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Departure Delayed, with John Florence

Departure Delayed is a new short film from John Florence’s Hawaiian season so far. That should be enough to have you furiously clicking the play button as is. But, here’s the details, anyway: Surfing by John John Florence, Ivan Florence, Nathan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Koa Rothman and Matt Meola. Skating by Greyson Fletcher (Christian’s son). Filmed by Damien Robertson, Daniel Russo, Blake Kueny, and John John Florence. Heli Footage by Daniel Russo. Edited by Blake Kueny. Song by UFO, titled Boogie. No descriptions will do the surfing in this justice, so pull your socks up and have at it.

  • gr33nie

    the new best surfer in the world.

    • sdjf;aljksdhflaksjdhflaksdj

      Gabriel Medina is gunna CRY like a BABY when he sees this clip

      • Argh

        Are you that worried, little hater?

      • sdjf;aljksdhflaksjdhflaksdj

        Only 22 haters so far? C’mon boys, you can do better than that!

      • truth

        Why would you be “thinking about” Medina.. when viewing this? you have your own issues.

    • Larri

      This guy should totally be on tour! His air at 1:16 was cray.

    • D

      After watching “excerpts” again I think Dane and JJF are going to have to surf together everyday and document it so we can be sure who’s best.

      • no doubt about that.. jj. will be

        dane’s best!

    • louis vuitton

      to be clear: the last air was a double grab. that kills the whole clip for me. set style in surfing back approx ten years minimum.

      • manbearpig

        i think double’s are hideous but when your pushing the boundaries like JJF and you wanna use a double grab to do whatever inverted thing that all means do it

        • truth

          What about a triple grab? Another guy grabbing you from behind as you put both of your hands on the rails… before a session.

    • the truth

      i used to think that tiago pires was, but now… i dont know. im really undicided

    • jack

      New best surfer? he’s been the best for some time now.

  • jjj


  • yeahguy

    BS air at 1:15 is plain dum dum shit! who can afford this guy in 2013?

  • John

    crazy wave sense

  • YEah DUDE

    sickest clip ever.
    No more fucking gay hipsters, JJF and his crew are the new Andy, Bruce and co.
    Thanks God!!!

    • the truth


    • 2 chainz

      hahah you must been smoking meth with them too

  • Hello

    Really tho…

  • MJ

    Sorry for being a neg on such a good clip but the filmer needs his head cut off, just like he did with all of JJ’s best airs in that clip. C’mon if your filming JJ, ya gotta expect him flying higher then MJ back in 91′.

  • NS

    Let me pick my jaw up now!

  • Alex

    holy shit, JJFs almost as good as Thommo

  • FACE

    He rides for Nike/Hurley now.

  • Norv Turner

    Best clip ever, I have never seen so many mind blowing turns and airs.

  • guido


  • bob

    O:46 and the last air are the best I have ever seen. Such a sick clip, JJF is the best in the world at airs right now

  • Everyonesucks

    shits all over brother and evan g…. and everyone else…but Thommo

    • Thommo

      i´m actually full of shit

  • Nick

    I’m never watching John John again. I’m on my last pair of undies.

  • anonymous

    who is thommo ??

    • idiot

      that’s like asking who is kelly?? you fool.

    • Neco

      You seriously don’t know who Thommo is fuck head

  • idiot

    you don´t know thommo?

  • Nige from Agnes

    Hope I’m not out of line here, but wouldn’t you rather watch Alex Knost, Rasta or Joel Tudor draw some clean lines?

    • bon bon

      you are right…. even better listen to them speak for hours on end making no sense

    • Francis

      sorry dude …….. but are you on crack ?

  • Litmus

    only if you lived at agnes

  • thommo

    it was NOT JJF… but whoever was the goofy that did the layback snap.. thats a shit turn. reminds of the episode of setting up a grab rail cutback. both moves are functional and not meant as a form move. this is total bullshit to give the goofy props. if he was here in front of me right now, i would not be happy with the laying back and pushing a few inches of water … this needed to be edited out of the clip as it has marred the entire clip. a sad venture indeed. the guy sets up a layback.. WTF

  • thommo

    nevermind.. it was a REGULAR at 56 seconds… thats a shitty looking layback bitch turn.

