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Drugs Are Rampant In Surfing

When Kelly Slater drops his opinion about something to do with surfing, you listen to it. Especially when it’s about something as hot as drug use. While in Coolangatta for the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast (and yes, he’s doing the whole tour this year), Kelly riffed an excellent interview with the Courier Mail. The focus was drugs in surfing, but not the kind you may think. “There clearly is – absolutely,” he said of a recreational drug problem on the tour. “There’s no denying that, it’s rampant, it’s full-on.” But, he doesn’t believe a performance-enhancing drug problem exists in surfing. Why? “I don’t think there’s a drug you can take to make you surf better”.

Kelly, who’s been drug-free his whole life, said that, while the ASP made a move in the right direction to begin with, the flame went out. “They tested us at the first event and I never got tested again all year,” he said. “Why talk about it and not do it? Why bother? Either do it or don’t do it.” And, besides, testing at events won’t help those with a recreational drug problem, says Kelly: “Those are personal, private matters and it’s really hard to dredge them up publicly and come to any kind of conclusion. Andy (Irons) was the one who put himself in that situation. Had he had more outside pressure to change, that might have pushed him over the edge more quickly. I know a lot of drug addicts and you can’t force them to go get help if they don’t want it. You just have to show those people love and support and let them know that if they need your help, you’re there.”

So, there’s that. Everyone has their own opinion. But, what of Kelly’s plans? One thing’s for sure: They don’t involve retirement. “I’m going to go for it and try to put together a good year,” he said. “Pretty much every day I get some older dude come up to me and say ‘Oh, mate, you’ve got to keep going’. I was one heat away from winning the title last year. I came really close and it wasn’t really heartbreaking. I was happy for Parko. But right now everyone’s got a target on their back we’re all starting at zero.”

Full story available over at The Courier.

  • bongs


    • RGB

      Sometimes Slater comes across so narrow minded. Like he could look through a keyhole with both eyes at once.

    • girl power

      Its the young pros we gotta worry about, the estrogen levels are getting outta hand, just look at beau foster, he has a vagina!?

  • z

    I hear Krokodil is rampant on the tour.

    • or just nerd

      wow! u’re so street wise!

  • beaker

    it’s pretty sad that billabong pushed andy out into the limelight in his fragile state. the guy was still ripping, let him do his thing. wilko can smash whatever he wants at the end of the day and still smash any section he wants. to each his own. surely parko’s on the snow. who cares? they’re ripping

    • felipe

      they say parko is only on weed

    • medical bills

      If you think that way, there should be heavy taxation on drugs

  • iggy

    drug free his whole life? what a loser.

    • p

      ha so would you rather be a bong rat or slaying pammy anderson?
      long live jimmy slade.

      • : {

        A bong rat

      • jake

        pam is beat up whore, ill pass on that…

  • Bowlcut

    Embrace the shit out of it make every contestant in the expression session smoke two bongs on the beach just before paddling out, finalists have 15 minutes to sink piss and rail up some lines before paddling out. Everyone gets fucked up at the part afterwards anyway and the circle is
    complete. Full rotation

  • john

    Guess Kelly didn’t learn the code of the streets

    • Wanka

      John 10 and the 18 cunts who rated this comment. You are the crust forming on the lazy fat jizz dribble the gene pool refused to allow through that sits just next to the eye at the end of my bell, soon to be washed away and discarded for eternity. Keep dealing pond life.

      • john

        Why you so mad?

  • jay

    whatta narc

  • Lupton Pitman

    No drug to make you surf better? Slater must have forgot how affective crystal meth was for all Santa Cruz guys charging Mavericks.

  • surfcheck

    The SC crew hit the meth after making it at Mav’s.. Surfing used to accompanied by marijuana. Which shouldn’t even be tracked Seems today everything is just more hardcore.

    • jar jar

      bob marley lit his spliff .. get off your high horse.

  • jeff

    Kelly’s tripping if he thinks hgh or testosterone won’t make you a better surfer. It might not improve your style but it’ll make you stronger, amp you up, and help you recover from injury quicker. Stronger muscles for pumping, punting, and harder turns – kinda obvious, ain’t it

    • indeed


    • Gsurf

      Kelly has 11 titles and no drugs- kinds of proves his point, no? Clearly he knows what he’s talking about and you don’t.

