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Dane Reynolds’ MarineLayer Soundtracks

One of the things that sets Dane’s online portal MarineLayerProductions aside (apart from the best surfing in the world), is the sounds. Some detest, some wonder where he finds such genius. Whatever side of the fence y’sitting on, Dane’s music is stirring. These songs are the creme of his clip soundtracks from the year gone by. Many are from his Mexican sojourn Lost Interest. Some appear in the Singles series. All dazzle. Hit play, like, now.

  • Anon

    the music on dane’s clips (if you can even call it music) is horrendous. that is all.

    • Nico

      can you explain why or is that the extent of your original thought?

    • joe

      wheres the gangstersness , snowboarding soundtracks kill surfing soundtracks these days .alt rock on surfing sucks

    • will

      how about you suck my fucking dick

  • more

    very good for airports

  • boy

    I’ll support or even listen to anything with his name attached.. Love it! yeah boy..

  • tia

    F’cken weird shit

  • Pepe le Pew

    …and some don’t even give a single shit…

    You guys are real groupies, you would love J Bieber if you were 5 years younger…

    Next: Dane’s underpants, I guess…

  • Samuel

    You need to add a song from Daniel Johnston

  • Pete

    Dane’s underpants are up for grabs? Shit. Gotta get me them.

  • bongking

    who cares what dane listens to, u all would drink his ball sweat if it came in a can

  • Boggy McRail

    these playlists are worthless if they cant be downloaded. at least put them on soundcloud with a dl link. fuck mixcloud.

  • fuckallyouhoes

    Only guy with decent taste in music in surfing.

    Give it two years all these shit talkers will be eating this music up. Just like electronic music. that shit was 2001 and now everyone loves Deadmau5.

    bottom line none of you can surf better than him

  • Spanky

    That little coffee cup is sick! I gotta get me one. I think sipping out of that vessel whilst listening to this playlist would most certainly enhance the experience. Dane rules, end.

    • fizz

      nah man, my missus has ‘decorated’ our house with indy shit like tiny little cups. theyre shit, two sips and coffee gone.
      geez hes a bloody poser. luckky he surfs good, unlike the 99.99999% of the rest of the poser world.

  • Sam

    I like Dane’s music – at least it’s unique, not like all these other surfers mixtapes with the same Kanye and Drake songs. If I wanted to listen to that I’d have the radio on.

  • Lopo

    va cierto.

  • Bruno Nobre

    Legal.. Brazil

  • big chris

    this music is weak sauce homie

    • David

      Music is subjective not objective….It is up to listener.

  • Jimmy

    3 quarters of the people who read this article would suck Dane’s dick, tell me that isnt true? Just admit it, not saying you guys are gay, but Dane is an enigma, and you guys are filthy groupies for him, you want him.

  • blahhhh

    this is retarded that you can’t download the list. good music though

    • Jimmy

      You only want to download it because it is Dane’s, you dont even like the music.

  • STABmag

    We’d love to provide a download, howevs, we’re up for all sorts of legal issues with that. We just wanted to play it simple. Apologies.


    at least listen to ‘arbuckle’s swan song’ if you became uncomfortable with the super lo-fi stuff over the course of your three confused visits to marinelayer…

  • jfoo

    He’s a kook

    • Mike Thomas

      Your a kook

  • g

    rad clips, rad music…

    • Mike Thomas

      fuk ya

  • Haole

    The music is not what you hear everyday, I’ll give it that.

    Stab it’s “Deepak Alypse” not “Peepak Alypse” though when he posted the tracklist it did look like Peepak, guy surfs good but has some pretty shit handwriting. Best song on the list.

    @jfoo you could call him a lot of things, but I don’t think ‘kook’ is one of them

  • john rosenhole

    yeah, let me crank up this Tops song in my car with my flannel shirt with a 6 pack of PBR next to me… I’m headed to “the show”… to watch some bearded freak play a banjo in his underpants.

