John Florence, frontside fence picket, Hawaii

We at Stab aren't the deceptive types, so we shall be honest here: This sequence of John Florence was shot before he won the Volcom Pipeline Pro. And, how could it not be, given the post-celebration recovery program he's probably only just phasing out of. But, does that lessen its value? Or, the kicks you get from it? It absolutely cannot, because really, this sequence could have been shot by Laserwolf at anytime this winter, and it'd still be worth every inch of digital space it's given.

So, where to, after victory. John will now look to the bottom of the globe, Australia, for the Quiksilver Pro, Snapper. Steaming off a contest win and with a year's experience on the big daddy tour in his back pocket, the prospect of John lighting up the point is an exciting one. Excite with us!