  • Ohmy

    Drugs are rampant in surfing…But tender was the night!

  • joga

    Go kelly

  • Daniel

    ASP are too scared to test because we all know Dane smokes 4 bongs a day….

    • mole bowl

      a believe its called a bowl… narc.

  • The Cam

    That’s why he has 11 world titles… Takes notes people.

  • L

    Good to hear he’s after more titles. He’ll keep schooling everyone for years to come.

    I hope this new 2014 format plays to his strengths. He’ll be unstoppable. Who knows? maybe into his 50s. We are witnessing a freak of nature with a need to win. Love it.

  • Jack Freestone

    Being an Australian and falling down to vices over the years I have to commend anyone who can grow up, pursue their chosen path and not give in to the pressures around them.
    Yes, surfers smoke weed, take dabble on nights out and sink a few too many cold ones but thats what seperates our freedom driven past time from professional sports like football, swimming, etc.
    Who gives a fuck if surfers on tour take recreational drugs. They’re human. Surfing isn’t a mainstream sport. Good on you Kelly for being true to yourself.

    • Socio-pat

      “Who gives a fuck if surfers on tour take recreational drugs.”

      Their sponsors. You can’t give lessons and polish your ethical image while having stoners all over your adds.

      • bongking

        ^ i guess u never seen any lost movies

    • YD

      Who cares? Andy’s son will, when he grows up.

    • Ultimate web Chatter

      As if jack freeston has any experience when it come to substance abuse!

  • andrew

    brazialians rack lines, americans bongs, aussies stingers

    • Been there

      What the fuck is a stinger don’t you mean pinger? Now those fucken things are rampant and are very bad for you, stay away groms .

  • Pat

    Test them all. Kick out the ones who use, they don’t deserve the big bucks. Give the dollars to the ones that do. Drugs duck up to many people. Make the pro users pay

    • N

      Fuck off faggot. Get high legends.

      • Bill

        Fuck me….. u are a Dumb arse.

    • rack that shit up

      If the selected few can get on it and still go out and shred, i say good on them. Go fist yourself pat you stupid jealous cunt. And kelly the stupid bald fuck should just shut up

  • Leo

    A war on drugs is a war on people. It’s just another way for humans to oppress one another. “Just saying no’ is a kind of war going in the heads of those who struggle staying sober. Slaters won eleven titles with no drugs. I think the test results are already in on how to be successful.
    FACT: It’s none of MY business if some pro does a line or snaps a bongy.

    Sadly, the days of glorifying drug abuse, sex, and partying are gone because the whole world has somehow become offended by every damn thing that was ever fun. Sober people truly get the most out of life. They feel all of it.

    • N

      Sober people live a boring life man.

      • Sematafdp

        That’s one of the most stupid answers I’ve seen in this site, by far.

        • Wanka

          Don’t worry mate. The gene pool will take of this ‘Interesting’ character.

      • bonnie burger

        Andy Irons died of natural causes in a hotel.
        He just went to sleep.
        Billabong is a terrific surf organization.
        The most innovative idea: I surf because…. no cliche, just a hardcore message.
        They are extremely innovative and are on the cutting edge of the surf industry.
        I can tell if someone can do big tail wafts if he has a billabong t-shirt on with the word “billabong” on it. I know immediately that he is an innovator and is hardcore.

        • guyjohnson

          Couldn’t agree more

    • Gimme a break

      Can’t work out out of your for or against drugs but it’s clear your a fuckwit . I know a fair few pro surfers and I can tell you not one of the top 32 would “smoke bongs” some have probably tried them and have a rare puff on a joint but none would be regularlar smokers including Dane. Really (really) good surfers usually just laugh at stoners . And there is no fucken way Parko is on the coke,may have tried it but not any more.Not sure about other drugs but usually (real) pro surfers know that recreational drugs are bad for performance . Andy was an exception I think and times have changed .

      • get real.

        Re think the Parko part…JS Really?

