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Bruce Irons splits with Volcom

Some surfers are so richly symbiotic with their sponsors that it’s impossible to imagine them any other way. Kelly Slater and Quiksilver. Mick Fanning and Rip Curl. Taj Burrow and Billabong. Bruce Irons and Volcom. But nothing’s forever.

News just broke that Bruce and Volcom have officially parted ways. Thinking back to Computer Body, Magna Plasm or The Bruce Movie, it’s sad to think about and hard to imagine a different sticker on Bruce’s beak, or Volcom without the Hawaiian in their family. Bruce first signed with Volcom in 1991 at age 13, and was an integral part of shaping the company’s success and image.

Back in 2004, when Bruce’s Volcom contract was up for renewal and he was being courted by Quiksilver, he told Stab: “I knew what I had at Volcom was way deeper than that. I’ve been there since the beginning and I knew that I was going to be with them for the rest of my life.”

It’s no secret the surf industry is in a dire place and that almost every big surf company has been forced to make tough decisions. World tour events are being iced (goodbye J-Bay and Rip Curl Search event, Nike and Hurley from the US Open), teams are being hacked and brands are scaling back.

In parting ways, the company has said that, while they’ve had a great run together, it is now in the interest of both parties to go their separate paths: “Bruce has a new opportunity for a fresh start and we wish him and his family all the best in the future.” A Volcom insider also told Stab: “We do love Bruce. Such a bummer. We are all disappointed and this has been a very hard one for the team!”

Volcom was part of Bruce’s image, but he’s no less surfing’s biggest rockstar without them. Remember the flare shoot Stab did with Bruce in the Mentawai’s? Or, the blindfolded Chopes session? They ain’t the last of their kind, either. Two of surfing’s coolest elements (Volcom and Bruce) will always be cool, with or without each other.

A new sponsor will be announced any minute, but rumour will suggest that the prime real estate’s already been filled and Bruce’ll be joining Ian Walsh and Bede Durbidge.

Rather than dwelling on the end, we can’t help but think about how rad the beginning was, nearly 20 years ago. “Richard Woolcott (who’d left Quiksilver to start Volcom) calls my house and offers me this HUGE deal and I’m fucken 13 years old!” said Bruce. “It was fucking big! And my dad was like, “Volcom who? This fucken radical company? These fucken crazy punks at Volcom with their ads flipping people off?” But, the money was too good and we didn’t have any money at home so we had to take it.” – Elliot Struck

This Chopes wave? Ripped dear Bruce's trunks clean off. Photo: ASP/Kirstin

  • benno


  • anonymous

    Signing with My Brothers Keeper?

    • resin huffer

      fuck are those derelicts still in business ….. who buys that shit ?
      crackheads, junkies, rapists ?

      • Southbay

        Seriously? Still in business? Volcom was boight by PPR. PPR is the parent company to Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Puma. Selling price: 608 million dollars. Hardly the punk image it once was…maybe part of the decision.

        What’s next? The Lopez house?

  • Drue


  • all mods cons


    Very big opportunity missed by volcom ….. it was perfect timing for them
    to do something really unique with Bruce, take it all to the next level.
    Definitely volcom’s loss. Bruce will be great with Fox ….. that’s a nice fit,
    and their lucky to have him.


    • Hey Zeus

      Fuck you. Fox is gross and Bruce is rad, i can’t think of a worse fit.

  • meatpie

    Im over Bruce… lazy arrongant fucker.

  • Mbk


  • Esdee

    Sad face.

  • ass

    the tulip bubble

  • nicholas

    Volcom are in a confused state at the moment… Youth against Establishment owned by a French multinational. Huge skate team and no sales in skate stores… Now they are making party frocks
    The Fastest Way To Get Festive This Season? Throw On A Party Dress and Turn Up The Music! — Voila. What has happened?

  • gripper

    making room to sign Chippa i’d say

    • lol cats

      or JJF?????

    • Marcus

      Chippa cant even do a turn! Airs are cool, but they get old. Not a single turn in the new TW film Lets Surf Seriously. Bruce for Chippa? Sorry Chippa, but you are a far cry from Bitter Brucey!