  • whoever

    thommo is back!!!!!!!!!

  • LUCKY NO 7


    • yo momma

      you forgot cory lopez and chris ward

      • Nh

        No he didn’t

    • 2 chainz


      • merc

        and thommo … so itss albee, chippa, jjf, rosza, dane, and thommo

  • Albs

    why the fuck would oneill keep jordy over this rat? what the fuck they thinking dude? jordy is so fucked and lost and caught up in being a rock star while these guys are just climbing all over him and making him look stupid, ur rodeo was cool in 2006. #keepjjf

  • massive

    Pause that thing at 4:04! WOW

  • Z

    Dane and John John are the best hands down…



  • yes sir

    IMAGINE the shiit that is going to go down in his movie if this is the standard!! he has been filming for ages…im excited!

  • homo

    what the fucks thommo

  • Bolivia

    wow, blown away mate. this is mental. dion, chippa, yadin, mitch, dane, jjf just said checkmate!

  • Chico

    holy smokes how was that last air? sick waves sick clip sick song. more vids like this please

  • chris

    I ……am…… absolutely………. stunned.

    • dane


      • neco

        haha smoked him

  • steven

    i have always said it…there is a time and a place for the old double grab. Im ganna go try some now

  • yeahguy

    best web clip ever?

  • L8drop


  • da shiggley

    What’s the latest on Laura Enever’s neck? Has she been to a chiropractor?

  • Max

    Flying at 1:15

  • Thommo


  • thommo

    Best airs ever done surfing. Kai neville needs to make a movie with just JJF, Dane, dusty and jordy so we dont have to endure the boring Kolohe sections along with all the other overhyped groms

    • spanky

      kai neville can blow me

  • Lord Humongous

    Double grab or not, that last air was fucking cray!

  • Anon

    when’s his movie out?

  • Anon

    and i can’t believe people still use heli footage, so fucking lame and i imagine its fucking expensive too. cut that shit out.

  • Industry Bro Brah

    So here’s the new rumor. JJF has signed with Hurley, but he’s going to stay with Vans as his shoe sponsor. They wanted him to sign with Nike shoes also, but shut ‘em down.

  • L

    Epic clip. How many waves did we all just watch over and over again. Insane. JJF we all thank you. And then you go and paddle giant Jaws. Amazing

  • Spotball

    Fuck me with a stick that shit was sick. Tweaked out at altitude and such relaxed landings. Now the genius behind jj ” overly relaxed” skate style is revealed. Effortless.Do the rest of the top ct surfers even matter? This clip makes parkos world title seem like it was some sort of Shaun thomson shit from eons ago. Living proof that Dane is not the only way to raise the stakes.

  • Spitball

    Couldn’t even spell my name right. I’m shitted right off the mattress by this clip.

  • Ironic

    So many “Holy crap what the fuck!” moments in this clip. Beats the shit out of Reynolds clip I’ve ever seen in my opinion. This kid is fucken outrageous!

  • Bob

    Would like to have seen more of the full-blooded rail turns, i think it is actually these that seperate Dane and JJF from the pack.

  • tyler

    Good to know after slater’s gone, the tour will have medina and jjf to make things interesting

  • sheatley

    This clip hands down shits on any vid section i have seen. JJF fucking freak. I don’t even skate and Greyson Fletcher got me keen to go for one

  • realist

    that was just fucked up. plain and simple. JJF i want your babies

  • codman

    john john is fucken rediculous! best air surfing ever done in my opinion… sick

  • Lord Humongous

    Just had to come back and watch it again 6 hours later as it has me rattled that it was so fucken good. Also a big WELL DONE to Blake Kuenny.

