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Gabriel Medina, Lowers

Y’seen Rip Curl’s new Rubber Souls series floating around online yet? The latest one stars Brazilian Gabriel Medina, runner up at the recent Rip Curl Pro, Portugal, shot while the goofyfooter was hanging out in Cali for the Hurley Pro a little while back.

  • Petey sack

    Is it just me or is his pre air pump the ugliest set up of all time. Take a note on style and air, like ratboy

    • sacked lunch

      Pete, Yeah, it is you.
      G Medina is light-years ahead of ratboy. Terrible comparison. He has a much well-rounded repertoire & can surf Pipe and Chopes at a high level. He can also punt better. So get your facts straight. You expect perfection…um, well thats not ratboy. Medina has all the time to develop as well. I can’t believe the negative comments people put on here. Look at what you wrote….petty.

      If G Medina paddled next to you, I wonder how you might react. Maybe you might keep your California attitude or maybe you might learn something or would you go “hey bro, I don’t like your pre-pump, I think ratboy looks cuter…”

      • zeus

        could you give me links to gabs charging high level pipe and/or chopes? oh thats right, it never happened. or the footage of him surfing the big tavarua swell during the contest? doesnt exist. while jjf was getting shacked off his nut in maxing cloudbreak, gabs was sitting in the safety of his tavi bungalow, wishing he could have the balls to charge half the stuff jjf does.

        • another sacked

          Why are you now coming out of the woodwork?
          The first poster make a comparison to Ratboy and now you are making a comparison to JJF.
          What is the reason? Its about anger, hate, and trying to one-up somebody to start internet fights…lame.

          JJF is considerably better at those spots. I never made any comparison to him.

          The people that continue to post on here, post hate. Now look at your self, someone that thought they could somehow “turn the tables.” You come to the message board to point out error or imperfections. Disgusting. JJF rips as does Medina. Stop hating.

        • Apolo

          I am gonna give you a link all right. BTW, tell you mother I’m gonna pick her up at 22:00, ok?

        • Fred

          of course piece of shit, Medina is a competidor and not a big rider motherfuck

      • roger meras

        sacked lunch, what would you do if gabs paddled next to you? would give him a quick blowie? or would you just jizz in your flashbomb wetty? pathetic…

        • another sacked

          its sad people try to insult others online.
          i feel bad for you. get some help. stop hating.

    • James B

      Yeah, is just you, Petey Nazist…

    • GOPARKO!

      Its just you buddy, there is no denying Medina absolutely rips!

    • poopoo

      Man i havent seen someone do a turd that big in ages. thanks medina!

  • Chite

    I think I’m going to cry

  • Yoda

    Did Gabby Mangina cry & storm off without saying bye to anyone after this session???? Did he go take a bunch of selfie’s & post them on instagram???

  • yeahhhh

    MAN why is most comments i read on here negative !? Medina rips the bag ! incredible aerial surfing ! Best thing thats come out of Brazil, and he’s only young. Who the heck is Ratboy anyway ? haha

  • Alex

    I’m really starting to like the kid.
    that was impressive, his backside is getting gnarly!

  • jb

    wow, please leave ratboy alone. he has his own style issues to deal with

  • mr medina

    hi this is gabrriel vaginas dad. My son is a child and I still wipe his but. We left the presentation early so I could change his dyper. Gabriel is affraid he will do very bad in the next event because he is so ashamed of the way he has been acting but I told him I will still change his dyper after he shits him self next

    • idiot

      shut the fuck up.
      medina won.
      shut up.

      • just shut the fuck

        You’re wrong fool doesn’t matter if you think he won or not julian has the first place trophy so get out of your gay fantasy and deal with it kookburger

    • another sacked

      so lame. stop hating.

  • adolf

    he surfs good, but after watching him cry and act like a little spoiled brat I dont care for the kid.

    Fuck Rip Curl.

  • adolf

    he surfs good, but after watching him cry and act like a little spoiled brat I dont care for the kid.

    Fuck Rip Curl.

  • Clearly obvious

    Puberty blues, Gabbies finally hitting it,that explains his erratic over emotional terror tantrum,kid’s freaked out,standard

  • Nut bag

    Rat Boy wins

    • come and get some

      Rat Boy… another forgotten surfer from the nineties. Irrelevant these days in any context.

