Noa Deane, electrified spin cycle at Duranbah, NSW

Noa Deane at D'bah ain't anything new, since the kid lives there and lights it up regularly. This angle, however, ain't what you'd immediately associate with D'bah. And then there's the spin, wildly-hucked, flat and controlled. A real lady-killer spin! Noa, at 18 years old, recently filled the blanks in a My 10 Biggest Mistakes for Stab issue 66, and the results were highly amusing (think belting himself in the face with a spare tire, hitting a dirt ramp with speed on his pushbike and eating it, doing a christ air to face plant at school). One of the most interesting mistakes of Noa's life was when he started trying nose-pick air-reverses (like the kind Josh Kerr does) – it led to him busting his knee and spending six months on the couch, playing X-Box and becoming what he described as "a really weird kid". As you can see by this, he doesn't waste a whole lot of time nose-picking anymore. It's more of an all-or-nothing deal, now. Stab applauds.