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Dane Reynolds interviews Bobby Martinez

Ain’t we all been missing Bobby? It’s been way too long since we’ve heard the voice of surfing’s most vocal man, since he blazed off the World Tour with a passionate speech in New York, on live broadcast (the ASP didn’t dig some of his word choices). Dane Reynolds just posted a new clip on his Marine Layer/Summerteeth portal, which features a Q and A with Bobby, as well as the goofyfooter taking apart some Californian lefts. It’s no secret that most everything Dane does is worth your time, and this is no different. The surfing is excellent, the banter is amusing. Everything about this is enjoyable.

Link at the bottom.

Go watch it here.

Go watch it here.

Go watch it here.

Go watch it here.

  • asp

    Bob who!

    • Dead Crow

      keen 4 a game of tennis?

  • Hank Mardukas

    Holy shit Bobby rips!

    • Bobby for President of the Rebel Tour!

      fuck yeah bobby always ripped hard!

      it’s just sad to know that today, they just talk about danny fuller, job, beau fosters, julia’s, makua rothmans and shit…

      I bet this Danny Full of shit at the other artcicle, can’t even blow his tail like bobby is doing here.
      That faggot just want barrels.. when it’s “happening”


      what a joke


  • Bobby Booshay

    The asp were the real losers of Bobby’s spat.

  • westwood

    Bobby is better than almost everyone on tour…

  • awesome clip, yo

    Fucking siiick edit

  • Honey Badger

    Damn, that’s one of the more watchable internet clips I’ve seen in a while. The surfing, the music, the vibe. Good stuff. Bobby rips. Buttery smooth style. How good was that first frontside air?

  • Kieran


  • babby

    great repitwa bobby

  • chong

    get bobby back on tour

  • Kimbo

    we cant have Bobby on tour but we can have Medinas dad !

  • beanpole

    woah.. insano

  • fatherchristmas

    might be cliche but i find it fucking refreshing that dane, in all his glory, has time to recognise bobby and the other crew who might not be selling as many boards – but are responsible for how progressive shits getting. sick

  • yolo

    Occy is my hero too

  • Bushy

    Bobby, Dane, Bruce, JOB etc – come on Kelly, start that rebel tour already!

  • Lawrence

    bobby is a sick cunt. yeah he might have gone a bit over the top and talked a lot of shit last year but fuck me his mason ho like style shreds just as hard as the top 5 right now

    • Shucks

      Mason Ho-like style? Are you outta your mind? Please don’t insult the man.

  • Duarte

    Name of the track, anyone??

    • J.Mile

      give up the goods by mobb deep

  • Steven Spielberg

    Can’t help but think if those air’s weren’t framed so tight, they would look so much more impressive.

  • Rob

    Bobby was a nive guy before starts to smoke crack

    • Felipe Antonio

      I was gonna ask what song that was but now I just wanna know what “nive” means

  • bro

    ya what is the name of the song???

  • Kook

    How good was that first wave? I think it’s every kooks dream to pull something like that… Kind of like that “last night I put it in the wrong hole” song. Beautiful.

  • L8drop

    i have a yellow lab as well ….. her name is lou lou.

  • Donk

    Its the instrumental to an old Mobb Deep Song..forgot the name. Its off the “Infamous” album.

    • Duarte

      Found it: Mobb Deep – Give Up The Goods (The Infamous Instrumentals)

  • luke

    Dane’s a pretty good interviewer huh?

  • greg

    that shit about Beiber is fuckin funny!

  • ndswt

    bobby looks sharp right now. i’ll take more of these clips over tour appearances any day. keep ‘em coming.

    FYI – the song is ‘give up the goods’ from mobb deep. and if you like that, you’ll like the whole album.

  • Greenbean

    Bobby still shreds. Is his new spono still with him? Or did they dump him after the publicity buzz waned folling the NY meltdown? Either way if he is relying on Dane Inc. to keep the publicity machine going I would say thats about career over for bobby. Shame…….

    • K

      I forgot where I heard it, but I think Bobby dropped FTW. Looks like Monster is his main sponsor now. That was one of the most diverse clips I’ve seen in a while. Barrels, airs, hacks, some rad slidy cutbacks. Dig it!!!

      • SB

        I think Bobby was part owner of FTW….

  • the bodhi zaffa

    Bobby is da boss, no doubts abouts it..shame he got off the tour. I wonder how ft dubs is treating him?

  • Spitball

    great to see a playfulness and looseness in his surfing that was rarely on display when he was on tour. The air was high and clean and his style is more colloquial than in the past. Tour life stifles some people and dulls their edge. Both of these guys fall in that category. Plus Dane is a much better interviewer than any contest webcaster and about ten times as interesting as kelly on land or in the water. The tour is nearly meaningless without Dane. Only john Florence is making it somewhat worth watching
    The asp needs to pull their head out of their ring next year

  • Pilgram


  • Reality

    Still surfs better than most guys on Tour. No offense to them, but way rather watch Bobby clip than Logie, Perrow, or Pat G 7 days a week. He’ll show up and win a comp some day.

    • fair go

      pat G??? your kidding yourself he fucking rips

      • getfri

        ew you have to be kidding, can you say forced style??s

    • The sandman

      Yeah ah Pat G has done some of the best surfing on tour this year with the scores to prove it, unfortunately he comes up against someone who manages to post a 19 to his 18 something. Big hacks,real airs when he wants,30ft cloudbreak, rodeos and back flips in heats.
      He needs to be on tour!

  • VP tiago pires

    logie for president

  • ivan

    bobby won some serious events on the tour.. in the right conditions, he is up there with the best

  • J.Mile

    Finally a surf clip with good style and classic hip hop! martinez + mobb deep = ill

  • dane

    Travis Logie rips , lol

  • Mobius

    Bobby has the best coil-uncoil speed-generating style. Diggin’ it.

  • manbearpig

    he is one one of only people (up there with AI RIP) that acutally enjoyed going up against Slater and had the ability and confidence to beat him. the speed he generates off that first bottom turn is mindboggling

  • Joebin

    bobby whaps the shit outta gabriel meclaima

    • X

      I bet he can whip the shit outta your butthole too.

    • trashbin

      I heard he is banging your mother.

  • B


  • Phat TONI

    FUCK YA. ThIs What I want 2 c B. Og Grand DadDy Masta strait murderin lips. Mobb DEEP X B MartInez=insane in the membrane. I’m gonna light me up a phat bowl of that kush and hit rewind on this Muthafucka. Leave it to DR to master hip hop+ surfing LEGIT!Y*#^$^*%^@*%(^^%@(&^*@$%&*&Y%&*Y@%(*@Y%

  • Rudy

    World Tour outsiders these two.

  • greg


  • shreddyhb

    bobby is the man!!

  • ted

    Ask Bobby if Kia Otton should be on tour ,then ask the same question about Travis Logie!

    • fred

      Hey ted, you airhead. If you had any sense you would realise that anyone who makes it onto that tour certainly deserves to be there. You would also realise that anyone who walks away from it is either spoilt or sulking or cant take the travelling and the constant competitive pressure in a shifting landscape and seascape. Better to be a big fish in a little fishbowl in Cali. FTW. Now ted, go back to bed you dikhead.

  • guttyew

    Some more POACHING, why do you think you can just steal other peoples content like that. I bet mini is bummed

  • g


  • Nh

    Best goofy foot ever!

  • Rollin’ Trollin’

    Does Dane wear back-zip steamers because chest-zip suits are too mainstream now? Fuck, hipsters suck.

  • Max Colvin

    wheres the Gabe kling clips? that guy shreds oxnard

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