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Dane Reynolds’ Haleiwa turn

Two days later and it’s no less mind-blowing. In the round of 96 at the Reef Hawaiian Pro, stop one of the Vans Triple Crown, Dane Reynolds reminded us of why he is the world’s best surfer right now. Since we can’t stop watching it on replay, we figured we’d get our adored commentators in the mix. Is this the best turn ever done in a competition?

Stab thinks yes, as did Shane Dorian, who was commentating at the time: “I’m gonna go out and say that’s pretty much one of the gnarliest turns I’ve ever seen in my whole life,” said Shane in the booth. “I’m seriously baffled about what he just did. There’s probably one person on Earth that could do that turn, and it’s Dane Reynolds, pure and simple, that’s a fact. Honestly, in the whole surfing world, if you gave everyone on Earth that same section and said “I wanna see you do that,” there’s probably only one guy who can do it, and it’s Dane Reynolds.”

As he does, Dane downplayed the turn. “It was just kind of frustration,” said the Venturan. “‘Cause my first couple waves were closeouts, then I got one and my board felt way too long and I just couldn’t get any release out of the tail, so I was just going on a closeout and just kinda doing what you can (laughs).”

Doing what you can, huh? That sure is a lot.

Is this the best turn ever done in a jersey?

A different angle, but no less incredible.

  • jdub

    i just jizzed

  • Mike

    Rad, but The Snap probably still holds the title.

  • Nt

    wont ever be touched.

  • common sense

    definitely! underscored as well!

  • ty

    Makes the Tom Carroll turn at Pipe look like a check turn.


    • ty = gay

      Not quite. Tom was surfing Pipe. Nice try kook.

      • cg

        best turn. nuf said. you the kook son!

    • kala

      haha i think it was the fact that he did it on a 12 footer our pipe under the lip.. dane wouln’t even take off on that thing

  • Rosza

    The Houdini of surfing

  • Shane Powel and the prodigy

    Danny Wills floater still has it for me.

    • th

      Adriano’s floater still has it for me. Revolutionary

      • J bond

        Kelly’s air at bells.

  • meatpie

    “My board felt way to long” trade in the 5’8’s groms I feel the old 6’4 making a comeback…

    • veggiepie

      that makes no fucking sense

  • paul

    It would have been higher but he didn’t claim so the judges were confused

  • Manuel José

    STABmag, may I suggest rephrasing your question to “Is this the best turn ever done in surfing?”

    • the truth

      He didn’t complete the reverse.. big mistake. He should have brought it all the way around. Dane’s a decent surfer, but needs to work on technical aspects of his game. Just cause he can do an air reverse doesn’t mean much. Stop the cheerleading. He’s paid to do this turn.

      • anthoy

        your fucken kook it wasn’t even meant to be a reverse look at the section and how critical it was you fucken blow in

      • Double over ankle

        Your a fuken idiot. Decent surfer? Needs work on technical aspects? What the hell are you talking about, have you ever seen Dane surf? Doesn’t sound like it. You will never see a better turn than that, unless of course he does it again. Your a kook in ever sense of the word, you should probably just get a knife and run into it.

      • the real truth

        haha!!! spoken like a true body boarder

      • Jhonny sinss

        Are u fucking serious dane is a “decent surfer” that needs to work on his technique are u fucking blind did u see that turn

  • Peter Pikeha

    In the original video I saw I’m sure the tail was in reverse just before the lip engulfed him. So he actually did a reverse under the lip/in the tube after the lip smash aye ?I can’t see this in the frame grabs here (kinda like Josh Kerr did at snapper a few years back but this closeout was way heavier)

    • mp

      The nose was also embedded in the wave and pointing backwards. The most nuts move we’ll see in a comp and the judges were just left scratching their heads and wondering how on earth to score it. In the meantime, only Torrey Meister’s comedy takeoff provides the only entertainment in a comp with safe turns in it.

    • The Sandman

      Mate been watching the replays and I think he blows the tail out shore wards going backwards and then comes back around not doing any reverse or spin in the wash,but I could be wrong.
      Crazy shit any way.