      • rattone

        you are so in the dark man. fucking clueless’ he may have tried it? Dane doesnt smoke weed? i’m not saying Parko is a cokehead, i’m saying he likes to party sometimes and theres nothing wrong with that and i dont think Dane is like a Clay Marzo- physically attached to the trees all the time- but i know he likes a little puff here and there, fuck most of these guys smoke a cigarette or two when they are out drinking, are you kidding me? there might be 6 dudes on tour who could be physically considered “elite athletes” the rest of them just fucking rip at surfing, regardless of what they do out of the water

  • bob k

    balaram failed his drug test…

  • dicko

    Weed it takes the stress away, Thats why Dane Reynolds smokes 10 blunts a day.

  • Dazza

    Back in my hey day it was “Smoke the reef, surf the reef”
    Nothing wrong with ripping a few bong or two before paddling out at the local and spending some quality time in the greenroom. Then come in crack a case of cold ones yewww now that livin’ lads, livin’ the dream!!!!!!!

  • Okie from Muskogie

    Billabong had its whole add campaign with Bob Marley, a well known sober guy, but I’m sure it was for his rebellious image, of course. Hypocrisy in business is the norm, but when it comes to drugs, it’s really funny!

    • ohio surf

      Bob Marley is a real nice guy. A nice guys that used and sold drugs.

    • “weed is just a plant” are his words.

      “Bob Marley, a well known sober guy”

  • A Surfer

    Saying drugs don’t help your surfing is like saying musicians that don’t take drugs make better music than the ones that do/did.

  • Fuckobama/realnigger


    Should be like the great USA, Drugs( except oxycodone, vicatin, Zanax and anything else pharm companies PUSH) are illegal, and if you do them you get locked up in a CORPORATE PRISON and the ECONOMY IS SAVED??

    • new times

      get informed. america has pothead registration now.

  • pbol

    Hahaahhhaha kelly smokes pot, with gisele bundchen! What a life theres also a brazilian surf movie that shows kelly taking a puff in the old days at boost mobile pro in trestles…

    • The Internet Asshole

      Wow, a photo of Kelly sitting on the beach with a hot supermodel, nervously playing with sand between his fingers! Thanks for the tip, village idiot! Get a life, loser.

      • but where is the smoke?

        oh really? just playing with sand? and gw bush won the election…

  • drg

    interesting picture, but could be anything.

  • Axel’s friend

    RIP AI… Wish you were here, wish you could have figured it out before it was too late…

  • fucktard

    Yeah he is full of coins in his hand

  • Dr Doubt

    I doubt Slater was sober his whole life…Does not mean he is a stonezr either, though! But I’m quite sure he wasn’t against a puff in his youth…

  • local rippers, puff-puff givers

    Matt Archbold?
    Dino Andino?

  • true servant

    nothing to see here folks, let’s move on.
    look at some of their hair-lines, lines under their eyes, spaz head movements, vocabulary, and ask your self if the drugs have affected them?

  • Spitball

    You’re paid to travel the world surfing with basically nothing to do when the waves are shit, fuck sluts any night or morning or day you choose, go out to events and party’s where legal drugs are handed to you, everyone wants to be your friend, your sponsors employees and team managers will go get the coke fore you( like Andy in p.r. And pretty much every stop on tour). Heroin in France is like an asp tradition. Sort of a right of passage.
    It’s a lot of temptation. And resisting it can result in premature balding and eleven world titles. Who wants that? Apparently medina does.
    Parkos never been a heavy user, (unlike some commentators who share initials with Kira’s most famous son and Joel’s shaper) parko is just “one of the boys”

    • ohio surf

      so basically outside of surfing, they are paid sperm-donors and chemical absorbers.

      they never have anything controversial to say because they just got a blow job or snorted a line?

      makes sense, and people thought surfers were boring.

      think about, after sex, you just stare off into space and really don’t need anything to bother you.

    • shitball

      heroin in france is an asp tradition? are you idiot? heroin all but disappeared from europe decades ago. inform yourself fool. mdma is what eurotrash does now

    • kieth

      the bit on heroin in being a right of passage is the greatest thing ive ever read on here

      • duder

        nah, the funniest shit ever is this: FIRST YOU CANT SMOKE A JOINT, THEN YOU CANT EVEN PLAY WITH YOURSELF!

  • bogans

    You guys are a bunch of idiots. Andy was killed by fucking drugs, get it into your simple minds that drugs isnt harmless or cool. How something that leaves a child without a father can be cool is beyond me

  • iggy

    i would like to apologise for comment #5, i think Kelly spoke with honesty and integrity .