  • Matt Biolos

    this is what i heard on latest trade news from Lowe Trestles/Encinitas Blvd. California. Word is John John has signed with Summer Teeth apparel and wetties. Kustom Footwear. Dre Beats Headphones. Sex Wax. Kommunity Accessories. Now rides for Lost Surfboards. Filtrate Optics. Shark Watches. Zinka Sunscreen. Pull-in underwear (Jeremy Flores is pissed he passed up Mushka) and ASP World Tour also bough a label. Also sponsored by all of these is Mom John with the exemption of ASP logo.

  • Paddy

    Remember when this kid was getting pics in the surf mags when he was seven because of hi blonde hair surfer looks, I was sure he was going to end up on the scrapheap, like so many who get that sort of attention early do. Full credit to his Mother, seems to have done a great job. Great to see a surfer who lets his surfing do the talking , and how. Parko is irrelevant

  • Yep

    That was fucked up. The skating was so silky too

  • truth

    who was the bitch at 56 seconds doing the layback snap… hideous.
    get it together.. it was not JJF.. edit that shit out.

  • Rob

    Joh John is the best thing that happened to surf since kelly slater

  • Alessandro Cinquini

    Best surfer NOW!

  • Dwangel

    All you faggots don’t know shit, its all about soul arcs and hand jives……..I’m from byron bay I know,if you’d like to discuss it further and get some insight into the soul and essence of dancing on a wave come see me at road house cafe have a almond milk latte sit back and take it all iniv got some insight for you sheep!!

  • maui boy

    Im pretty sure this edit and the jordy edit from france is the best iv ever seen ! if JJF didnt put those other douche bags in the he would take the nod , but I think Jordy just won with experience and good solid song , just.

    • big d

      that jordy clip was hands down the best this year , i just watched it again and again and again , better song also

      • neco

        are you cunts maggot that jordy clip was shithouse ya fuckheads

    • thanks maui boy

      the surf and the song of the Jordy clip above are amazing. Especially the song. Santigold sings so good. Thank you for this.

  • Waka Flocka Flow

    JJF is signing with Hurley & Vans…

  • Bob Hurley

    John John is mine now, muahahahahahahh. FUCK YOU BITCHES

  • JF

    The Jordy clip had a way better song than this clip, but JJF ripped harder than anyone ever has

  • JF

    Also this clip needed less of the other muppets doing layback snaps and stalling into close outs

  • Bjorne

    That bs air was fucked up!! Like how there were some clips of Greyson skatin too!!

  • pico

    I dont know ! think the JORDY clip was the best this year, this had a few better airs but look at the waves they surfing ? Any of them rip harder in Hawaii and in trunks, Jordy had a full suit and 2 foot wave, gotta give credit where its due dudes , im going with jordy

    • jordan smith

      Dumb logic, JJF ripped harder and theres no two ways about it. I wouldnt care if Jordy was in a eskimo suit doing air reverses on ankle high waves, doesnt make it any different to what it is

      • BONES

        Ur fucking blind , jordie’s airs and turns were way more technical and looked much smoother and faster, power airs not floaty shit hail marry’s. And Jordies’s layback alone was better than all of john johns turns together !

        • Muppet

          So you would rather some fast 1 ft air reverses than the biggest airs done in surfing? You have got to be kidding me. ‘floaty shit’, wait so you dont like big airs. That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. JJf’s airs were smooth, and fucking massive.

          Jadson Andre does some pretty quick rotations, you should check him out and they’re nice and low for you too!

          • julian

            holy christ you joking for sure dude, jordie did the most fucked up grabs and rotations on those waves, john didnt touch him with tech on that edit , you clearly a kook or cant do a bottom turn cus its much harder to launch with tech rather than go straight and high, thats the wave you fool. fuck right off and try some chop hops faggot

          • 808

            hahahhahah , you hit the section on a good solid wave your gonna go high, you have mad time to figure ur shit out, tech airs look way more impressive on regular waves, doing airs in HAW is way easier also…

          • julianand808arethesame

            jesus, chill out. You’re going crazy with comments and clearly rating your own ones too. Did you see JJF’s stalefish alley oop? Sick grab, and it is probbably the biggest ever done.

