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Fly Me To The Moon: Five Years Forward

Stab and Carlton Dry offer the newest piece from our Fly Me to the Moon joint, a 10(ish) part documentary about what happens in the airspace above lips in 2013. This episode is all about what high performance surfing will look like five years from now.

Starring Craig Anderson, Josh Kerr, Jordy Smith, Taj Burrow, Julian Wilson, Kolohe Andino and Kai Neville.

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  • Easton

    Who are these guys?

    • tunerbowl

      easton wattermule?

      • kai borg

        hahahhahah fuckkkk

  • tunerbowl

    “so yah like 8 feet in the air if you land in the flats you know,…and thats serious knee breaking things”

  • smith

    Seriously Julian those kids from Maui. You mean Albee Layer the guy who did the 720 before you after Red Bull hyped the shit out of you attempting to pull it. Oh and shave yo neck son.

    • Michael S

      00:41 Sick! Go for it Ando!

    • ThatDank

      it was a 540 but seriously Julian stop sniffing your own farts and give credit to where credits due you narcissistic cunt!

  • Bart Fenwick-Bull

    I agree with Julian and Kolohe. I don’t think airs will get much bigger they will just get more refined and fine tuned until guys can throw a huge air and then seamlessly link it up with a big gouge or two like what Kelly and Mick and stuff do with turns but adding airs.

  • butt

    kai neville’s “but” at 0:34 made me want to vomit

    • shawn white

      kai neville makes me want to vomit in general

  • dizzeeP

    man jordy needs to stick to surfing, i feel dumber after listening to him, no offense..

  • asp judge

    gee theres some uproar from the tour people about how much exposure albee and meola are getting… kerrsy seemed pissed and julian did his arrogant ‘some maui kids’ comment as if he was too next level to say there names. At least taj has a stoke for surfing and is excited about the new school air game people are bringing and not a jealous sushi roller

    • ThatDank

      kerrsy and jules blaming maui boys success on the wind. cop out

  • asp judge

    can Dane stop rubbing his arm. it’s making me feel like a junkie

    • ThatDank


    • gaylord perry

      If you notice he always pulls the cuffs of his wetty after a wave too. Julian does it too, but I think he subliminally picked up on it from watching dane too much.

      • Yep

        Yeh that’s because it’s the ‘cuff adjust claim’, another subtle claim is the ‘nose wipe’

  • asp judge

    Do you think kai neville’s mum helps him do his top button up?

  • asp judge

    Taj’s voice is still breaking?.. come the f*ck on.. just clear your throat

  • asp judge

    thats f*cking it. i’m quitting my job and trying an air reverse 50 times a day..

    • …..

      you mean “thats fucking it” don’t censor your shit – this is stab. Cunts are loose.

  • cuttiesandfloaters

    20ft no grab to late double grab (rails held whilst landing) wheelie airs into the flats to shotgun crotch grab Jesus claim, captured by Kai’s Kinetographic Camera, with a once-a-day teaser webclip month-long series to ultimate online premiere sponno’d by Wavejet.

    • gaylord perry

      the way of the future is doing airs on a 7 foot wave jet at mavs on a small day

  • SRC

    Taj did not just compare JJF to Medina…

    • SRC

      great comment, me

  • david

    knock, knock…
    who’s there?
    eat map…

  • James B

    Oh, my god, did you have to ruin everything with those ridiculous Kai Neville t-shirt???? What a mess!! Is kinda gay, weird and hilarious at the same time.

  • CW

    Fly Me Too the Moon Episode 11: Julians girlfriend on world peace(or whatever she wants to talk about for 45 minutes)

  • Axel Foley

    Is Kai Neville the hispter chief ?!

    • Luca

      Hipster fuhrer

      • Axel Foley


  • markus orealius

    As someone who buys surf movies, im only interested in seeing the really big airs. Big airs on big waves, and big barrels and big turns.

    • kai borg

      and big dick faggot

      • boud

        ahahah classic reply

    • herbertcarmuse

      You really buy surf movies? You’re the one buying surf movies?

  • Domoooooo

    Awesome series. Keep em coming

    • herbertcarmuse

      Are you one of the Gudauskas brothers?

  • kepler

    Julian and taj, do not compare surfing to kiting, kiteboarding is probably the gayest sport on earth. Is that even a sport ? it looks like a fuckin circus.

    • Easyrider

      Kepler – stop talking shit mate.

      • kepler

        Sorry if i hurt your feelings you are probably a kiteboarder..

  • Captain Haddock

    Five years from now flips will still be ugly. Five years from now Kai Neville will realise he dressed like Steve Irwin smartened up for a birthday party. Five years from now Dane will either be fat or a Kelly-esque health freak. Five years from now Kolohe will earn significantly less than he does now, but good luck to him in the meantime. Five years from now Taj may finally realise he is not as young as he was and that it is time to settle down.

    • nuts guy

      kolohe has a contract for 10 years retard. taj just won lowers

  • BlackSails

    I like Kolohe saying no one is doing it, then cutting straight to Jordy nailing exactly what he is talking about. And Kai Neville is retarded, people have been claiming combos for years, derivative little fuck

  • sanga

    hopefully in 5 years time we will see oprah getting tubed at pipe on a SUP

  • pheasant plucker

    what’s the name of the track? i totes know it but cannot remember teh name =)

  • Guest

    what’s the name of the track? i totes know it but cannot remember teh name =)



  • SurfingSucksDon’tTryIt

    Dane will soon make his own career completely obsolete, crying about his sponsors and how uncool they are, smoking cigs, drinking tons of beer, and getting fat. Yes, Dane has done some of the coolest S*#t I’ve ever seen, but wake up, stop acting like such a bitch and earn that giant paycheck that is going to disappear before you know it.

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