  • Drew

    well he doesnt do comps and prob just pisses it up and does whatever on real big bucks…..
    some folks have to earn a living…and some surfers…take Bede for example, dropped by sponsors regularly..maybe he isnt the most marketable guy around…i think at one stage he was on tour sponsorless…he is one of the most solid and accomplished surfers on tour (can take down slater on his turf and vice versa), yet he is working for it…..suck it up Bruce, u been getting mega bucks to pull into big pipeline barrels all this time…im sure you’ll still be doin that and be getting paid for it…and maybe the pay will be relative to what u give back….obviously Volcom didnt think he was worth the money…u dont just get paid to be Bruce Irons……people get paid for productivity

    • Rock n feller

      “people get paid for productivity”

      Except if they’re shareholders

  • greg.

    bruce and ozzie shaped what volcom has become today.

    like fuck MBK would even be able to scrape the coin together to pay bruce to surf. plus they have the shittest image, bunch of scumbags that just want to brawl in kuta.

  • stone cracked

    volcom sucks!! what the fuck are thy gonna do with the pipe house without a top shelf pipe guy?

    • gnard

      haha they’ll prob sell

      • 1

        they already sold
        Volcom is owned by PUMA / GUCCI

    • suhsiroll

      I wouldn’t go to that stretch, Dusty seems to hold his own at pipe.

    • Dog

      Umm… let me think a while why I look in the offing for a few guys up for a deal right now who can ride pipe good….- and it’s not J.O.B.

      • Alex

        Fuck, John John with Volcom seems sort of perfect.

  • mike

    weak…..Bruce was Volcom…..made the company way more than he was paid….What up Woolcott?….letting Bruce go?….zero loyalty. Guess it s easy once you have your piece eh Rich?

    • ed

      how do you know bruce didnt leave them? going to fox….what a tool. money rules everything

    • adfjk

      Or Bruce wanted more money than he was worth. Dumb ass.

  • Potato

    Signed with Catchit. You heard it here first.

  • I do think so

    actually “catchit”‘s so out there, it would be a perfect fit. :D

  • Jed Addy

    Making room for JonJon.

  • Pipe man

    John John on the way!!

  • .

    Where was Bruce at the Volcom cloud break comp? Musta been something real fucken important.

    • yondy

      He was told he wasn’t allowed to compete in it by Volcom you idiot. So much you do not know

  • whatevs

    V co been around since the day for snow, skate and surf, music and art madness before anyone else thought plain fun naked shit was gonna work. This is just another over paid shredder getting the curtain call when the $ don’t make no sense no more….and yes, the stone is far from garage style cutouts anymore….and knowing wooly from way back, good on ya brother. Make bank on the dream, the haters are shitheads.
    All the best Brucey, as you are one of the all-time best…..earn it big or chill in the hammock bra



    • isurfbecauseitshipster

      you kooks just got shut the fuck down!

    • Shit haircut

      That has to be Koby. Nobody else is that dumb surely

    • ?

      Where were ya on the big day at cloudbreak?

      • meatpie

        working on a advertising campaign with like models and stuff for our new summer range of clothes for bad boys.

    • Mary

      U murdered someone in the past, should be in jail, asshole..

    • blitz

      Well said. I hope the Best for you guys. Mahalo

  • Dick Stiffington

    Maybe this is why he and wife have been in Cali this week?

  • king kook

    my brother creepy.kooks

  • ron

    look, im not hating on bruce although andy always was my favourite of the two but lezbehonist here. he was getting paid $$$$$$$ for what. a coupla surf trips to mex that normal ct do anyway.

    sorry bruce but results get the $ these days not beers , coke and enjoying the view from that nice ass motherfuckn balcony.

    im drunk stoned and talking smack but fuck . I LIKE u bruda , but welcome to reality we cant all be dave rastovich.

  • My Brothers Krackpipe

    Hope you get hit by a bus Koby. You waste precious oxygen.

  • Aldous Huxley

    Bruce is a legend. Bruce is unique. No question about that. Da guy has ripped and has helped position the Stone where it is today, and done it impeccably.
    Unfortunately word has it that he´s also been off the charts for a while, needing regular diaper changes. Island habits die hard and you only have to look at his recent performances to see that.
    If all of this is to make room for JJF then I rest my case, and if you want to see where vlcm is really headed, check Zeke Lau.
    Only a month now ´til the world implodes anyway, so enjoy yourselves fuckers. I´m sure BI will be just fine.

