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Here’s your new ASP Commentary Team

ASP (beta) is delivering on all its nu-look promises. The random element of WCT commentary has now officially been removed, with a core commentary team being announced today. While there’ll be regional guests from place2place, a core team will light up webcasts at every event. “For the first time in ASP history, we’ll have a dedicated and consistent team for the sport,” says Jed Pearson, SVP of Content and Programming.

And thank the good Laird above, the team is solid. If you’re ever doubting the quality of banter that buzzes airwaves during world tour events, watch a four-star-or-lower for the inexperienced delivery as a reference point.

Let’s re-introduce the gang…

Pat Parnell: Pat’s been doing this for two decades, y’heard? Dude’s done stints at NBC covering five Olympics, as well as hosting the Vans Triple Crown, and a string of other wildly impressive things like World of Adventure Sports, The Daily Habit, Surfer Poll, Billabong XXL and the NSL California Cup. He’ll be on hand as a host and play-by-play commentator. Expect considered excitement with a Southern California shine.

Pottz, fierce. Portrait by Richard Freeman for Stab

Pottz, fierce. Portrait by Richard Freeman for Stab

Joe Turpel: Joe Turpel is entering his fifth year calling play by play for the WCT. After much university studying, Joey started calling plays for the National Scholastic Surfing Association, which soon led to his first broadcast in Brazil and his since, obviously, grown to the big show. Joe’s tone doesn’t fluctuate too drastically which offers the perfect offset when he’s paired with a more, uh, vocally passionate commentator. Cool, calm and collected doesn’t even do it justice.

Martin Potter: Pottz brings legitimacy and, more importantly, experience (in every sense of the world). Having a world champ in the booth, let alone one who brought aggressive aerial surfing to a new gen, is like the diamond in Lyndall Jarvis’ wedding ring. Pottz, with his slightly hard-to-place Australian accent (that wears shades of South African and British) will play analyst for the new team. And analytical he is…

Ross Williams:  Repping the Momentum generation in the event-callers gang is Mr Ross Williams. Ross’ dazzling white hair won’t be something you’ll see a lot of, but as analyst you’ll certainly enjoy his unassuming tone and the fact that when he breaks down a tailblow, he actually knows what he’s talking about.

Peter Mel: TBH, we’re not exactly sure what ‘analyst and reporter’ will involve for Pete Mel. But we sure hope it’s a central role. Pete is one of the best. Aside from the beyond-brill fact that he simultaneously competes in the Big Wave World Tour (and wins shit, like, the whole tour last year), his confident American reverberations and pointed questions are always welcome. Plus, his insights into equipment are a signature dish.

Todd Kline and Joe Turpel, chic in Hawaiian prints and silver in tongue.

Todd Kline and Joe Turpel, chic in Hawaiian prints and silver in tongue.

Rosy Hodge: There is no better beach reporter than Rosy Hodge. She brings the breeziest, most endearing, (and with fear of belittling her professionalism), cutest delivery you could hope for. The camera loves her, the surfers love her, and a South African inflection never sounded better. Plus, she has really good timing.

Todd Kline: Whether it’s a claim he’ll take or not, Todd Kline is, for us, most noted as the man who wore Bobby Martinez’s live webcast tirade in New York with as much smoothness as was possible. As host and reporter in 2014, Todd will drop mad knowledge, deliver the big questions, and comfortably offer segways between highlight reels and top fives. Oh, and according to a Stab poll, Todd is the world’s favourite commentator.

Strider ‘Raspberry’ Wasilewski: California native turned Pipeline/Teahupoo slayer? Yes, we’ll have your insights, thanks.  Strider is one of the original professional freesurfers (meaning he didn’t make his mark on tour, but rather magazine covers). He’s spent a stretch captaining, managing and marketing the Quiksilver team (he discovered and signed Dane Reynolds). Despite his lack of world tour experience, Strider knows good surfing. He’ll therefore roll as reporter and analyst.

Ronnie Blakey: Ron is a man Stab loves. He brings just the right balance of professionalism and, for lack of a better word, froth. Ron researches stats and is about as knowledgable as commentators come. Not just the on-paper stuff, either; he’s down with new edits that have hit the internets, Instagram posts (hey, they have heft, and don’t deny it), and all that stuff that trickles down the direct line of athlete new media. So it’s unsurprising that he’ll join the Australian leg (which now stops at Snapper, Margaret River and Bells) as analyst and reporter.