            I think the views for this video speak for itself on the quality of surfing. Despite Jordy having a better edit and song, JJF has about 10 x more views than him and its only been a couple of days. It has a vimeo staff recommendation and people are calling him the best in the world. To calm yourself down you should watch some videos of Jadson Andre, his airs are low enough for your liking and like Jordy he is a second rate surfer

          • muppet

            Next year Kustom airstrike is going to ditch indo and go to some 1ft wave and reward whoever does the lowest air combined with a ‘tech’ grab *julian and 808 logic*

      • pico

        yea john rips harder that anyone in hawaii, why dont u see anything of him outside of haw? cus its build for edits you fucking fool, get on a plane and figure ur shit out before u comment fuck head

  • Ironic

    How good was the hack to tube combo? Probably the most underrated wave in that clip. And his contortionism at Pipe? So ridiculously good.

  • bring it

    Dane, JJ and Kelly: $100K showdown at Lowers. Winner take all. One 1 Hour Heat.

    • Chich

      Hmmmm… Let me guess, you are a gringo, aren’t you?

  • clark griswald

    vans should send just jjf and dane on a surf trip, document it, and put it on stab. we need to see dane and jjf freesurf the same wave at the same time.

    • bunghole

      dear suburbia, japan. watch it, watch it now!

  • Bob Hurley
  • Dennis

    must be really demoralizing to surf with john john

    • yep

      especially being his younger brother

  • wayne

    Paddy, why did you think JJ would end up on the scrap heap? Ray Charles could see the potential even at a young age. Your lack of knowledge makes all of us laugh you peanut. And your comment about Parko being irrelevant is equally as stupid. Go back to creaming yourself over little kiddies doing chop hops you dumb dumb.

    • Paddy

      Plenty of people who show talent at a young age and receive a lot of media attention end up on the scrapheap, theres plent examples in surfing alone. Its no mean feat to come out the other end with your talent an d personality/ego intact particularly when you take into account all the creeps, hangers on and nuthuggers that seem so prevalent in the surf industry.

  • jordy rates

    you are all so stargazed at the mo you couldn’t see past the filming tricks and cool music ,, jordy rates !!!!

  • Yoda

    If I were one of the older guys on the Hurley roster, I would be a little worried about my job safety right about now. Hurley might have to do some cost cutting to afford that big new contract…

  • realist

    i think that if you were anyone other than John John on the hurley roster you would be worried, he is just going to make them all look silly and take there money (which he deserves) it would have to be the biggest contract in surfing surely???

  • Ramon

    sometimes i take a a piss on myself and break crackers on top of the piss …. and feed my friends, the ants.

  • Ironic

    I can’t even imagine how pissed Julian Wilson is right now. He went from being the #1 surfer for one of the worlds most recognised brands, to now being in the shadow of a teenager at a company with far less global reach (albeit owned by the mega-giant Nike), all within a month.

    I can’t wait for Hurley to release their next team video though.

  • Nh

    Who needs porn when you have a clip like this.

  • TH

    Hahahaha!! What!!! i cant believe ive only just watched this… fuck what!! what just happened?!?!?! my new fav surfer…. hahaha…. fuck!

  • Paddy (responses to wayne)

    Plenty of people who show talent at a young age and receive a lot of media attention end up on the scrapheap, theres plent examples in surfing alone. Its no mean feat to come out the other end with your talent an d personality/ego intact particularly when you take into account all the creeps, hangers on and nuthuggers that seem so prevalent in the surf industry.

  • Brasillianstorm2013

    Adriano De Souza has it all over John John.
    Watch and see us bring the storm this year 2013

  • spewin

    geeetttt fucckkkeddddd!!!!!!

  • sam

    still so good

  • Nvs Europe

    that last aerial…

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