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Analog, we’ll miss you

This morning, news broke that Burton-owned company Analog is leaving the surfing world. Started as a snow label by Greg Dacyshyn and Jeff Anderson, Analog soon become its own beast and moved into surfing and skating. As part of a large remodelling of Burton’s structure, Analog will return to its roots as a snow company in Burlington, Vermont, which means no more surf or skate team or product. The change-up will also see Gravis footwear retreat to Japan and move forward as a lifestyle brand, as well as Burton’s exit outta its Program brands, Foursquare, Forum and Special Blend.

The clouds have a little silver lining, however: Channel Islands Surfboards, which was acquired by Burton in 2006, will be unaffected by the change. “The economy has a voice of its own that we all have to listen to, and the message is clear: do what you do best and focus purely on it,” said Burton founder, Jake Burton. “In our case, that means to narrow our focus to the sport and lifestyle that got us here – snowboarding. We will continue to support Channel Islands in its endeavour to make the best surfboards in the world and Gravis in its new home in Japan, but when you walk through the front door here in Burlington, Vermont, it will be all snowboarding and snowboarding lifestyle all the time – driven by the Burton, Analog and anon brands.”

Back when Stab ran Little Weeds in 2009, Analog approached us and asked if there was anyone who was blowing our hair back that might be available for work. Riley Blakeway, who went on to win the film division of the competition, was our first suggestion. That intro formed a relationship that would see the production of Riley’s two biggest surf films, NOW in 2010 and Chromatic in 2012.

“I had no idea until Chippa (Wilson) called me at 8.30am and told me what had happened,” says Riley. “My whole career in the surf film industry has been making films with Analog. They had such a family vibe, especially in Australia. I have personal friendships with everyone I worked closely with there. Andy (from the company) is one of my best mates and I met him working through Analog. And, obviously Chippa. They’d always support whatever direction I took. They were the kinda company that knew they’d hired you for a reason and just gave you freedom. Plus, their style always aligned with where I was going.”

Aside from the loss of a brand that brought rawness and cool to surfing, Burton’s re-model also means a that a whole lot of people are now looking for new jobs. “Clearly, the most difficult aspect of this decision and transition is the people affected,” said Jake Burton. “The employees and team riders associated with these brands have poured their guts into making it happen. Their level of commitment has been extraordinary, and we will do everything we can to help support them through this transition.”

With a team that consists of Chippa Wilson, Nathan Fletcher, Koby Abberton, Benji Weatherly, Kamalei Alexander, Benny Godwin and poor Oli Kurtz, who jumped ship to Analog from Hurley less than five months ago, there’s gonna be a lot of scrambling in the next few days and weeks. Nathan Fletcher for Vans head-to-toe seems logical (or with so many jocks ruling the surf world but perhaps a brand who needs some grit), but what of Chippa, who now sits at number six in the world on Transworld Business’s 2012 Exposure Meter, and number four on their Editorial Coverage list (after John, Dane and Kelly!)? Either way, we’re sure these cats will be just fine. We can only assume that dear Chippa missed Stab‘s call as he was fending off contracts. Or, surfing! – Elliot Struck

  • Attention

    I wish Nike, Red Bull, Monster, & Target would go away instead…

    • bender

      If they can put money into the sport and promote more events, isnt that a good thing? It doesnt mean you have to buy/wear/drink their products. It means as a fan of surfing you get to see more surfing. Would you honestly be having a sook if Target brought back J-Bay? or Monster gave some young guy/girl an opportunity to travel and enter events by sponsoring them?

      • Wayne

        The only things essential to surfing are surfboards, wetsuits & wax. Everything else is pure f*ckery. I wish “Professional” surfing would go the way of the dodo bird. So no, I could care less if kook factories like Nike etc. step in & promote the “sport” of surfing..

        • burnonedown

          so wtf are you doing reading an internet surfmag paid for by ads from major companies? and articles purely about media and business themes? be real and go live in a hut. cold one I guess since you don´t need trunks

        • Your an idiot

          Your an idiot

          • You’re an idiot

            Every time someone comments “your an idiot” I can’t help but think “you’re an idiot”

          • ron


        • Nh

          What about sunscreen?

      • adafs

        i see enough people fucking surfing already, out in the lineup kook

  • G

    But they could! all you must do is flex your consumptive might and drink rockstar, wear adidas and shop at Ikea instead!

  • NorthSideKook

    I agree w Attention…at least those big Co’s won’t be destroying our neighborhood with the US Open next year.

  • T

    Cool brand, cool people in charge of it. A real shame

  • Joe Buggs

    AND… Benny Godwin, that kid’s Cray. Someone sign him up.

  • it’sfunnycausehefat

    chippa should go insight

    • Joe

      Can’t pay him in baked beans. So no Insight.

  • Thommo

    Sounds like Analog were a bunch of C#*ts… Didnt tell anyone they were losing their jobs?!! thats fucked… and Ben Godwin, couldnt careless what happens to him…

  • doobie

    insight is sick. honestly fuck the government OBAMA is still a big headed dimwit that really cant fix his own car let a lone a nation. mitt romney is a poor mormon. mormonism is not a logical religion. i just want anarchy or atleast as little government control as possible. and marijuana being illegal makes me laugh my little penis to sleep.