See the gang in action when the Quiksilver Pro fires up on March 1.

Pete Mel and the reason he brings legitimacy to the webcast. Mavs. Photo: Chachi

Pete Mel and the reason he brings legitimacy to the webcast. Mavs. Photo: Chachi

  • TPC7

    “Thank the good Laird above..” Hahahaha. Best line ever.

  • Charlie Conway

    Fuck. Joe. Turpel. At least they got Blakey in there.

    • bitter guy

      right? guess I’m stoked they got Ross and Kline, but they only let Kline do interviews. think Strider and Mel will be good, maybe reign in Pottz when he goes hyper-competitive drive analysis on guys psyches

      • 23-16


    • San Clemente Kook

      blakeys rad but how can u bust joe when todd klines in the picture

      • Rob

        the guy is awesome, leave him there, joel and Ronnie should be both in the box

      • Charlie Conway

        A few reasons SC Kook, Joe has one of the more monotone perma-stoned Spiccoli voices that I’ve ever heard. He also sounds like the sheepishly excited jr high kid who some how wound up at a high school keg party. His thoughts during a webcast probably go something like this, “don’t fuck up, tell johnny football he played a great game in the hallway, don’t fuck up, oh god I see Kelly over there and he’s surfing!!! shit, wait, don’t fuck up”.

        Whereas most of the other announcers have been there done that with professional surfing and act and sound like they should be there. Not just a stoked so cal surf fan who schmoozed the right guy into letting him in the booth.

        As far as Kline goes, you don’t typically see him enough for him to drive me up a wall too bad.

        • San Clemente Kook

          How can you blame him ?! They’re footing the bill for him to travel the world and talk about surfing! O and they’re also paying him…

          • Charlie Conway

            Don’t get me wrong, I’d kill for that job. That said, really all he does is ask his fellow commentators their thoughts heat after heat after heat, no actual analysis. Also, did I mention he has an incredibly monotone voice? Maybe he’s still nervous even after all this time.

  • CherBoiii

    Did you guys seriously just write this article?

  • matt obrien

    nice line up. bummer Sean Dorothy (however you spell his name) isn’t in. he is a great commentator. oh well.

  • twerker

    The ASP needs to get Rosie into the box with Pottz to give us the blow by blow anal ysis

    • Name

      You mean Rosie needs to let Pottz into the box

  • Kewl

    “ZAAAAAAPPPPPPPP”- Brad Gerlach

    • bitter guy

      “this is what me and Connor work on”

  • smithy

    Guess ill be watching the comps with the sound off only turning it on when the only man worth listening to Ronnie comes on. Who did Rosey sleep with?

  • BleekBleek

    Wassel! Wassel! Wassel!

  • tropical

    No Dave Stanfield. Thank fuck!

  • San Clemente Kook

    todd kline is whats wrong with the ASP

  • peterman

    loose turpel and get shea lopez in the booth. has joe ever surfed before???

    • San Clemente Kook

      joe rips, surfs trestles more than u have ever dreamed of

      • peterman

        So because he surfs trestles he should be asp commentator? I can barely stand listening to him during bong events and now we’re stuck with him for the whole season.. Come on ASP..

    • San Clemente Kook

      Not saying he should or should not be in the booth, but you asked if he even surfs, and yes he shreds

  • San Clemente Kook

    Asp is gunna lose the fans of this sport with these mainstream changes its planning, surfing isn’t a mainstream sport it never has been and thats the reason it’s so special.
    Turpel is unbiased and consistent if you hate on him, its because you don’t like the way he sounds cuz there’s effectively no mistakes we can judge him on thus far Although id like to hear the guys in the booth be real and stop sucking on the ASP’s teet.
    Jake Patterson and Dooma were what we want to hear, they were fun and spoke the truth. When will the ASP learn?

    • dcatela

      Kinda disagree. Whether you like it or now, surfing is already a mainstream sport. And it has proven to be a good thing, just a look at bodyboard for example. It is completely not mainstream and they barely keep a world tour surfing, with constant low budget events and a lot of cancelations.