    • bearded freak

      you came to my show, did you like it?….man, that end bit where i broke my banjo string. shit got messy. i’m sorry. i was just “playing” so hard.

  • gonzo

    i listen to tops before i do my rotators and lien airs… just like Dane.

  • SPIKE Matthews

    i’ve always found it ironic that this stuff is mixes with the gnarliest turns and airs in the world! i like it though at least someone’s doing something unique

  • Jonathan Bel

    Dane´s music is very good, all you jealous fuckers put some rap in your porn surf videos while we put some great sounds, with chords, with guitar, with drums, with sounds ambients, with real surf, no role models, no cheap talk, just radness. Keep on Dane!!! SURF VIDEOS NEED MORE MUSIC WITH FEELING AND PASSION, NOT DRUMBEAT FAKE MUSIC. I CAN´T EVEN HEAR JULIAN WILSON´S MOVIE, WHAT A CRAP SOUNDTRACK MAN!!! GIVE IT UP AGAIN FOR DANE !!!!

    • Mike Thomas

      Thx J Bel, couldn’t agree more………

      • Antoine Hsg

        its true

    • James Taylor

      Yeah Bel I”m with ya .Great shit…

  • jokerman

    Nice stuff Dane, you should put more early Stones on your soundtracks. that rock n’ roll really fit your surfin´dude!

  • Gabriel Lannes

    Only the first song saves…

  • Blaise

    dane is the lamest guy out there. Check his twitter he is a fucking narcissist who thinks hes smarter than the whole world.
    shut up and surf dane you fucking yupie

    • Dane’s gooch

      Dane don’t twitter, some impostor does under a pseudonym

    • samgreen

      He’s not on twitter ya kook that’s someone else just joking around

    • Mike Thomas

      look whose calling the kettle black Blaise, I don’t see your shit anywhere?!?!?! kook

  • jokerman

    NO I’M NOT ON TWITTER, NO I’M NOT ON FACEBOOK!! facebook = people scared of loneliness

  • Surf Zombie

    I’m not a “Daniac” but I have to say this is good chill out music. Two of the songs were kind of limp, but I actually like to chill and listen to these tracks. Good stuff before a mellow longboard session or a chill drive down the country road. BTW, is sterling spencer the fat kid from Orange County Choppers or something? He must be losing chicks with that look…

  • broken testicles

    sterling = another attention whore, but might be dating the fat male from oc choppers

  • Paul

    Dane is not another jock. These songs are actual. Most surfers are bros and can’t read very well.

  • 5 loads let out

    Where did Dane get that tea cup? I love that.. gonna go buy one and put a small CI sticker on it and a little quickie sticker as well. Sponsored tea sipper… hells yeahs

  • Mike Thomas

    smile, appreciate other peoples ideas and fucking enjoy life. Its a short one…….

    • dane

      mike, eat a dick

  • ok

    some of his songs are good and others are wierd

  • john

    its good how there are haters otherwise it wouldn’t make Dane unique and different. who cares if you don’t like the music because this is just what he listens to. if you don’t like it then you do realize you don’t listen to it nuff said

  • Mp

    Bravo Dane .

  • paul

    not even real music ,….Wheres the soul man pshhhhh

  • BentoBox

    Could Stab possibly be MOAR FUCKED, even if it tried?
    I think not.

    • spelling nazi

      same as your spelling ability

  • Andrew

    What is the name of the band/song when he surfs Ventura Harbor?

  • Oliver

    What’s the name of the song played in “collecting scores and umbrella drinks” ? The second one ?

  • Chris L

    The banter that goes on the comment threads on Stab is priceless. It keeps me coming back! Fucking Dane’s the man…but I don’t know about drinking his ball sweat even if it came in a can?! Priceless.

  • elizabeth

    you need to listen to wild horses by the rolling stones and shit like that

  • Guillaume Rouan

    song 8 : it’s deepakalypse not peepak :)

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