Miguel Pupo and all that glitters, Off The Wall, Hawaii

"The masses have arrived on the North Shore," says Ryan Miller from Hawaii. He ain't wrong. Been watching the social media light up? The stretch is alive! "With the first hint of waves this morning, all the team houses facing the stretch of Pipe, Backdoor and Off The Wall slowly started to empty towards the sand."

And that ain't all that's blown in. "Oh, yeah, and the wind has arrived as well," continues Ryan. "The kind of wind that regular-footers dread and the kind that makes goofys rub their hands together. It was blowing strong today. This is Miguel Pupo, the goofy, punting one in front of the Rip Curl house at Off The Wall. Pretty sure this guy surfed three different times before lunch. What a pleasure it is to live 100 meters from the waves." Isn't it just? A treat afforded to so few of us. But, don't you love the way Miggie's spray dances in the trade wind!