Bruce Irons, backside air rev lit up with remote flash, Indo

"It's a freaking chop-hop, brah," said Bruce Irons after copping a compliment on this backside air reverse, which he landed yesterday in the Mentawais. This wave finished off a two-wave session at an inconsistent three-to-four foot Macaronis. Like most alpha males (Dorian, Andy, Parko, etc), Bruce does his time and takes only the biggest and best set waves. After waiting 40 minutes, he got a solid and clean cave before the light dissipated and he got this one late.

The reason Bruce is sessioning Macaronis is because he's aboard Indies Trader IV on Red Bull's annual surf trip to Indonesia, titled Minor Threat. The photos will later appear in Transworld Surf in the US and Stab in Oz, and the footage will feature in a four-part web series created by Kai Neville. Also on board is a cast of Red Bull's MVPs.

Since the death of his brother Andy in November, this is Bruce's first big surf trip. He's been in good spirits and holds court each time he opens his mouth. Dinner time has been especially good, with the main eating area seating 20 people. The dining table usually hosts pockets of conversation but the moment Bruce begins to tell a story, the table kinda finishes their conversations and hangs off his every word. Today, the table was treated to the story of a crashing remote-controlled aeroplane in California before a State Park came to life in flames. Six fire trucks controlled the blaze and no flora or fauna were harmed. Sure is good to have Bruce back…

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