  • Jon

    Volcom and Bruce have been synonymous. Bruce seems to be on a transformative track, maybe this is a much needed break for him. From what I know, he and his wife have split also. Selling house in Hanalei too.

  • Leosurf

    i don’t know much, but if my older brother passed away after an accidental drug overdose; it might affect my “productivity.” As for the rider and brand parting ways; its nothing personal its’ just business. Go Bruce!

  • Happy surfer

    Bruce is the man! He’s no Kelly Slater, but he has provided surfing with some of its most memorable moments. From his Magna Plasm end section, to Winning the Eddie to getting his shorts ripped off on one of the gnarliest waves ever ridden. I just hope he finds his passion for surfing again, and we can see more of him.

  • Bonga

    “Two of surfing’s coolest elements (Volcom and Bruce) will always be cool, with or without each other.” Well I’m glad somebody is telling me what is cool and what isn’t. I might have worn the wrong shaped jeans. Jeez, that was a close one…

  • makkattack

    Seems he really is surfing for MBK now – real shocked at this decision. As mentioned above MBK doesn’t have the ,most respected image in surfing! I can only guess the $$$$ ruled the deal.

    I’d bet with vegas that Jon Jon will cruise with the Volcom boys sometime soon, … whatever happens I’ll look forward to what Volcom holds in the future!

  • better_off_wearing_armani

    @STAB “Two of surfing’s coolest elements (Volcom and Bruce) will always be cool, with or without each other.”
    – Sorry but the only thing cool about Volcom since they sold out WAS Bruce. Bruce will always stand tall and belong to himself who ever he rides for.
    Youth against establishment – Fuck off- Gucci and Yves St. Laurent selling surfing is almost as shocking as Fuller selling Chanel.
    Move on Bruce – the rest of have.

  • Steve Smith

    Some of the most hilarious comments I’ve read in a while. The author of this article sounds truly sad about the spilt. Oh too bad guy that gets paid shit loads of cash to sit on his ass and occasionally go surf splits with his sponsor! So sad! What are we all going to do? I’m going to go get drunk and relive all those special moments I spent in the surf shop buying over priced junk with the stone and Bruce’s name on it and have a cry :(

  • Alec

    This is just not right. I thought when they renewed him back in ’04 that it was a lifetime contract. Shaun White left Volcom for Target. Bruce stays true for nearly 20 years and gets shafted. Bruce and Fox do not fit. I know it’s just a sponser hit this is not right.

  • Tiago

    I love Bruce, and everyone does…
    But he was not even on the big Fiji day, his main sponsor event, in waves that he rips…
    Is easy to see that he is not motivated and not passionate anymore…sad!

  • isurfbecauseilovestabmag

    fuck me! you are all so tough behind your computer screens! who really gives a fuck about bruce and his sponsors. GET A FUCKEN LIFE YOU FUCKEN KOOKS!

    • isurfbecauseiwannabelikethinkingtwiceaboutthatwatat

      HAHAAHAH fuck up kook!

      • scratch

        you spelt hahaahah wrong, its hahahaha

        • 1

          jealous people!

    • Marcus

      says the dickhead reading the comment thread…..

  • Sand Man

    Fuck i’d love to see an IP address added to comments on this site – then we could we really figure out who the hen pecked, weekender, valley guys are – then we’d know why they have to let their lonely, meager, frustration out on this board.

    • The sandman

      Hmm your correct on that call Sand Man think I will steer clear of this topic.

  • Cosmic Unicorn Rider

    I’ve just got paid for doing nothing for like the last two weeks. I hate it, its more hard work than working itself. Bruce Irons deserves some kind of medal for his mastery of it. that last Mex vid he did was rad though.

  • Rob

    Lets face it, Bruce s been lazy as fuck, no one can sponsor someone that barely goes surf nowadays… Shame on that for sure

  • hail hitler

    fukin jews!!!!

  • scratch

    i am itchy

  • Mike

    I like MBK but not as a main sponsor for Bruce, he’s got too many kids that look up to him to be represented my a brand like MBK. Fox is a good match they sponsor Ian Walsh a solid surfer just like Bruce. Stab did say that ” prime real estate’s already been filled and Bruce’ll be joining Ian Walsh and Bede Durbidge” sounds like FOX to me!