  • bogans

    fuck, said that wrong. But you get the point…

  • forgot my name

    Stab should not permit comments with more than two lines. Im just too lazy to read those ones.


    Drug Test any of those Parkinsons and then tell me something we dont allready know!

  • rottmouth

    JS industries supports the import of cokecaine

    • spelling bee

      And spelling lessons!

  • Mind Games

    Days before the quik pro and he gives this interview? Nice tactics, Kelly.

  • Tina

    What people do with their live is THEIR CHOICE and therefore they have to FACE THEIR CONSEQUENCES. It’s funny how people try to blame the system, the industry etc. but they don’t seem to realize that these adults made choices for them. They’re old enough. My employer doesn’t give a damn shit about my choices in live as long as I’m still profitable for the firm. Welcome to the real world!
    Outside pressure helps you stay away from drugs? Totally works in Hollywood, doesn’t it!!!

    • Ike

      real life is when your employer test drugs on you.

  • Mr. Bummer

    This will get deleted but whatever…. Umm I seem to recall a story told by those in the know about Taj and Kelly tootin lines with Paris Hilton and her crew in Vegas/LA years ago. Drug Free his whole life my ass.

    • keith richards

      oh boy! with fucking paris hilton? what they talked about? how bad she was at sucking on that video???

  • duh

    isn’t it obvious wilko is a coke head?

  • Spitball

    Anything to distract people from quiks failings? Although one could think that the massively successful red bull episodes on parko and fanning has something to do with it?
    Will they run more of the women’s “sudden squat syndrome” contest this morning?

  • brah

    i wish Dane was a stoner, apparently he gets too paranoid after burning. I know lots of the coolie cats used to like to ‘roll’. Id like to hope they have grown past that stage now. Im sure lots of pro surfers dabble in drugs, but i doubt many of them have serious addictions. But there obviously has to be some who take it too far

  • high/low road

    Forget the “surfing” bit.
    Drugs are rampant.
    Always have been and always will be.
    the choice is yours…

  • drugs rock

    I prefer taking the low road high..

  • tjRO

    let me just clear things up here ,, kelly has been the king of surfing , and anyone that knows him . he is also the king of opening a can of worms and for the stupid people that think drugs are rampant in the top 50 or so surfers , well there it is , kelly fucking with your minds once again …

  • drugs

    Kelly to Andy Irons.
    “I love you man”

  • lord sords

    This just made me hedgy!

  • high horse

    There are drug users and their are drug abusers. Same goes with things like Facebook or the internet or junk food or tv. People are being treated for chronic facebook addictions now days. What do you do? Ban facebook? (I’d personally like too, that whole show is as gay as aids)

    Cant remember which famous doctor guy said it but he said something along the lines of “humans have an addictive nature… they have to addict to something… if they quit one addiction they will swap it out for another.”

    Pick your addiction wisely. If you think punching a few hot ones at dawn might ruin your chance of a world title then it’s probably not the best idea then aye? Be honest with yourself.

  • Satan 666

    Face book will never get banned as it is a perfect source of information for “control”

    • the worlds against me

      You smoke too many cones!

  • dirtycup

    all you losers need to go to fleahab.

  • yap

    like it or not, he’s still the king.

  • Youwillbe judged

    Blows me away how people can casually sniff lines and think they are not somehow contributing to the violence that is created in the world……thousands of people killed, beheaded, rape, corruption, gang violence. Everything is connected, everything you do has an effect in the world.

    • yeah guy

      yup. legalize that shit and take it out of the cartel’s hands. people don’t get killed smuggling tobacco or booze cause it ain’t valuable enough to bother with. and Oxy kills as many people every year as street opiates. Tobacco and Alcohol want to be the only games in town, look who funds anti-legalization of marijuana laws in every state.

    • N

      Yeah man. For real. I had a couple of lines on the weekend and this chicks head fell off. It was a direct result of my drug use.

  • ayyyy

    everyone thats saying that these dudes are on the white is stupid, drug of choice is anything and everything prescription.