      • dane

        it´s definitely not a reverse imbeciles

        • ron


  • Rover

    He has out Konged Kong. The Daneback anyone?

  • Jesse

    I dispute this: “There’s probably one person on Earth that could do that turn, and it’s Dane Reynolds, pure and simple, that’s a fact.” No it’s not. We’ve seen plenty of surfers pull off nutso moves. It all comes down to chance (with a heavy dose of talent). How many times do you think Slater could pull that 360 at Bells, or any of the “punts of the month”, or etc etc etc. Dane is good, great, amazing. But surfers get lucky sometimes, and this was one of those times.

    • seko

      dane doesn’t get lucky. he makes his own luck. how could this possibly be a lucky moment if he constantly is trying stupid crazy shit like this? he doesn’t hold back, so i would hardly say its luck. if you watch his other waves in this heat he was trying other crazy tail release finners and not making them. luck…i’d more say pure skill and ability

      • sekoisprettystupid

        Seko your argument has no sense at all. luck plays a part even if he is looking for it. he puts his skill an ability in every turn, and makes the one in which he was lucky enough to scape the bounce. if it was only skill and ability he would make each an every turn he went for

      • jesse

        seko, your argument makes no sense at all. “if you watch his other waves in this heat he was trying other crazy tail release finners and not making them.” – exactly as the other guy said, if it was pure skill, he would be making them all. he was lucky to escape the whitewash in tact, on the board, as he did. if it’s not luck, i would love to see him pull that same move over and over again. as i said before, and its just my opinion, that move was based on a heavy dose of talent, combined with luck…

  • Jack

    Best turn full stop comp or not

  • Luke

    Dane is the MAN! this was amazing but i think my fav was the puerto Rico one where he got 9 point something. Either way, no one else can do this on the regular like Dane.
    Actually after watching this, the haleiwa one is more progressive.

    • Egan

      that was not his best at puerto rico. this turn had a much more strong level of difficulty. check out the speed.. some strong legs are needed and real technique to nail onen of those.

  • Luke

    Your Welcome… that Puerto rico vid is haaard to find.

  • dashhound

    There was no reverse in there . Never was never will be . Just a completely insane Larry Layback with extra sauce . Allot extra.

  • Frothdog

    Thank you. Sick. Fucken sick. Literally carving through a third dimension

  • Sambo.

    ZAP! Surprised gerlach didn’t shoot his load all over the competitors area

    • Jack

      Did you see how he got his shoulder out of the way hahaha

  • surferdewd

    i find this especially fucking sick because it isn’t some 2ft grovel crap.. it was solid 6ft haleiwa and he took it to absolute pieces

  • jesseistheworstpersonintheworld

    The dude talking about how this was luck is probably, i’m going out on a limb here but, the dumbest fucking thing i have ever heard in my life. its obvious your not much of a surfer or probably much of anything if your going to go ahead and give this one to luck. what a moron


    Best turn on film hands down. Btw does anyone else find Sunny’s turns very very ugly? Kinda powerful but…not?

  • thommo

    It looked pretty good, but I’ve done similar stuff. Just an inverted layback.. nothing that big.. lets move on people. He needs to drop his shoulder more at the top of the turn..

    • mike

      You need to stop lying to yourself, bud. You and Dane have never done anything similar

      • thommo

        hey mike, my link is p0sted on stab. go ahead and unzip my pants.. have a tug on mine.
        i will show you mine, if you show me yours.

  • dewgun

    Best thing ive seen since M.P.’s cutback

  • Moksha69

    Dane Reynolds does one sick turn and every computer kook and media asskissers are nutting all over the web boards, what the fuck is the world coming to, how gay is all this shit getting?

    • me

      Yep you said it Moksha a sick turn so why not talk about it or are you just to COOL for that?

