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Dylan Graves’ No Love Lost Mix

May Stab offer you the pleasure of Dylan Graves’ top 10 songs? May we, please? Swimming through the swirl of guitar walls and breezy vocals, you won’t regret dipping your toes in the shallow end, and then once you know how nice it feels, diving for the deep end. From the unobtrusive Canned Heat, to the psych of Brian Jonestown Massacre, to the dawk of Talking Heads, to the bleak of Joy Division, to the in-your-face of Iggy Pop, this is certainly a multi-faceted way of enjoying music. Best enjoyed with beer.

  • Warum?

    I love checking instagram at the top of Stab website! But you aussies have a serious problem…Your chicks!
    Come on, who are those two blond chicks, trying to steal Blanchard business? They don’t have breasts, they are way too young and they’re posing way too much. Even Nage Melamed looks more confident on a picture!
    Laura Enever has no neck, that’s a fact, but is it a style in Oz to look like a witch every time you’re pictured?

    Come on Australia, you have Stephanie Gilmore, a woman who surf, is good looking and sounds smart, why do you still try to sell us those underage anorexic so-called ex wanabee top models?

    • AussieButs

      You talking about Ellie- jean Coffey, she bars me up something chronic

  • A fan

    like it.

  • name


  • yeah guy

    can anyone believe that SUP vid of Kala? Had to close comments on that bad boy. He almost made the one barrel. Razor scooters at the skatepark;)



  • glue gun

    These are good tunes. Now I just need a some good head.

  • bort

    Yes! He has genuine good taste.

  • angie

    I think I’m in love.

  • sassaas

    when are you doing another stab FM?

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