  • The Captain

    Medina-gate continues! Pathetic, any prick with a brain can see he won that final, end.

    And if he paddled next to you I very doubt you would say shit to him because on his previous wave he did perhaps every trick you wish you could do, and on one wave, get over yourself, go achieve something before you slag people off. Jealousy rears its ugly head far too often on the STAB site.

  • James B

    “Spreading fair words: different surfers, same point of view”
    TIM BAKER (Australia – author of “Bustin’ Down The Door)
    @bytimbaker: I’m an Australian surf journo and I think Gab was robbed blind!
    @bytimbaker: Can’t explain why but Gab was robbed. Both Gab’s waves clearly better than JW’s.
    @bytimbaker: I thought it was not even close, compare the waves. Both Gab’s shoulda been a point more than Jdub’s .
    MATT WARSHAW (USA – author of “The Encyclopedia of Surfing”)
    @mattwarshaw: I’m the oldest guy in here, and I’ve been watching this shit since it was on Wide World of Sports. That was THE worst call I’ve ever seen.
    @mattwarshaw: I’m stumped. Which Wilson overscore was more blatantly ridiculous? The 7.83 or the 8.43?
    FRED PATACHIA (Hawaii – WCT Surfer)
    @FreddyP808: 7.47 for @gabrielmedinaa that is just wrong. That was the best barrel & wave of the heat. Should have been an 8.5 plus in my opinion.
    @FreddyP808: I just threw up. I feel sick.
    JEREMY FLORES (Reunion Island – WCT Surfer)
    @jeremyflores: Uh oh da result of final was pretty messed up.nothin we havnt seen befor tho unfortunely, get use to it.
    @BrettSimpo: yea I agree on Jules first wave! No way more than a 6.5! They love a heroic finish….:)
    ROSS WILLIAMS (Hawaii – Former ASP Surfer)
    @rosswilliamshi: Medina clearly won. Level of difficulty rewarded to the wrong surfer. Those barrels average. Gabs air combo got scorched.
    @rosswilliamshi: Medina won over @julian_wilson by a couple points. Bazaar judging to put it lightly.
    KALA ALEXANDER (Hawaii – Professional Waterman)
    @kaladacaptain: Was I watching a different contest? I thought Medina won for sure.
    @kaladacaptain: @julian_wilsonyou should give Mexina your trophy…
    @kaladacaptain: I was shocked.
    JOEL CENTEIO (Hawaii – Professional Surfer)
    @joelcenteio: I thought Julian’s first wave was a 6 and his last 7 points max. Gabby’s scores were on point. I thought Gabriel clearly won:)
    @joelcenteio: Way too much controversy on the @aspworldtour
    @surfline: There’s been discussion all day of @julian–wilson’s victory at the #RipCurlPro.
    And a final mesage from our Surf Prophet…
    BOBBY MARTINEZ (USA – Former WCT Surfer, nov 2011 and new prophet on the block)
    …to sum up:

    • mike

      Its time to move on bro. Its over…deal with it.

    • Dancho Da Surfah

      Yo Dude, before you drop a bunch of silly quotes from D rate surfers, remember one thing. Bobby Martinez said in an interview about 18 months ago in New York that Gabriel Mendina was a nobody, and Kala Alexander “Waterman?” shouldn’t be able to comment on anything in life because he is a fuc*** idiot. Gabriel lost. Gabriel cried. Gabriel got a lecture from Rip Curl. Gabriel and all these people need to chill the fuck out. Between Kolohe and Gabriel’s baby fits and their large support groups on the beach they need to fucking chill it. This is getting to be so stupid.

      • Dancho da Daddy

        if these guys mentioned are D rate surfers then you must be so far down the chain that a letter doesnt exist to rate you Dancho. And remember what Bobby Martinez said?? If you take this guy`s words as wisdom you have a real bright fucking future ahead of you buddy…

      • Dancho da sucka

        “Yo Dude” Who or what the fuck are you? Just another retarded.
        Yo! lol

  • Bob Marley

    Can someone tell Gabriel’s family/extended family/ friends/ wider community to chill out a bit? They lose their marbles every wave and go crazy if he doesn’t win..
    it’s pretty safe to say he will have a few
    more wins for the next 10 or so years on tour. I know they are trying to be supportive but it would be a lot cooler if they were a bit more modest!

