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Creed McTaggart, springtime slob in Byron Bay, NSW

“I don’t know what to say about this, shit’s starting to feel like groundhog day,” laughs Matt O’Brien of this Creed McTaggart moment, captured in the middle of a bad run of conditions. “I woke up, drove to Byron, got skunked, drank coffee, got skunked in the arvo and drove home. Story of my life these past few months (laughs)!”

Aw, c’mon Matty, it ain’t all bad! At least tell us how y’came to be here: “There was a lil’ jump in the swell from flat to two feet, so I grabbed Eli (Steele) and headed down to meet up with Noa (Deane), and Noa was with Creed. Flat as could be at home (Sunshine Coast) so I guess the waves in Byron weren’t too bad.”

It certainly looks fun and about as peachy as you’d hope for in the warming fires of spring. Creed’s just moved to Byron from WA, and what a time to move to one of the north coast’s favourite jams! Kid’s gonna dig his new residency…