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Fly Me To The Moon: The Race for the 720

Stab and Carlton Dry bring you the next in our Fly Me to the Moon series, a 10(ish) part series on the world’s best airs and the stories behind them. This episode is all about one of the most compelling stories in surfing right now: the Race for the 720.

Starring Chippa Wilson, Craig Anderson, Albee Layer and Julian Wilson.

Check out the first of the series here, Death of the Air Reverse.

  • guest

    Watch Gabs Medina beat Chippa and Ando. You wait.

    • Justin Sekulich

      nice joke pal

    • joben

      always gotta have the one brazillian comment ^^

  • julian

    i was hoping to see more of dane in this!

  • maxine the mort

    If that frontside 540 goes down shits getting wild

  • Jaydos

    Epic webseries, cool to see surfers perspectives on the airs. Keep it up STAB!

  • stab

    wade goodall was very close before busting his pin. someone has footage of a very close land.

  • stab

    im guessing cause he wasn’t part of the cool kids he didn’t get invited to chippa’s air comp and his kustom comp. oh well.

  • Meatpie

    Its getting abit silly like snowboarding… would rather see one massive high tweaked out spin than a 720…

    • Ivan

      Snowboarding is not getting silly. It’s the same process everywhere there is a board : go to the air first, then learn to tweak it. Once it’s done, learn to rotate, and finally learn to tweak your rotation. We saw the same thing with the 540 ! Albee did it, Julian tweaked it ! Will be the same with the 720, so I really want to see one.

  • mike

    fucking awesome, good to see dudes pushing it. Air reverses are so polished now. I wanna see dudes falling a bit

  • Tate MacDowell

    kinda funny b/c other vert board sports (skate & snowboard), an “air reverse” would be a 360, a “full rotation air reverse” would be a 540 and rodeo flips would be considered 720s. In snow/skate it doesn’t really matter how far down the pipe you go.

  • Manbearpig

    is that timmy curren doing the first alley oop in the beginning of the vid?

    • Ivan

      Yes it is. 14 years ago.

  • SRC

    fucking noa deane looking straight serial killer

  • pussinboots

    theres footage of Eric Geiselman getting pretty close to a double air rev. like three years ago he shouldve stuck with it.

  • woop

    duno about the “i was the first to bring peoples attention to it” call. pretty sure i have seen slater and ry trying the inverted flip years before any one else then kerzy just started dominating everyone with that particular variation. 720 for sure. albee rotated 720deg before riding out

    • Ivan

      Josh Kerr never dominated anyone, he’s a fucking robber. The Crazy spin (the full alley oop variation with the single grab) was first landed by Ry Craike, but he wasn’t as cocky as Josh is to call everyone and say “Ok it will be a Craiky Flip”. And then comes the story of the kerrupt flip…There is a guy called Jamie O’ Brien that pulled it 10 years ago at Rocky point, and at the time there was another guy on the beach watching called Josh Kerr, who landed it in the next 3 days, and called it humbly “the kerrupt flip”. Oh by the way, JOB also landed the first rodeo flip (sorry Jordy..) 13 years ago

  • Ivan

    Chippa : “Do you mind if I say 540 ?” Ahahaha

  • Ivan

    3.00 wtf

  • shane

    This series is nuts. How’s jules claim he brought attention to it. Albee then one upped him and can ride bigger waves then two foot.

    • Jimbo

      jules clearly rips way harder though, just sayin

  • Patrick Rebstock

    Yew, Sevens are so much fun, good luck guys! Getting spiny,

  • chippa

    chippa has it in the bag ! that attempt was flipping mental !

  • PalmerPunts

    meanwhile kelly slater…..

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