  • AI for 32 years

    Always fun to see alcohol and “drugs” listed as two different things. “Drugs” are bad and illegal but alcohol is the oil that runs good Aussie blokes’ engines. Ask Mick Fanning’s dead brother how alcohol and driving worked out for him. Ask every A&E clinic in Australia which “drug’ is responsible for the most admissions in the weekend – it’s your good friend Mr Alcohol. They are all “drugs” and you need to learn limits – harm reduction etc. And when someone like Andy Irons dies from drug abuse, it needs to be called as that and not hushed up and drowned in a massive tidal wave of “AI Forever” as if his life was something to be emulated.

  • Boston George

    umm…when visiting Hawaii, Parko visits a certain former …lost rider/’pipeline posse’ member to snag an 8ball every afternoon, sooo….ya–there’s that. And lest we forget Nick Rozsa’s recent comment about how “all the industry executives are balls in candy mountain…” (I wonder why every company is trying to go bankrupt?!) and …lost’s embracing what our world is actually like in The Decline “Not some put together production like ‘yea, these guys are hot, they hang out, they play guitar…we ain’t got none of that! We’re gonna show it how it really is- drunk and wasted pro surfers getting drunk and wasted, partying out with whoever! they don’t care..” and how it’s shaped our culture
    If that’s not enough proof, there’s literally every single thing that Occy has ever said or done- and give a listen to Dylan Graves’ severe case of the sniffles on Surfline’s ‘Spot Check: Gas Chambers” and tell me he’s not having quickies with that white chick from south america.
    I’ve yet to meet a pro surfer that doesn’t smoke pot- although some are against getting lifted prior to a surf. There is still plenty of professionalism in the surfing culture where drug use is as common as it is. As long as you have any bit of a working brain and you’re not mixing uppers and downers at the same time, using anything in excess, sitting on your couch at home, obsessed with a jibstick and a pint of ice cream, when the waves firing, there isn’t a problem. I couldn’t care less if Slater was straight-edge-sober, a responsible and proud drug user, or a tortured closeted heroin or crack addict–he’s the best surfer that’s ever walked on this planet and that’s all that matters. Does Alex Knost take mescaline and lsd? Of course he does- he hands it out at his small shows sometimes.
    Surfing needs to cut all the bullshit. The big companies are dying because they pander to boring people (or hipsters now)– and it’s no wonder that after this 10 year push to convert their image to the ‘mainstream’ has sucked the soul out of a sport with thousands of unique characters that all have something to bring to the table- users, abusers, and refusers.
    …Lost had it right ten years ago with “The Decline”…that was the end of the unadulterated fun. It’s not just drugs. It’s what that drugs stand for in terms of personal freedom, fun and exercising self expression and how they will forever be connected with surfing and surfing’s culture. Drugs aren’t for everyone but neither is sobriety. People just need to tell the truth, bankrupt sponsors be damned…

  • puff puff give

    im baked right now

  • drugs are fun

    nothing like lunging down a few fireballs to help ease the pain while coming down

  • retard

    I’ve yet to meet a pro surfer that doesn’t smoke pot??????? you are saying they all smoke pot? You fool.

  • Just Sayin


    Interesting article but is anyone moderating these comments? I like the idea of the public forum & believe everyone should have their say but it’s wrong that you’re allowing posts specifically naming people & alleged incidents to be published. If I were a sponsor of, or one of the guys mentioned in the comments above you’d be receiving a letter from my attorney asking very nicely to have the comments removed. Whether you believe me or not – it’s a law suit waiting to happen. Notice how the courier mail didn’t allow comments. Just sayin.

  • Surfordie

    Yeah, some big calls from big nobodies naming Pro’s and use.
    Fuck off Slater and keep your yank mouth closed when in Oz.
    Maybe the best surfer but an inappropriate kook with the media.

  • Chico

    Weed is not good for your surfing, I researched this extensively. It did fool me into looking out the window, looking at 1 ft puss and turning it into rippable surf, or so I thought. Like most drugs you are better off without them, unless you are happy to let the world oppress you. Drugs were only cool in the 60s, now they’re a sign of personal weakness, not freedom. However, on the odd occasion I still enjoy a reefer, though id rather surf some solid barrels straight any day. The best option is to never start.

    • best drugs are free

      Well said.

    • at least not for me

      surfing solid barrels and enjoying the reefer are not mutually exclusive

  • ted bear

    The 80,s was great time for shit load of good coke !

