Kolohe Andino, backside air, Macaronis, Indonesia

Those who've dined on Taylor Steele's backlog of film over the past decade and are familiar with a lot of footage from Macaronis, might think the backdrop here doesn't look so much like Macaronis. They're right. The sparse and sandy beach is the result of an earthquake-induced tsunami last year, the same one that took 108 lives, the Macaronis land camp and much of the beachside vegetation with it.

But, enough topography. This turn is by Kolohe Andino on Red Bull's Minor Threat surf trip, happening right now in Indonesia. It features many of Red Bull's big hitters (Bruce, Jamie O and ratings leader, Adriano De Souza) and is hoping to play host to a few more (Julian is grabbing  tour points in Brazil and is 'sposed to arrive late). Anyways, this is a turn from a six-hour session and fifty-plus waves. Kolohe has 11 Matt Biolos-shaped Mayhems with him and they're all decked out with sprays. This one, featuring all-over pink, is accentuated with black lips across the bottom. Why does he like colour so much? "White boards just look boring to me. They have no personality." And, is there a place for white boards in a quiver? "All my best boards have been white for some reason," he says, paradoxically.

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