    • fuck american hype

      dane reynolds… the american surf medias love child. get your tongue out of his arse. does not compare to TC’s turn at pipe or MP’s cutback. anyone who can ACTUALLY surf know things like that happen every surf. STOP THE BULLSHIT and turning dane into something hes not

      • mike

        You’re not American, so your opinion does not matter.

        • americansandaussiesarethesameshit

          fuck all saxons and all brazzos. specially thommo

    • Mogghadishu

      … and here you are. Oh the irony!

  • The Sandman

    Something off topic Redbull is running a Eddie style paddle event at Jaws with a invite only list and a waiting period between December/March now this could be good.

  • Felipe


    • Felipe


  • new judges or new tour

    coulda sworn it went 360, a la kerrzy style(sorry if anyone did em b4 him) but no grab… even on my, 6 point-max-for-a-one-move-wave-ideal scale, id throw a 10. as was 9.5.
    to the judges. if you see something that looks kinda sick and youve never seen it before its 9+(on the current scale).. if done on a set. wake the fuck up!
    kerrzys grab under the lip 360(what did you give? 4?) and jordys toes on the nose landing same year i think at trestles, rob machado justified the judges 5.? both shulda been 10 on your scale.

  • new judges or new tour

    sorry for grammar issues…
    i never saw the front angle b4 to why i coulda sworn a reverse was thrown.
    not sure if it was mentioned 20 years ago but jadson being given 3-4 for massive reverses on biggest-of-the-heat-waves at trestles was a crime. repetitive? ever seen sunny make a carrier from one turn? dude shreds but only has his stocky frame to thank for that turn and subsequent world title+carrier…

  • job

    Kia Otton rips , LOL

  • Jack Mckoy

    whens occy surf

  • p

    Medina should be taking notes…..

  • Yew!

    You guys missed Jeremy Flores do nearly the same turn the next day didn’t you? Snooze.

  • Spitball

    Dane once again mines diamonds from dogshit. Very rarely is a layback justified. It usually means amiss timed air or snap has been aborted to put an the brakes and keep it under the feet. Some great surfers, parko for example, always look weak in a layback. Danes layback takes a throw away move on a throw away section on the wrong board and makes more with it than medina can on his best air ever. It’s like the genius of jimi Hendrix channeled through foam and fiberglass. And everyone else is playing maroon five

    • Frothdog

      Word. Pat G style lay backs to finish a wave are so gay

    • spit it up, don’t swallow

      Stop drooling buddy, you look awkward when you do that.

  • Yourmom

    Lucky recovery,just happened to be in a heat.the carol snap by a mile for the stakes involved. If Dane pulled that at 12 foot pipe I’d be impressed.

  • Dane Reynolds

    Everyone please stop swinging from my nuts. They’re starting to bruise. Thanks.

  • yourmom

    dane himself didnt seem to impressed. Does he think it was the best turn ever?if not what was?

  • Andy

    That turn was a 10, not that the low score bothers Dane, all other surfers would have come apart to receive a 7.33…

  • hi mom

    no.. it was like a 5… guys pulled this shit in the eighties.. richard cram

    • fuckingidiot


      • pickle teeth

        what the fuck is wrong with you fuckin hater faggots tryin to compare danes turn!? just try too realise ya’ll probz never do a turn like that,especially when you blog instead of surf lol keep shit real!.

        • d. baker

          wrong pickle,
          I did a turn like that in Indo when Dane was a gleam in his fathers’ eye.
          If you want footage, I can send it your way. I was on a boat trip with Hedge and Powell.. piss off.

  • Luciano

    This was a great fuckin’ turn and this was at six foot Haleiwa but it was not that great. All the commotion makes you look like 12 year olds that have never actually seen a turn before winter 2012. Do yourselves a favor and watch Tom Curren at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic 1990; Watch the snap that Tom Carroll did in macking thunderous Pipeline. Watch Mark Occhilupo turns at Bell’s, Jeffrey’s Bay. Actually you don’t need to go that far back. Watch the fade that Tom Curren did on his bottom turn in one of the big waves that he got at the Legends heat on this very same contest.