  • antman

    Good on you kelly for standing up and saying the truth. When the top surfing companies have so much money ,Two things can happen. Enjoy the money and the life ,waste it and go broke or stay at the top and make the right decisons. I know that i will get another channel island board. Thanks Kelly. I saw how my new house got painted by a bong head .He can stay in the Mentawaiis.

  • stay out of it kids!

    This is a subject longing to be cleared in the surf pro world. They’ve got a two time world champ dead without the proper clearing. All I can say is that drugs can bring you down real bad. Marijuana included. It almost ruined my life and it was only weed… Drugs are not for everybody.

  • stay out of it kids!

    This is a subject longing to be cleared in the surf pro world. They’ve got a two time world champ dead without the proper clearing. All I can say is that drugs can bring you down real bad. Marijuana included. It almost ruined my life and it was only weed… Drugs are not for everybody.

  • keanu was here
  • Whocaez

    Why not test beer, coffee or pain killers?

  • Alistair Goodwin

    I think most of the critics are missing the point entirely. Kelly’s saying it like it is, he’s not condemning anyone.
    He’s not saying there should be drug testing in surfing because he believes there aren’t any drugs that improve results in a competition. He’s won 11 world titles so I believe him.
    I’ve actually heard him comment on it once before and am positive he said ” I don’t think any drugs exist that improve your surfing but if there was he’d be first in line”
    Thats why he’s the best, he’ll do anything it takes to improve his surfing.
    In the future drugs will have a place in lots of sports though because it will make the non drug sportsmen lower performing and as such less exciting. Lance Armstrong the perfect example. I back him 100%. If you love your sport enough you’ll do whatever but I’m sure everyone believes Kelly when he says he’s straight.
    Don’t get aggro at Kelly because he’s telling it as he sees it. He ain’t preaching….but a lot of you guys are!

  • Lewis Samuels

    Fucking Kauai fools all on meth, Kala, Fuller, Barca fuckwits

  • SoberSurfer

    Drugs are for losers. Period. Sure some people can handle a bit of weed right? BFD. But if you think you will be on or stay on top of whatever you are doing in your life you are sadly mistaken.

  • hawncase

    The problem with virtually all of the pro-drug points of view is that they all come from an adolescent “it’s all about me and my personal freedom” perspective. It ignores the fact that kids are drawn to those beaches and view pro surfers as heroes. They will smoke, drink and drug in pursuit of that freewheeling lifestyle that is particularly attractive to teens. Think that helps them in school? A’ole! (No)

    Grown ups, for the most part, should be able to do what they like, but we have to balance that right with responsibility for our keiki (kids). We gotta look out for them and that means we gotta behave in ways that will show them the right way to go.

    Surfing should be a healthy and respectful lifestyle above all. The druggies are all selfish. E kala mai, but it’s true.

    Enough of the drugs. Corporations don’t matter, but our kids do. Our respect for our culture does.

    I live in Hawai’i and my kids are Hawaiian. Thought I was doing a good thing involving them in watersports from a young age. Surfing and the druggies made me pull back on that. It’s sad but I’d rather have boys that stay clean and clear without surfing than self-absorbed druggies that can shred.

    Malama pono.

  • trust me

    anyone who is connected to the tour culture in anyway will tell you they party on the powder and pills very hard. this is how it goes, you train and work your ass off and when the contest is over, win or lose, you go on a 3 day to week long bender. you get your shit together for the next comp, train hard and when the comp is over…(repeat)

  • Phil

    Slater’s a drug cheat

  • Perry Hunani FBI

    *sniff* *sniff* ‘Hi I am Dylan Graves and this is Gas chambers…very close to Colombia..’ *sniff* beautiful WHITE beaches of Puerto Rico..very WHITE beaches….*sniff*

  • barrelsforlife

    drugs will affect u its in there cause and affect and a fact of life, slater has a clear vision and through surfing has done things that most people couldnt even dream of doing by chasing it and not giving into natural temptations. As i have taken drugs in my time on occasions these experiences dont even come close to the natural in control times i have had surfing where the pure joy of taking it all in become overwhelming. everyones human but it pays over time to keep your body and mind clear from the bullshit of life, slater deserves everyones attention his actions speak louder than words

  • Ben James

    Kelly drinks which makes him far from “drug free.” Alcohol is by far onE of the most dangerous drugs.

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