John John Florence and one last varial, France

Ok, this really is one last glorious swing before we burn to Portugal. This is John John Florence, who currently stars in the best webclip you've seen in the last six months, right after his quarterfinal loss to Joel Parkinson at the Quiksilver Pro, France. "He walked up to the beach marshall, turned in his jersey, then proceeded straight back into the ocean," says the man behind the lens in this instance, Ryan Miller. "He went out and caught about a wave a minute on this dumpy left just on the other side of the contest bank. Every single air looked terribly dangerous and like he was trying to break himself. Hopefully this was the case and he was fired up over his loss. I'm not into this blasé shit and crappy cliché post-heat interview answers. I want to see some fire come out of the guys on the WCT."