, she has raised this boy for a specific purpose and now, as you can see by her instagram etc, does nothing but surf and live an easy life on the back of her son… Have some self respect woman and get a fucking job… stop sucking off your sons… she is not even hot, just a stupid sad mum living off the gravy train called john john.
    Am i the only one who has noticed what she has done to these kids and still continues to do?
    Ask yourself, in all seriousness, would you do it to your kids? So blatantly promote and push them just so you can sit on your ass and do nothing? Its pretty shameless, has noone ever said to her, what the fuck are you doing?

    • the truth

      Well, for starters: you’re a fuckin’ douche bag. Other than that… hhhmmm… let’s see: those kids are set for life, with the best job one can ever possibly have, getting shit loads of money to surf perfect waves. She IS hot as hell, I would lick that pussy 24/7, I guarantee. And, so what if she “built” JJF to be one of the best surfers in the world and get 3 to 4 mill a year? She may be set for life due to her son’s income, but so is he, don’t you think? Now go put on your spring suit, attach that gopro to your 7’2 plastic evo, and go be a dick to some fuckin’ shorebreak away from here.

      • amitheonlyone?

        Mate, there you go, the 3rd line you typed…. says it all. Fucking moron. I would love to see you surf champ, apart from having a really small penis and a jar of handcream constantly on hand, I would imagine it to be a struggle to tear yourself away from the tissues and socks for 5 seconds..
        My point is, she has had a plan from day one it seems, and it has been executed perfectly. There is a sense of pride and decency which unfortunately none of you have. Why is she calling herself “momjohn”… give me a measured, decent and educated response and I may have some form of respect for you. In the meantime, STOP MASTURBATING..

        • Matty K

          Feed’n the chooks digga

    • Yep

      From what little info I know of her, she seems like a great person. She traveled the world with her sons who were still very young, sometimes just to surf perfect waves and sometimes because these locations were cheaper to live than the North Shore. If you spend enough time surfing/skating in your early years, that will translate into a natural ability in your later years…I can’t imagine there was any pressure.

      I would say she is an inspiration to single mothers, and ok she may be get some of what JJ earns now, but tell me what she did in those early years was easy…those 3 kids would not be where they are right no if not for MomJon

    • j. durr

      Its called selling your soul. When you don’t have an education, you begin to think of ways of manipulating others to benefit from beyond a standard salary.

  • Gimmabreak

    Usually, someone taking a student loan to raise his family would be called lazy and a parasite, but when it’s Momjohn, it’s a huge accomplishment…The lady didn’t work, she took money from the bank to bring her children to the beach. Did they go to school? I’d say no, giving what I heard in JJF’s interviews, but, anyway, the school won’t make you a millionaire, uh?
    And now, we have the lady looking for a late recognition of her sex appeal, sending to the world a daily picture of her looking strangely on the corner of the pic, like, you know, some kind of art pic…This is ridiculous, but what’s more ridiculous is the surf media reaction! In fact, they establish scales and ratings: Momjohn would be the surfer milf ( aka “the mother”) , Lyndie Irons will be the surfer model (aka “the widow”), and Alana Blanchard would be the surfer best thing to think about when he’s not surfing (aka “the bottom”).

    Fortunately, Stephanie Gilmore exists, she can surf, she’s gorgeous and she’s not some kind of an idiot whore sending pics of her ass. Thanks for being here, Steph!

    • .

      haha look at this keyboard warrior. I bet you have a awesome life and are a really happy outgoing person. not. ‘momjohn’ did a great job of raising her kids, look at how humble JJF is, with his ability it would be so easy to get cocky but he is still down to earth.
      And why assume JJF is dumb and didn’t go to high school when you dont know jack shit. You cant exactly judge his intelligence from a interview, maybe he isn’t that confident in front of a microphone.

    • es. es.

      I agree with the Steph Gilmore thing. She rules.

