Surf Travel Just Got A Little Breezier

It’s a very special kind of anxiety, that concern you feel watching your boardbag disappear down the oversized luggage shoot. Especially if, like most, you’ve been planning your trip for months and poured a lot of time and savings into it. Will your quiver arrive in one piece? And, more importantly, is it worth the risk?

No, it isn’t.

Don’t sleep on such things. FCS just dropped what might be some of the best board covers ever made, called the Essential Series. They land in three styles (DayFlight / Dual) so all your needs are covered. What makes ‘em great is the quality of padding and protection, while being the latest in market. The unique 3D Fit Technology eliminates nearly all vertical seams, and provides a contoured layer of foam around the rails for maximum protection.

What else? FCS have also added “a dual density rail frame on the Flight and Dual styles, further helping to protect this high impact area. The Armadillo Strip acts to reduce heat and maintain dryer internal compartments.”

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