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Gallery: It's Been A Horrifying Season On The Gold Coast (Excluding Yesterday)

When the Gold Coast engine is turning, there is no greater place. Wrapped side by side on the state border lives two (reasonably) forgiving sand-bottom, world class waves, both of which in ripe season, allow for surfing sans-neoprene. One, a seemingly endless bank that can provide drains that run for three beaches in length. The other, a breakwall setup that slings teepees and wedges for those that like it hard and fast. 

It wasn't all cylinders firing yesterday, but Snapper did appear enticing enough to seduce Mick Fanning and Bede Durbidge in for a splash, along with international hi-fi youngsters Eli Hanneman, Bronson Meydi, Dean Vanderwalle and Winter Vincent who whipped around after a morning assault on what lensman Jason Childs was calling the "day of the season so far," at D'Bah. 

Last year the tap turned mid December and didn't cease to provide until deep into the winter months. This year, much to the frustration of the east coast's surfing community, it's been highly uneventful. Well, apart from a murmur a week ago*. Could this be the turn of the season? With the first CT window just a few weeks away, let's hope this false start doesn't become everyone's problem.