  • rafael

    thats fuck up……nothing will be the same

  • adolf

    volcom better sign Jon Jon. I dont feel sorry for Bruce, Im pretty sure he owns stock in volcom so hell still be gettin checks from them, for the rest of his life that is

  • Bushy

    Bruce Irons in my opinion is the most well-rounded, stylish surfer of his generation and surfing is better for him. He has obviously had a tough time personally since his brother died, but you can’t keep a legend like that down and you certainly shouldn’t write him off. Tons of speculation obviously regarding his sponsor situation, but maybe it is just time for a change. His legacy is assured whatever he decides to do.

  • Reality

    There are other reasons for the split than money. If you are too stupid to see what they are, then you are basically ostriches with your heads buried in the sand. 20 years ago Bruce was on a different path.

  • Harry

    They spent all their money blowing kyus king up. That little shit is ever where

  • Mike Risick

    I tried:

    follow me on twitter for me realities: @dirtseedwater

  • ok

    i’m shocked! thought this headline was a joke… without Bruce? in that Surfer article a few years back, Blair assured Bruce that he would never have to have a real job in his life… hope that’s still true. who’s gonna move into the upstairs at Pipe? Coco? so Dusty’s their guy now? geesh… this doesn’t make any sense. Bruce was supposed to be a lifer.

  • Al Soldano

    Sources close to the matter are saying Bruce has signed with Victoria’s Secret

  • kai borg

    trying to get bruce to sign for Vague Vision >……

  • Damon

    I hope this house is paid off. Bruce has been lazy and even has a tough time throwing a few stones on his boards while in Mex this summer. INstead he draws something that looks like his son scribbled on his board. Show some respect and at least sticker up. Lazy lazy lazy

  • Benji

    Really surprise news… bruce is a great surfer, but when you personal life is going threw major changes, sometimes you need to star fresh… with his divorce and moving to LA, probably he needed to reevaluate his path… But no matter who his sponsor is, BI will always rock… Volcom isn’t the same company, of 20 years ago… they went to the top, being the most cool, but now they’re cruising down.

  • end of the world baby. first plague

  • kala

    BI is an ok surfer… but just a boy… and now with all of his divorce and his new yoga babe, he hit rock bottom. Stand up dude, be a man. you have a great family, don’t fuck them over some yoga chick…

  • yo

    Which seems bad it may be better to Bruce, after the storm comes the sun!

  • kenny
  • o

    jealousl people!

  • 1

    Bruce keep health and believes in God, nobody has the best for you than him! your life is precious :) love ya

  • the bodhi zaffa

    Brizzels? No more volcom? Dang. i remember when I was wee lad I had a volcom poster on my ceiling of bruce punting 8 ft out with gerbil hand style, legend I tell ya. But the economy is raging in a bad way and Bruce is in the twilight of his career I guess. Sickest style, but MBK as a new sponsor? Eh sounds about as cool as Bibbity Bobby riding for FTW. But hell, they shell the greenbacks who really cares when it comes down to it? Anybody know what he’s being doing lately? Transworld had a piece that he had gone off the grid for a minute. Details please with crazy stories.

  • The Truth…

    Everyone knows that Bruce never learned from his brother’s OD. Ya i said it OVERDOSE. He’s still on the Drugs and is too childish, arrogant, and stupid to learn a lesson. Dave Wassel is probably sick of him bringing his piss poor attitude, drug problem, and stupid friends to the Pipe House. Thank God Volcom finally wised up and did what they needed to do to protect their young surfers from ending up like Bruce. With that said, I wish Bruce the best and I really hope he can finally kick the drug habit and do something with his life that will further society instead of tarnish it.

    • luke

      Have some respect you FUCK!!! ^^^^
      Bruce is the fucken man and a surfing god! Best style in surfing ever!

  • jm

    Bruce had his time, his chances, his opportunities – no career lasts forever, especially not in this business.
    I think he was already past his peak when he retired from the CT and proclaimed to do only selcet CT events in the future. How could he really have believed that any event sponsor would offer him a wildcard and not one of their team riders?

  • The Professor

    Bruce just signed to The Critical Slide Society! Chippa to Volcom, Jon Jon stays with Oneil.

  • Stu

    Volcom doesn’t want to enable Bruce’s drug addiction. Surprising from a company that has had so many drug users on their team. I guess the new owners aren’t down with that lifestyle. I hope the entire surfing industry continues to spiral downward.

