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Evan Geiselman on Oz’s North Coast

Around the time of the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast, but in a completely unrelated capacity, Evan Geiselman did some time on Oz’s mid-north coast. This is three minutes of the kinda thing the Floridian was doing, during that time.

  • no.1

    first comment………………..boom

  • JOB

    Not hard to do with stabs new comments system…

  • stab enough with this bullshit

    stab please bring back the old comments.

  • drewval

    ole geiselfuck. i dont know how he sleeps at night knowing his dad isnt shaping his boards. sold out to the big guys. hope his pops is still making the boards just under their label. definite ripper. about time to make the jump i suspect

  • KookyBella

    this guy has it all sick airs,snaps,carves and probley pulls so many bitchs

  • Thew

    FKN Amping epic Fla crew ripping….flat and still amping…very SICK

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