      People can now life of surfing. And you can do whatever you want with your surfing too, you don’t need to live by the rules. Surfing is attracting more people, maybe not in your city but in South America, Asia and Europe there’s still a lot to grow. In my country, surfing is becoming a real thing and i think its great.

      P.S.: I actually like Turpel ’cause the guy does his homework and knows always some interesting, and current information about the surfers. And he’s really unbiased too. Hate guys in the webcast, who clearly support one surfer.

      P.P.S: STAB needs to hire Lewis Samuels INSTEAD OF CHRIS COTE. That Power Rankings made me laugh some much..

      • San Clemente Kook

        Hmm you have a good point in the comparison to bbing, I guess what I meant as far as surfing not being mainstream was that it will never be an American Football, Basketball, Baseball type. Why the ASP is so set on attempting to take surfing there is beyond me, how in the world could that be good for the sport?

        • dcatela

          Well, it will never be as American Football or Baseball ’cause that’s an American thing only. Surfing is a worldwide sport, and i really do think that Surfing is the sport with the highest sustainable growth.

          You’re saying that ASP is “attempting to take surfing there” but the WCT has not even started. Give them a chance, let’s first see what happens. I’m excited..

          • San Clemente Kook

            huh? baseball is an int. sport. and what do u mean the wct hasnt started?

          • Charlie Conway

            Until there are wave pools thousands of miles from the ocean surfing will never come close to being as big as baseball, football, basketball etc.
            The industry thinks it can sustain growth forever but the fact of the matter is your customer pool is still very very limited and will be for a long while still when compared to other “sports” or “activities”.

      • bitter guy

        in surf shops there is a concept of “hard goods”, boards, wetsuits, leashes, wax, shit you actually need if you surf. the markup on that stuff is awful, compared to tees, hats, sunnies, and sandals, the shops would rather not even waste space with it. however, the difference between a “core” shop and a mall-shop is having hardgoods. there’s two worlds, surfing, and the business of selling shit that’s only loosely connected to the activity (think MMA clothing) and what we refer to as “the industry” is the soft-good selling corpo barneys that nobody really needs. problem is, there’s way more kooks from the (909) buying Hurley Phantoms than there are people ordering Merricks and ONeills, and the reason they do it is because they are trying to be part of something that isn’t mainstream, its a subculture and you can’t buy your way into it, which is why it will always be cool. the companies trying to turn it into a locker room jock (athlete) sport are way off base and this will become clear, think Nike’s already learning actually

        • San Clemente Kook

          thank you

        • dcatela

          But you have to see that Surfing is very big right now. There’s different types of people inside surfing, different business, and many possibilities. Personally i dont buy surfing clothing, but i used to, and the younger generation and new “surf fans” do..

          You say companies are trying to turn it into a locker room jock (athlete).. But let me ask you a question, who are the biggest ambassadors of surfing? The surfers.. and which surfers are more recognize nowadays? Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Julian Wilson, Owen Wright, Jordy Smith, Adriano de Souza… they’re all athletes.. Mick Fanning is the current world champ and the guy trains as hard as other sportsman

          Yeah there’s also Dane Reynolds, John John, or the other free surfers guys but the athletes are the ones that sell MORE (its another kind of business inside surfing). And believe, there are more kooks that buy surfing clothes than you think.

          • bitter guy

            i agree, lots of kooks buy surf clothing. but surfing isn’t even a sport (its an activity) and you really don’t need an opponent to have fun. surf (clothing) companies are still scared of the Spicoli stereotype because then soccer moms won’t want their kids to surf (or buy clothes). they think surfing can be a bigger ($) sport if they Boyscout the fuck out of it.

          • bitter guy

            and maybe it is a jock sport now, i just saw sealtooth post a pic of Stu Kennedy (in a jersey) choking some guy (in a jersey) on a wave. maybe jockism is what its all about and i’m just a crusty old hippie.

          • dcatela

            There’s room for all.. (except SUP, it should be eradicated)

    • James B

      Jake, “THE NAZI”???? No, thanks!!!

      • San Clemente Kook

        the nazi?? jakes funny surfing isnt serious, who r we kidding

        • rushtozicatela

          Snake is fucking rad. So is Paul.

