Julian Wilson, Switch but solid, Sunshine Coast

Looking at this shot of Jules Wilson, you'd never know the kid was a regular-footer. This above-the-lip shuvit, with feet firmly planted on deck post-varial, is about as legitimate as you'll likely see. We've been singing the death of 180-degree alley-oops for a while now, (as in… if it ain't full-roter, it's as good as a chop-hop), and it could be time that shuvs like this become the norm over those God-awful mid-face flick-to-reverts.

Photog Matty O'Brien shot this one of J-Dub right on dark, in a little bay just near Jules' home break of Coolum. Matty says of the session: "The waves were super fun, four-foot left wedges with a strong south wind making it perfect for airs. He was throwing some serious heat out there, dropping one of the biggest backhand air-reverses I've ever seen! Dion (Agius) was up in the morning but bailed because the waves were so bad, they didn't get good until late. It would've been a fucked-up session with both of those boys out there."