The life aquatic with Gabs Medina, Teahupoo

Two 10-point rides were gifted at Chopes today in round three and four of the Billabong Pro, Tahiti. The first went to Jeremy Flores and the second, a little later in the afternoon, went to the man pictured here, Gabriel Medina. In fact, this is the wave on which he clocked the sometimes liberally-dished (but ever-desirable) perfect ride. With a 7.83 back-up, it was enough to extinguish John Florence, who sat wide and waited for his beloved west bowls, and Kieren Perrow, who sat deep and waited for long runners. Considering the Brazilian's two opponents both blossom in big barrels, and that Gabs is known somewhat as a moustache (above-lip!) specialist, the whole situation is kinda odd. But, ain't that what's so excellent about surfing?

“I’ve gotten a few 10s before but nothing like that wave,” Gabs said afterwards. “It’s an honor to be here competing at Teahupo’o and I have a lot of respect for John John and Kieren. They're both great tube-riders so I knew I had to do my best. I'm very thankful to get through and looking forward to tomorrow's finish." Hey, Stab too!