  • jb

    Poor old Cote. Naaaht


    Lewis Samuel’s Power ranking have been taken off the ASP’s website… some weak pro has obviously had a little cry to the powers that be boohoo…

    • Coolio

      STAB PLEASE HAVE HIM DO THE POWER RANKINGS ON this site. the world needs it. Surflines rankings have been such shit since they fired him.

      • Charlie Conway

        Coolio, you have made one of the best suggestions that I’ve seen on these forums to date.

      • NEGATRON

        I reckon those pricks at the ASP World Domination Headquarters would have made him sign some 100 page lawyers document where he cant say shit now…
        BTW he only posted the bottom half of the Power Rankings… before the ASP turned off the lights.

    • San Clemente Kook

      Lewis Samuels Head Web Cast Commentator 2015!!

  • Rohan4

    Great team guys. Can’t waif for the webcasts


    They should have a different couch commentator, or internet hero on at each stop, to add alittle “flare”…
    I vote JamesB for Snapper.

    • James B

      Man, would be so fun!!

  • Dirt

    1 Aussie and 6 Americans. I can already tell that the new tour will be crap


      Thats because the ASP are trying to appeal to Joe Dirt from Texas not you and I…


      Thats because the ASP are trying to appeal to Joe Dirt from Texas not you and I…

  • Rob

    Ronnie Blakey is awesome, the guy is a poet

    But I would love to have more than one option of channel to watch comps

  • John Dove

    The only worthy commentator (on a consistent basis) is Kelly

  • Alex G

    I’m sure Joe Turpel is a nice guy but his voice is monotone, his forced laughs make me cringe, and he always feels like an out of place kid at a lunch-table.

  • god

    why are there so many?

  • Fanny Alger

    At least there’s no Sal. Fuck Sal. Dooma and Dorian are probably my favorites.

  • fitzeo

    no dorian, wassel or occ??? jeeez blew it loossing those legends and adding in kellys wannabe sister, t. kline

    • San Clemente Kook


  • San Clemente Kook

    Can NOT stand Todd Kline and Dave Stanfield! Get those guys the fock outta here. Replace them with Bobby Martinez & Lewis Samuels! GT sux! Let’s see Chas Smith holding the mic! Who names their kid chas…

    • Charlie Conway

      Thats a great line up. I’d love to see the shots of the commentary booth where Samuels is trying to figure out what the fuck Bobby just said and looking to Chas for some sort of confirmation while Chas sits brooding in the corner blasting cheep cigs and a swoop neck tee.

      And you’re correct, GT can suck it (not to put words in your mouth).

      • San Clemente Kook

        Now that would be a webcast hah

        • Charlie Conway

          Especially when Bobby asks why Chas’ goes by Chas and if the frat parties were cool
          (Sorry, I just assume that anyone named Chas was in a frat at some point in time and is some how related to the Kennedy’s).

          • gannysesh

            You know Chas is short for Charles, right?

          • Charlie Conway

            Yes, I do ganny.

    • 23-16

      GT’s unwatchable….my ears and eyes are bleeding

  • Stefan

    It is a travesty that Adam Replogle is not on this list

  • david

    this team is not solid. it has a few sound elements but as a foundation it’s actually quite shaky. pat barnell doesn’t know a floater from a foam climb. pottz, world title notwithstanding (all respect there), uses far too many hackneyed clichés (“thanks for comin” “that’s better from so-and-so” etc). haven’t heard strider but expectations are low for the creepy G-string puller from the …lost archives. by the way, no one “discovered” dane. dane’s brand of power surfing was immaculately conceived and simply appeared out of thin air from under the emma wood overpass. yes, ross. yes, kline, yes, blakey, especially. yes, rosy, yes, rosy, yes. but no stansfield? the guy is part of the firmament and knows stats (and contestants’ parents’ names) like no one else. I hated him when he migrated from volleyball commentating back in the 80s seemingly joined at the hip with beth binger, and he can be incredibly awkward, but he’s earned his spot. no gerr? quirky but real and spot on. and rips. glad we won’t have to suffer through dave wasselottahotair or alex “that’s what she said” grey. stick to saving lives and charging, boys. and what, no occy?!? surfing has lost its sense of humor. that sucks.

