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Bottle’s Girls of Hawaii

There’s a whole lot of girls in Hawaii. The kind that hang out at the beach in nice bikinis and soak up the sun. Jay ‘Bottle’ Thompson has done some documentation of this Hawaiian element, and questioned some pals on what they dig about these gals. Matt Wilkinson, Evan Geiselman, Jack Freestone and Paul Fisher answer with gusto. Welcome to Bottle’s Girls Of Hawaii. More awesomeness at BottleSurf.

  • thommo

    and ive sure had my fair share.yew!!! might call some up later

    • thommo really is gay

      fair share of dudes maybe.

  • uncle remus

    all those dudes slay more pussy than i can dream of.

    • hungry boy

      Here here brother, I feel ya.

  • bodhi zaffa

    damn fish is the freaking mane.

  • gift card

    yep …. the boys are livin the dream ……. yewwwwww

    more sex tips from Paul please ….. ha ha ha ha

  • City and Clothing

    Stab, promoting chauvinism at a media outlet near you.

  • AkonAnon

    Pointy elbows

  • thommo

    No offense, but these gentlemen need better approaches.. they seem very immature.. no wonder they are single and lonely.

  • jjj

    real thickkkkkkkkkkkk they’re the best hahahahahahah

  • skullkrip


    • xbox

      My mom would fuck wilco. I know cause she is always with foreign guys.
      She really likes mexican and strange spanish guys. (well, i think there strange)
      I think my mom is about 50, if that makes any dif.

      Is that weird that I know she would fuck him ?

      • Makua R.


        Fuck you – you little shit *%$#
        I am Hawaiian, not fuckin Mexican … you lil fucktard.
        My posse gonna track you down and lay a beatin on you
        dat you will never forget.

        You gonna be one wasted lil haole.


  • baba


  • Fuck.


  • Billy

    Trogs of Hawaii

  • g

    Hi, I’m 12.

  • Jimmy Jizz

    wanking 10 times a day …..
    brings ya closer to the lord.

    Oh lord …. i am so close now.

  • Heinz

    chanel and her trogs friends sould be featured there….

    • travis

      They were all there last night at turtle bay, surfer bar! the pro free surfers and they trogs babes!

    • downward dog

      bahahahaaa. Chanel Wolf Trog

  • Zac Heath

    Fuck me Blake Takbit is hot as fuck. #cambo

  • Zac Heath

    timmy dickson @ slime your a gay cunt

  • Zac Heath

    yehahhhh slats good tits but your fat as fuck’

  • robm

    if you’re a pro surfer with depression, trogs are the cure!

  • Chaz

    this is thommorific!

  • Gab

    “They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever.” Oscar Wilde
    “Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.” William Shakespeare
    “There’re easy, you don’t have to buy them shit” Paul Fisher
    True wisdom

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