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Garut Widiarta, the shocking green of Indonesia

While Garut Widiarta, pictured here, has been very busy with the Balinese holiday of Galungan, which requires things like killing a 200kg pig to feed 50 people, he’s also been surfing a heck-ton. Because the swell has been pumping through and because why not? There’s been so much swell that Nate Lawrence, who shot this, has barely been shooting and mostly just surfing. So much surfing! Looking at this perfect green barrel, through which Garut is steaming, underneath the warm Indonesian sun, could you think of anything more inviting at this point in time?

Photographer profile

Nate Lawrence

Nathan Lawrence, 29, surfs with more power than a lot of the pros he shoots. Don’t let him tell you otherwise – Stab spies have seen firsthand. He throws stones, we tells ya, the kind that break bones! Nate’s tough – he loves shooting in Canada, out in the cold, with the bears. In fact, Nate’s favourite-ever photo is an empty barrel shot that he took. But, he does enjoy shooting surfers, and one of his favourites is based on personality. “I really like shooting with Chippa (Chris Wilson). Mostly because he’s such a great human.” So, what makes good photography to Nate? Perhaps not a certain image, but more everything else that comes with it: “Being able to be in the right spot at the right time and capture that split second of raw, unfiltered emotion.”

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