Kiron Jabour, Pipeline, Hawaii

Kiron 'Boy Band' Jabour earned his nickname on a photo shoot when a photog told him he was looking too 'Boy Band' in every barrel. Though he may look the part, Kiron ain't no sensitive vocalist. Growing up with the North Shore as his playground has given Kiron some watermelon-sized figs and a real grasp on Hawaiian juice. On this day at Pipe, the water was a murky colour thanks to recent rain. Photog Paul 'Gordinho' Cohen said of the session that it was one of, if not the best day of this winter season at Pipe: "The talent really helps, if you know what I mean. Even though all ‘da boyz’ were out, there was still a few waves for Kiron. He’s definitely getting himself a place in the lineup. Tom Carroll was out and also Kelly Slater, so it was an all-star lineup. Everyone got a bomb."