  • Mike

    How do you people know all this personal shit about him… this is probably what he was talking about shit rumors start about his marriage and personal life… Yoga girl friend?

    • jenna

      I’m with you man. How people know these kind of stuff? is anything real?? Talking about a family here…

    • Truth

      I know this is true, for a fact. It isn’t right to air his dirty laundry out in the open. What do you expect though? It’s one of the worst kept secrets, bound to come out eventually. His sweet wife held that family together after Andy’s death. She didn’t deserve what Bruce did to her.

      • ashley

        amen sister!

      • Mike

        Everyone know’s facts…they think they do anyway, that’s why it’s called a rumor. You know what people tell you and what you hear, people go by hear say and hear say is always the worst kind. You think u know it for a fact but what you know aint true.

        • be free

          Sure, people talk shit all the time…especially on the North Shore. The Irons’ brothers have always been targets (in my opinion, due to their talent). But, this rumor ain’t no lie. How do I know? Cause it’s a small community out here and I know all 3 players in this. Mia will be fine. She’s a smart, good looking, soulful woman. They’re actually on good terms now, she’s a gem that way. Bruce has had an unfair amount of tragedy befall him these last few years. But, that doesn’t excuse anything. His partnership with Volcom has been stagnant. In his Transworld interview he mentions that he’s happy to do whatever for his sponsor’s when he feels appreciated. What?! Them paying you upwards of half a million/year ain’t enough appreciation for you? Things happen or a reason, he’s growing into a new person and Volcom just doesn’t fit anymore.

  • srjte7k

    so bruc is an ice addict, throwing away what should be a perfect life. drugs are gay.

  • love to furnicate hot wife

    So… nobody had looked the good side of this whole shit, that nice blond are single now…i can wait till tripping on her at hawaii night life….and I have plenty subjects to approach and talk with her…easy like drink water capsidedown..hahahaha, i gonna catch her a soon as i see..probably the heart are fragile, best moment to approach with latin lover…fuck bruce arrogant prick you gonna be cornutto !!!!!!

  • josh

    what about Red Bull Jaws invitational?? He’s going??
    “The event, hosted by Red Bull, will feature 21 invite-only surfers and will have a waiting period that will run from December 7 to March 15.”

  • Brainless brucie

    Hate to say it, but karma is a bitch. His wife is one of the most awesome women out there. Has dealt with his immaturity n breakdowns for years. She was the rock for years. Have him two beautiful children and was the perfect wife. She was the only brains in that family. He used her and dumped her for a dumb little empty headed bimbo. The guy is clueless and one of the biggest losers around. Mia I hope you fucken take him to town. Dickhead of the highest order and a person who redefines the word selfish. Ya blew it big time brucie and I hope you fall flat on your ugly, roasted beak. Karma is a bitch. Mr late to the spiritually evolved world. Ah, so spiritual brah, screw the ones that helped you the most. Karma is a bitch and you just ordered a decade of shit karma. So enlightened brah. Just go away now loser.

  • Ryno

    Breaking News: Andrew Doheny has just moved up to the top spot as Volcoms #1 team rider. Travel fund and paychecks will be increased. Wait, has he even surfed Pipe before?

  • Truth

    There’s so much more to this story. Volcom will never ever be the same without Bruce. Terrible decision. Bruce may have not addressed his turmoil in his life with his career and Wife… but he is still an amazing surfer. Volcom now looks like idiots. Bruce will get himself sorted and continue to be a great surfer. His ability is at the top of the most elite. Volcom seriously couldn’t have made more of a bad decision. So much more will come out in a tell all Bruce interview. My wishes he works things out with his Wife and Career. He was a lucky man and shouldn’t ever give up.

  • Tupat

    It’s funny how all you nameless FUCKS want to call Bruce out and poke fun at the matter, but what you forget is that Guys like Bruce made and still make Surfing what it is. Everyone has issues and you nameless Fucks need to respect them. Bruce could ride for nobody and still be the best backhand tube rider ever and still get covers and all that fucking industry splatting bro bro Magazine Shit… Who cares Just Go Surf Bruce… Just like you did in MEX! Ride on Brother Bruce! Go Logoless!

  • askandyoushallreceive

    Chanel Wolf on Instagram. Bam.

  • nico

    i think hes going for red bull

  • Shame

    Some of you people are f-ing shameless!

  • meatpie

    Bada bing titts and grill bar…

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