    • Sir Kooksalot

      I had to re-watch that tom carroll snap after your comment. No doubt it was good for sure. But nowadays it would be a really good check turn. Dane’s was a hack

  • indicainmibrain

    Dane is the bozzz not much more to it kooks

  • rick f.

    laybacks aren’t that big a deal. remember its just Dane so he will be gven a score on a silver plate. alot of you argue that Dane is a good surfer, but his backside turns need help and doing a layback snap doesn’t show progression. I just don’t see him doing much in the next few years. He left the tour and plays hide the rabbit on his website. Some of you are interested in buying his clothes or staring at his girlfriend. The guy has a strange taste in music and I am assuming might need help to piece together his childhood. Get a grip people, it was just a layback. I’ve done them at my beach break and 300 people weren’t there to stroke my ego. Kid seems nice .. .like the grocery man, but the Al Merrick and Quicksilver stickers don’t make him God.

  • s

    flores was similar…just saying

  • sycophant

    i prefer clay marzo.. he pulls this sh4t in his sleep… oh wait, clay isn’t DANE.

  • Moksha69

    Go to the heat analyzer and watch Alejo Muniz`s turn on the next round…. fucken sick as well

  • Give Me Some Truth

    Hey guys, how are you doing? Everything swell?
    I wasn’t going to comment here because like “no name” wrote in KS mix, stab comments turned out to be “a bunch of giddy school girls gossiping in the hallway”.
    But after I checked the heat analyzer I just had to.
    Don’t you be fooled folks, that youtube video is misleading. The “super” turn dane did was the only turn he did on the wave and not the third turn as the video above seems to try to portrait. Don’t you believe me? Just check:
    Make sure to click on “Round of 96″.
    I just don’t like to be lied to.

    • Alejo Reynolds

      Dane DID NOT make that third turn; but yes, he did make that massive one-turn wave.
      Oh, as well as Alejo Muniz in the next round.

  • kas

    either way – that turn was sick.
    sorta like them double hand layback gouges that jo-flo / rastaman do
    except mad-max style from the 23rd century.

    niggas b tripping if they think they can do shit like that

  • Akki

    best turn i’ve ever seen

  • yeahguy

    yeah, and if there’s anybody that doesn’t know shit about surfing and whether a turn is anything to get excited about it’s Shane Dorian, such a flavor of the month surfer. you fags crack me up, that turn is as legit as they get. that shit would have broken Gabby’s leg.

    • Yeahman

      Don’t think so. But I can break your leg at any time. Soooo easy, keyboard tough boy.

  • Chad

    You can’t compare this turn to Tom Carroll’s at Pipe because it’s different waves and different sections. Both were super critical and pushed the boundaries but Dane’s was pure talent and skill on a shit wave. It wasn’t even a layback, he does a full carve and blows the tail so hard out the back of the oncoming lip that he had to use the nose of his board to stick into the wave!! Sickest turn ever!! Anyone who says they’ve done a similar turn has never seen themselves surf on video. If the best surfers in the world call Dane the best surfer in the world, and many of them saying it’s the best turn they’ve ever seen. Period. What does that tell you? Too many kooks on this forum!!

  • gnar

    fukin donkeys round these parts. idiots go back to your cubicles. that turn was straight up gnar.

  • Genius

    I have an idea…let’s get on and just hate on shit that is clearly rad and then we can argue about it for a couple of days till the next mind boggling thing comes out. Then we can argue about that… Yayyyy…. Fun…life is so colorful…. This is great…

  • Jimmy

    haha so true ^….. just go surf and enjoy the ocean

  • John

    He fell off and while getting ragdolled he grabbed his board, got back on(this he had to do twice as the first time it was upside down), and stood up just in time to come out of the wash. I seen it with my own eyes and I wasn’t even there.

    • prickle matthews

      you’re pretty gay

  • Timothytimmysonbarnaby3rd

    Shoulda done a floater.

  • Josh Kerr

    its a carving ‘kerrupt flip’. A big one.

  • eyebuzz

    Not sure why it wasn’t a 10. ?

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