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Herbie Fletcher’s Wrecktangles

While the snow belted down on New York and drifts piled up along the sidewalk on February 8, Herbie Fletcher pulled crates into the Hole Gallery, at 312 Bowery. Herbie’s exhibition, Wrecktangles, displayed an eclectic mix of surfboards that only someone as legendary as he could acquire.

“The exhibition started to really take shape when our friend Julian Schnabel started to direct,” says Dibi Fletcher, Herbie’s wife, the mother of Christian and Nathan, and the beating heart behind Astrodeck. “What had looked like a sea of broken boards floating in the white water of the gallery floor were then lifted and given significant positions on six of the eight gallery walls. The Wrecktangles then took on a life and story that whether or not one possessed any knowledge of surfing could be appreciated. From the juxtaposition of the broken jagged shapes to the placement of the pros corporate sponsorship logos, these once perfect individually custom made wave riding tools all broken in the massive tubes at Pipeline were put together to create a dynamic piece of contemporary surf culture.”

Photos by Dibi Fletcher.

Christian Fletcher and PM Tenore up top, the works all round.

  • loversgonnahate

    This is wonderful! I’m amazed.

  • loversgonnahate

    And, btw, who are those people? I guess the bearded guy plays in a band?

    • Stiff Little Finger

      Dude at the back on the right could be a fat Tom Waits. Maybe.

    • jon g

      No, the guy with the beard takes urine samples and bakes quiche.

  • Robert Mapplethorpe

    Amazing what shite some folk’ll try to pass off as ‘art’

  • ?

    Sure…But why are they posing like they are a rock band or else? Are they supposed to be cool? Artists? Both?

  • ?

    I love the to guys at the back, one is looking at me like he wants to show me how tough he is (and I’m afraid, and impressed), and the other is wearing really strange outfit, like he is coming back from a NASA training for sure…I’m afraid! Is this art? I need to know!

  • ?

    He is not coming from a NASA training? :))))

  • The Captain

    I don’t know why but the ‘peace’ symbol really is shit. It’s just the go-to gesture when you are not really sure what to do with your hands…?

  • The Captain

    That said I really like this idea…!

  • Arteest!

    Shoulda stacked some bread on that shit.

  • jon jon jon jon jon jon johnson

    i just took a crap on my surfboard will be selling it for 1 million US dollars.

  • Rubbish, This Is

    I could totally listen to my favorite Joy Division wanna-be-knock-off band and get lost in this radical display of artistic freedom and savagery while styled in my epohke sunnies and tight jeans. Of course, I’ll also be scratching my scraggly pre-pubescent beard all the while…. it makes me seem deeply sophisticated and hip.

  • anartist

    I studied Fine Art, am an artist and know my history from classicism, through to postmodernism. I am in a position to pass a considered judgment on the above installation. This piece of ‘work’ is lazy and obvious – done, with little or no understanding of what it means. PM Tenore has adopted this renaissance man image, with little or no validation. RVCA was once a brilliant label, now the designs are done in someone’s sleep. Surf is not Art. Class dismissed.

    • Ahoff

      Hey anartist, You are allowed to pass judgment when Julian Schnabel is directing your art show. untill then save the lame comments for your gay art school classmates.

      • stillanartist

        That’s the whole point. Quasi celebrity nonsense does not validate this. Guarantee you ask Schnabel ‘really?’ he’d agree!

  • zp

    hey thats my 6′ 2″ !!!

  • Ahoff

    Herbie is a legend . you kooks would not be using tail pads on your boards if it was not for him. Show some respect.

    • astro – jestson

      I use all wax. Does that excuse me to tell you and Herbie to fuck off? This is not art.

    • Fohha

      I don’t use tail pads, and I can’t see why a guy who make money with tail pads should become “an artist”.
      BTW, I noticed they put all sponsors, nobody will bea angry, good job.

  • mexican runner

    Anyone who talked shit about the Fletchers is a total KOOK.
    And should be beaten with rubber hoses.

    Herbie has earned it all …. he can do what ever he likes.
    And we should applaud.

    • truth

      So in your mind, everyone should believe the claim that this is art.

      Someone that actually understands art should not make any comments on here, but rather, we should believe an individual that has little experience in sculpture.

      Let’s be honest. If a 6 year old got some super glue and assembled a pattern of surfboards from the dumpster, we would not be having this conversation.

      But since, an industry pioneer mixed up some resin and catalyst, cut the boards into a pattern, we should buy into the whole concept. I don’t, and probably 75% of the viewers don’t either. Maybe if I sniff enough resin, I could interpret this the way its supposed to be understood.

      • mexican runner

        whats that KOOK ?

      • deception

        i take it you are a little upset today aren’t you. you’ll feel better when you come back to check your comment to see if anyone liked it won’t you. now that’s art

        • Fohha

          I rate my own comment, usually, and I wonder why you commented here?

    • Fohha

      Or wipe our ass with this kind of art! But it’s gonna be painful, can’t they do pictures like JJF or Reynolds’ girlfriend?

      • seppo

        JJF is Reynold’s girlfriend

  • smang

    As cool as that art piece is, a dane reynolds board would sell for 5 times the amount of that art piece and a john john florence board would sell for 4.9 times the amount.

  • pamela

    the guy with the beard works for billabong and the guy with blue sunnies was friends with andy warhol

  • yeah guy

    the only art in this image is the clown Julia’s mom drew on that LSD. if you or me did this shit and called it “art” we’d be laughed out of the gallery. at least they didn’t try to pull some environmental message about keeping broken boards out of the landfill

  • jjjjjjjj glore

    …just took a photo of what i left in the toilet.
    crap tangles

  • Es. Es.

    If it sells. it’s art. Am I right?

  • Megaspray

    Herbie, that guy ripped on his green longboards, check out the old wave warriors vids, insane.
    Also, Astrodeck, the best deck grip. so good.
    His Sons, awesome surfers.
    His art? well, I put my broken boards in the bin not on my walls but who am I to judge? Someone somewhere will love that shit and probably pay big bucks for it.
    I think the money rich peeps spend on art would be better spent on Child cancer research or on hospitals that need new equipment.

  • Trey

    I walk past J. Schnabel’s house/building every morning. It is an amazing place. Occasionally, he will be out front and will chat with anyone that says hello. Schnabel and A. Bickerton are far and away the two most interesting guys in surfing today.

  • gimmeandystoo

    can i have some of bruce’s boards? id display them up alot nicer than that piece of shit you call art

  • ronny nightstick

    …just fapped on my surfboard, “whack-tangles”

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