    • 23-16

      Seriously…fucking strider “discovered” Dane? Really? News to me……

  • Megadude

    Wow where’s the diversity? California world tour hey

  • Dick’s Sand Bar

    how much did Quik pay to get all their crew in the booth?

  • meetcleaver

    occy should be a full time comintator, everyone else sucks

  • Jim Samuels

    Seems like the only person people can agree on liking is the one guy who’s not on the commentary team… Occy.

    I personally can’t stand turpel and stansfield but like todd kline but obviously there’s a pretty mixed back on all those guys. However every single person loves occy and for some reason he’s not on there. It’s too bad, I hope they bring him on during australia if he’s around.

  • jd

    “Thank You Very Much” for not putting on Wassel… I can stand hearing that phrase 50 times every heat.

  • El Gringo

    Jake and Dooma hav fun with it. Maybe they need to tighten their game up a bit but they were by far the best. Anyway seen how much the new asp site sucks? They a bunch of dorks in there. Need some cool at least.

  • rasJ from PR

    No Sal Masakela ?????

  • James B

    Hey, naive boys!!! The problem here is NOT the commentary team!! The real problem is that ZOSEA takes over ASP and changes nothing! The biased head judge is still there!! The censorship is still there (poor Lewis Samuels… only least 3 days on “new” ASP). And the list goes on…

  • Jimmy the Saint

    On balance it looks pretty good, I like Joe Turpel, I would like to have seen Dooma, he was funny, and Luke Egan is very infomative. Glad there is no wassell or Occy. Occy is the only commentator who never seems to know who is in the water. Great surfer, great guy, not a great commentator

  • ASP Judge

    personally i liked the different commentators at different events.. this appeal to the masses core commentary bullshit is overrated.. i want monotone turpel at one event, annoying rosy at the next and occy on the bags at another.. keeps the events fresh and a new person’s perspective and view at each location.

  • San Clemente Kook

    Peter Mel is a fuggin Douche he surfs like shit too, But hes pro at going straight

  • Whaaaaat?!

    So let’s see, you have to be white, reasonably dumb, prepared to kiss ASP arse and be pretty if you’re the token woman. Yup, I think they’ve got it all covered. Now if we can just get those wave pools working properly, we can really get away from the stupid fickle ocean and get on with scoring surfing as a real sport. Potter will have a tantrum when any of his friends get eliminated, e.g. when he nearly crapped himself over Billy Stairmand beating Slater at Margaret River a couple of years ago. Well done ASP, this lineup should be totes amazeballs!

  • weekend slayer

    Thank every God that Sean Dogface is no longer in the booth!!! THANK YOU!!! I am an Aussie an can barely understand a word he says, all the “gunna”, “wanna” and Aussie bogan terms he uses is a disgrace to Australians in general. I do like his writing however, he just should never talk, I honestly have to hit mute whenever he came into the booth.

  • PepperSpray

    Would have been cool if they included a Native Hawaiian. Were these positions listed anywhere for open application?

  • PepperSpray

    Would have been cool if they included a Native Hawaiian. Were these positions listed anywhere for open application?


    Hey STAB do your fucking job and tell us whats up with Lewis, The ASP and the Power Rankings… to busy posting “style” and fashion shoots… whatever happened to the STAB I first came to love :(

  • Char Ricardo

    shit what about sal masekela and dave wassel?

  • Andy

    where the fuck is sean doherty? massive blow losing him. what a fucking snoozefest the webcasts will be, thank god for the mute button

  • Rhino

    No Chris Cote? yessssssss

  • Jeff VanderWal

    Thank the good lord G.T. and Wassel won’t be on the mic consistently. G.T. has a real tuff time thinking of anything decent to ask after heats. I seems like he is really hung over most days. And Wassel’s strained over-enthusiasm and never ending appreciation for everything, everyone, and all things Hawaiian drives me nuts.

  • felipe

    would love to see a underground shredder in the mix. ratboy-a-like… surfing hollywood

  • BustedKnuckles

    TurdPail is the most annoying mother fucker ever…He sucks period!It makes the shitty webcast even shittier with him in the booth…Guy blocks everyone that criticizes him on twitter like a little bitch!Whaa Whaaa!

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