    • free ride

      welcome to the obama economy and generation me, myself, and my facebook friends

      • Matty K

        Those poor brainwashed zombies that voted for Obama don’t realize they screwed themselves and all of us Americans for a bag of freebies and delightfully structured lies. Shame.

    • Matty K

      I agree that going by her real name is a reasonable beginning to re-establishment of some moral compass cobba. The Sheila Eliogram is marrying is bloody filth cobba.

  • fuckoff

    inspiration to single mothers…… you are joking.. Yeah raise your kids as a cash cow and spend the rest of your life calling yourself “momjohn” taking ugly photos showing how little you actually do to contribute.
    How is she an inspiration? was her choice to have the kids, was her choice to leave her home and travel and live a nomadic lifestyle. He has lived off nothing but handouts and free shit her whole life, she aligned herself with the right people and more than likely slept with the right people. Who bought John’s first board, I can sure as shit guarantee it was not “MomJohn”..

    You guys would be amazed and shocked at the real story of this little junket she has going.

    • Yep

      You angry angry man/boy

  • E-Nuff

    The single mothers I know are actually working to raise their kids. They don’t have a student loan, they couldn’t raise a kid with such a little amount of money, BTW. Beside this, the single mothers I know don’t know if their kids will become a world class surfer, so they cannot decide to make them surf and nothing else. Good for the Florence kids because it worked, but just imagine if they weren’t good enough…

    And even though I appreciate watching JJF surfing, I don’t care about his mother, what she is supposed to have done or else, this is just some kind of PR, impossible to check for sure. Fed up with the side effects, Medina’s father, Irons’ widow, Florence’s mother, Slater’s girlfriend or Fanning’s dog. This is farking hollywood sheisse, where does surfing is going? Enough with chicks that don’t surf and boys not old enough to leave their house without mummy, wifey or doggy!

  • PK

    There is some truth to some of the comments back when I lived on the north shore a while ago a couple of my buddies who knew the florence’s personally said that mom john would literally take john out of school if the waves were big at pipe and make him go out . Sometimes john didnt want to or he was scared but she still forced him to go out there she definitely might have had an agenda but most of us won’t know

    • whoring children for a buck

      This type of agenda irks me… the same thing with Kolohe Andino.
      Dino and Momjohn should hook up and produce a little Florence Florence Andino.

  • Straight as an arrow

    Oh my fucking god… I would go so gay for JJF.

  • ryeknow

    Can anybody confirm if Mom John has thrown a chair before? What if she started dating Gabbys dad. weird..

    • chill stash

      Well, I think you are going about this the wrong way. If they dated and produced a kid…he would be a mix of Gabriella and JJ. That kid would be less of a good surfer because of the 50% Gabby DNA. Furthermore, Gabby’s chair throwing urges would be present as well, which in turn, would lower his ability to make money because he would be less marketable.

  • broke as a joke

    Close to $100 to fill up a Ranger’s tank? Hawaii aint cheap, eh?

  • broke ass joke

    Hurley take a hint and start using Vimeo you clowns.

  • The Captain

    Can someone tell what this chair throwing thing is all about?

  • sowhat

    Mark of a parent is how their child behaves. Jon Jon is a nice kid, hard to find someone who disagrees. Instagram or not, those brothers are all pretty good kids. Jon being the mellowest of the 3.

  • Dan

    Why cant people just be happy that he has signed a killer contract?

    Her job is being a Mum, its a full time one. There was no dad bringing in pay checks, so she did what she could….and who the fark are any of us to judge her methods…three healthy happy kids……she cant have been to bad a mum.

    Sadest thing is, everyone of you guys writing her off, would act like a school girl around her and her sins if you met them on the street. Keyboard warriors with a lunchbreak just long enough to get a feed and try and drag others down to make your existence seem more worthwhile.

    CHill out, enjoy the videos, and cheer up you grump fucks

  • na

    fuck you stupid reader

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