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How Josh Kerr got to the Volcom Pipe Pro final

Earlier this morning, we delivered John Florence’s road to the Volcom Pipe Pro final. Now, here’s that of Australian Josh Kerr. Mr Kerr manages to have some of the most dramatic wipeouts at Pipe, but he also scratches into (and explodes out of) some of the best barrels. In a poll Stab recently did, Josh was voted fifth best tuberider in the world by many of his peers. It’s not hard to see why.

  • RobBor

    He can tube ride, could be a good year on tour, Kerr does fill the spot of a missing Dane, I will watch his heats cause he can pull something nutz.

    • nerd

      This isn’t about Dane, Doe’s the title read “How Dane Rynolds got to the volcom pipe pro final” ?? And who gives a fuck what you’ll be watching kook!

  • Nh

    Killing it

  • unit shifter

    Hey Stab ….
    how about doing a photo shoot with Rissa Moore ?
    She’s super hot in the water and out.
    It would be so sweet right ! Please make it so.

  • BILL

    He,s very far from filling the spot for dane donkey rob

  • Godner

    Bill get off Danes cock your lips need a break

  • shwinger

    great north shore season for da man KERRRRRRRRRRRRRZY…stylin

  • Ty E

    That was sick! I wouldn’t mind seeing WARDO’S road to the final as well!

  • AndyP

    Those 2 grab rail cutty/claims were sick

  • Me

    Bill, fair to say that our boy Kerzy is more proven than Dane in the heavy stuff.. shippies, pipe (2 finals in a row), has a go at mavs and the bay etc. would be a good air off as well. would like to know who has a higher air completion ratio and the most variations. Love the fact his not trying to take shit photos, draw pathetic pictures or dress like a fag to promote himself. Onya Kerzy, ripping mate.

  • Yep

    Kerrzy might just be the raddest fucking dad in the world right now

  • sam

    Big year for kerzy – go you legend! So unpretentious, just rips and charges.

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