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Fly Me To The Moon: The Death Of The Air-Reverse

Once the domain of the highly talented, the air rev has turned into something very dirty and malodorous…

Air-reverses ain’t freshly-squeezed juice no more. They’re old milk, sour and colourless. Now, straight-up, let’s be clear – it is still possible to do an explosive, exciting air-reverse that’ll scoop airplay in a film or magazine but there ain’t a whole lot of people doing ‘em (John John Florence and Dane Reynolds are two that certainly are).

“Everyone killed it. Everyone is doing this. My fault, John John’s fault, Taj’s fault, Kolohe’s Fault. It’s everyone’s fault.” – Gabriel Medina.

But, Stab is a documenter of high-performance surfing, so we’ve got every conceivable angle of the air-reverse drifting into our inboxes every day. That’ll give even the most enthused man a case of the jades. So how about we consult some of the men who actually do air-reverses on a daily basis, to discover whether they’re feeling the same as we are. Turns out, they totally are.

Fly Me To The Moon is a new documentary series about aerial surfing brought to you by Stab and Carlton Dry. Above you can dig on episode one: The Death of the Air Reverse.

Watch out for episode two, coming soon.

  • Jimmy Williams

    hows jjf’s fucken height!

  • m. bluth

    JJF is fucking insane

  • johnny

    Sick video, shows that JJF is by far the best aerialist in the world. The main culprits of killing the air reverse are Jadson, Kolohe and Medina

    • Roger Fedherham

      You clearly haven’t seen me. I proper shred. I will say this, though. There are a number of aerial manoeuvres that are impressive in this clip. Notable mentions – Chippa Wilson, JJF and Ryan Callinan

      • Roger Fedherham

        Oh, and Hot Damn! Dane, you know how to float, baby.

      • johnny

        Chippa was good too, he does the best grabs but you cant beat the height JJF gets on his airs

  • stab

    pretty sure goodall does a good authority on airs and air reverses. as does mooney, agius.

  • Guest

    Brazilians killed the air rev. end of story, I like gabriel more now,

  • Dino

    i never get tired of kolohe airs

  • Gerr’s Love Child

    What’s going on with Chippa’s bottom lip?

    Get to a day day surgery pronto!

  • Andy

    Always good to see a pro’s perspective. I didn’t see one of those airs boring at all. Taj is on the money, Kai has got that top button thing he and Jack are doing dialed.

  • Oliver Seaton

    Yea see that just taught me to watch what Dane’s been doing, you see those things he does on a wave but you need to know what your doing to understand it. I saw chip do something new there too, and Gabe threw that huge backside, but nothings better than seeing a really clean landing and charge to the next section like John John

  • Guest

    ive been thinking about this for ages, no ones tried a boned out tail grab reverse they look sick in snowboarding and would look sick in surfing. the only reason no ones probably tried is the fins haha loose a finger!
    Would like to see it be tried though

  • surfcheck

    Slater is the best contest aerialist in history, New York and Bells. Who else has won contests from one aerial maneuver?

    • transgender

      but he didn’t win bells or new york

    • Vinícius Maciel

      Slater might be the best surfer of the world, but he sucks at years. Too much hype. If someone kinda too “inferior” do the same air as him, they probably gonna get only a half of his score.

  • Waldo

    Does anybody here look at surfline too? And realizes, like me, that they will not be looking at it anymore! Stab is way better…And yeah the F.A.R (frontside air reverse) is played out cuz of one trick magicians like all the fkkn brazos are.

  • NP

    Well played, Stab. Sweet vid; nice idea, well executed. Keep ‘em rolling.

  • JB

    I can’t believe nobody points out that at this point progress is taking the air reverse 180 degrees further. The futures so obvious, why don’t any pro’s point it out? You’ve gotta be kidding me that nobody see’s it. Chippa Wilson comes close to moving the sport into the future 8min 20sec into Team Average 2.0. There’s the future, there’s progress. Great to see one guy trying to take the air revers one step further.

  • boud

    every man and his dog fuck i cant even do a normal air

  • jeff

    i agree with the guy below. keep posting videos like this and people will forget all about surfline. aerial surfing is so much more fun to watch than “how many big turns can this guy get?” Kelly obvi landed a sick air in NYC, but Kolohe’s in Bali was huge. I’d rather see guys launch 20ft high than twist or flip.

  • Dingbat McAdams

    Dingbat agrees with TB, onya TB telling it how it is. Dingbat will never get tired of watching you….surfing that is……

  • Danhitman

    I still think top buttons done up look dorky.

  • Guest

    JJF for wold title

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