  • Rudy

    Some people here don’t seem to like Gab’s “pre-pump”(?!). I guess ya trying to say that the kid needs to work on his foreplay techniques, aren’t ya?

  • suck it

    julian won, Medina cryed……get over it

  • Kids is not a brat, he is a champion

    that`s right Gabriel, show your true emotions and don`t put on a fake smile to everyone when you are actually pissed off at the ASP and the judging for one of the worst wrong calls ever made in competition surfing. Leave those fake and political hand shakes for the weak minded. You are pissed off with those judging faggots? show it and let them know it! It`s called balls, not being spoiled!

    • Die Brazzos

      Surfing is 100% subjective, so judging cant be “wrong”. Acting like a little cry baby does nothing but make you look weak and pathetic. Julian did not judge the contest so not giving him a handshake and congratulating him makes Gabby a low life. Allowing your emotions to get the better of you is the definition of being “weak minded” real men keep their chest out and chin up and carry themselves like men should. You think those judges were like “omg he is crying we really messed this one up”? No, they were like wow thank God we didnt give that little puss the win, and he most likely will not get another win all year. HAHA you must be a 13 year old cry baby too, because no one on earth sees crying on stage and acting like a little boy throwing a temper tantrum as having “balls”. You must have men and women confused

      • kaladacaptain

        hey woodpecker.
        ya better watch ya mouth son.
        keep on with the silly smiles and the cheap talk.
        congratulations to your pretty boy.
        one thing is talk about it.
        other thing is get fucked.
        i want to see you smile after get fucked.
        i bet you would cry like funky too son.
        i think you wouldn’t be talking this shit at my face too.
        the winter is coming…. ya better keep it down round here..

      • Dancho da Daddy

        Weak and pathetic is what you wrote ass hole. Your problem is that you probably take it up the ass in life and say nothing… Medina aint like that, fuck that shit, they robbed me and I aint gonna be all smiles and political to everyone

  • REAL SURFER WITH FEELINGS, no media fan boy fake smile

    yeah, and project this hate for the winning at steamer lane.
    gabs should fuck mick , parko, ads and others, just for KS win his 12th.
    pussy’s. i hope kala slap ya in the face this winter.
    medina will project this anger and come back. this kid is gonna fuck you up mother fuckers;
    john john will help him out.

    they are the next kellys… so i just have one word for ya.

    you’all gonna be fucked, pretty soon (ish) than ya think.

  • doobie

    Medina shits on CLAY MARZO LAYBACKS!!!!

  • Bob Marley gets gnarly

    Your saying Gabriel and JJ are going to remove Aussies from the world title forever in this sport…I would happily like to remind you about JACK FREESTONE who became the 2 X World Junior champ in Bali last week achieving in his semi 19.53 to his opponents 0 for the majority of the heat. Checking the list I saw only 2 others who have won two titles, one being an Australian… MR JOEL PARKINSON himself. he will be a threat in the years to come and make sure the trophy stays in OZ yew

    • Dancho da Daddy

      Oh yeah Bob, those Junior Champ titles did wonders for all those ASP titles that Parko never won!!! hahahaha, terribly comment. Yeah winning those World Juniors will make an automatic ASP Champ…..

      • Dancho da Deuche!

        Yo Dancho deuche, parko won this year retard

  • wog palace

    HE flails his arms around like a concreter.

    The brazillian Concreter

  • hahahaha


  • Mitt Gromney

    Lost any respect I had for this brazzo. I didnt even think he got that robbed , julians barrels werent as clean but harder to make , and after gabriellas fairy like air reverse he did 3 windshield wiper turns that threw less spray than the load i just rubbed out. And even if you get robbed dont cry like you just got struck out in little league. . P.S. Will someone please tell this flower to stop doing chop hops everytime he goes right, those arent air revos and your not foolin me!

    • I fuck Mitt

      Oh, cause you did respect him before? hahahahah! What a big SOB. Go fuck yourself you dumbshit. As if Medina cares about getting respect from a spoiled brat like yourself.

    • Kelly Slater

      I also don’t have respect for medina. he is a cry baby dueche!

  • Gabriel

    Medina rips, you ozzies are all fags with blonde guys fetish

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