Noa Deane, straight ol backside grab, Duranbah, NSW

From Stab issue 65: Three feet, dropping quickly and populated by the entire pro tour were the somewhat dubious conditions on this day. But when a good surfer meets even a small-sized wave and the raw file is then sweetened by a black-and-white treatment, magic can sometimes occur. Noa, 18, for his part, is a cool enough kid, rad even. When he’s not surfing he’s kicking his days away at Motorcycle Music, just downstairs from Montezumas there on Griffith Street, Coolangatta. This is one of those wonderful packed-to-the-rafters music stores full of vintage guitars, even cameras, that opens at lunchtime and closes at five. “Muso hours,” says Noa, whoa’ll get down there between hits of the ocean and jam Stones and Neil Young songs with the store’s owner, Gary. “There’s not many stores like it in Australia,” says Noa.

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