Dion Agius, Broken Head, Byron Bay

Riley Blakeway's making a new film. Riley's film doesn't have a name yet. Or a mission statement. Or a finalised lineup or release-date. In fact, all it is, at this point, is an idea. What's he filming for then? Not even he knows yet. But gradually, over the coming months, it'll begin to take form. Beautiful form. Another triumph, as good as NOW, if not better.

Thus far, the roster's included Thom Pringle, Ford Archbold, Andrew Doheny, Chris 'Chippa' Wilson, Benny Godwin, Warren Smith and Dion Agius (pictured here). "it's the standard pack so far," says Riley. "I'm gonna branch out with some new guys though."

The grab you see above is from footage he shot of Dion around Byron Bay, where Dion's currently living. Dion and Riley drove up to Byron from Sydney and Thom Pringle drove down from the Sunshine Coast to meet 'em. The trio have been hitting every beach within moderately close radius and really scoring. Watch out for more news on Riles' film over the next few months.