    • Doobs the dick

      Doobs the dick……….arguably the most annoying cyber nerd on the planet at the moment

  • bm

    You fellas forgot Ben Godwin rode for them too he rips shit!!!!!

  • Funky Gibbon

    Why do people hate Nike, Red Bull, Monster so much?

    • burnonedown


  • Nicholas Farris

    A sad day as it was one of the smaller more progressive labels that actually made clothes that were wearable and not too jock or hipster inspired. Some good people were involved in the sales and marketing too and it wasn’t the corporate juggernaut like its competitors either… Oh we’ll miss u and thanks for the boardies and good times!

    • b

      It was part of Burton… one of the biggest sporting brands in the world, it doesnt get much more juggernaut.

  • asdfasdf

    Have a Log. Huh.

  • Greg Browning

    Does this mean that Benji Weatherly has to start up the ‘Drive Thru’s’ again?

  • Consumer of crap

    I still don’t even know what Analog produced…maybe that was part of the problem.

  • westie

    did Matuse get cut as well??? they were Burton owned. C’mon stab get on it

    • Oh no

      Matuse are not owned by Analog you dumbass… They are a french label distributed by surf hardware….

      • westie

        French? no they are not unless they were acquired by some french company. They started in Caliifornia, and rumored to have been bought out by burton a while back… mustve been just a rumor??

    • t

      Matuse is san diego born and raised

  • kai

    chip to volcom

  • K

    Seems pretty ruthless too sign a guy for only 5 months. They had to have some sort of idea they were going to be shutting Analog down. They had a plan of what was going to happen to everything. That kind of decision doesn’t happen over night its had to have been in the works for a while especially in a massive company like that.

  • longtom

    what the fuck did Analog make?

    is Koby Abberton still alive?

    • i don´t wear a watch

      i thought they made just watches

  • jdub

    Hopefully chippa goes to RVCA

  • Spitball

    Burton never understood surfing. They just didn’t know what to do when they maxed out snowboarding. Their board experiments at Channel Islands were meant to change the industry but they completely flopped. Strangely enough the analog guys understood skating and surfing pretty well. They were arguably the only fresh and relevant part of the parent company. Should have been spun off as a skate surf brand instead. The incredible shrinking pie affects everyone. Surfing is heading for a few years of too many rats, not enough cheese. Unless Romney can actually win and use his magical underwear and business skills to turn the world economy around. Not a great hope, but for a rational mind, there is no other hope at this point. Obama is a proven failure and so is the e.u. We are proper fucked, the lot of us, flat stick fisted.

    • badmandril

      Spitball? Are you an Aussie complaining about foreign elections? “Ah, we are proper fucked, the lot of us, flat stick fisted.” One slow gentle tear is rolling down my cheek for you, sir. Are you a pro surfer burdened by economic crisis?

  • Ceej

    CHIPPA FOR INSIGHT!!! do some airs n shit. Take a few photos. Yeah, Chippa for Insight. But God, do not get Riley to make films for Insight. Heavens no. Get Blake Myers to.

  • wayne

    does that mean Abberton will have to get a real job? God forbid…

    • Thommo

      he probably killed someone already

    • paul “the truth” pierce

      who the fuck would employ that cunt

  • poo poo

    anal log

  • cree

    Fuck Burton and anyone that loves em

  • Ted shithead

    I know…and just when they were going to sign Stirling Spencer for saving that drowning lamb after winning the second east cost title as a wee man…so sad so sad…

  • Realist

    Chippa will be rubbing his hands, he is hot property like transworldsurf say he is in the top exposure list, major roles in major movies shots in every mag, he will get a mega contract with a big company no worries, RVCA/Insight/volcom would all be good matches hopefully he gets the $ he deserves!

    • porn vision

      ….he’ll be rubbing his right hand against his……….

  • tradie

    yeah theres no way the didn’t know before signing old mate, thats fucked up. all the surf brands are up shit creek. Not sure what team riders are going to do might have to get on the tools.

    • Ex-Pro

      Ha HA. There is something nice about putting your bags on, making money, goin to work every day after a surf. Being attached to a ‘brand’, of one of these selfish companies that can’t even tell their team riders and crew that the ship has sunk is lame. Bad enough in the trades when the river dried up a bit, but relying on a measly paycheck and a box of free clothes from some Corpo that barely knows who you are is weak. Learn to use a hammer B level Pro, cause those t-shirts, and boardies wear out quick without replacements.

  • Lord Humongous

    Insight have no $$$ so wont be signing Chippa. RVCA are Bong and they are also broke so they wont be signing him.

    Help me obi won Volcom – You are my only hope.

  • tomas burns

    I don’t care what happens to their team. Those companies Burton is dropping all sucked. CI Surfboards and Burton need to be the key focus, not all of these B list pet projects. In the end, this will be better. The same shit happened with Quik when they bought Cleveland Golf and Rossignol and then dumped them. Gabriel Medina is probably crying about this right now, not because he is on their roster, but because he is a baby who hangs out with chair throwers.

  • big hen

    Chippa has been doing male model gigs for some tattoo rags. Cock tattoos are a new fad.

  • Reality

    More of the stupidity, and prostitution of surfing. “Hey, we can make money! let’s all start a surf company”, and join the multimillion dollar industry that really isn’t. Then find out that the economy “has a mind of it’s own”, and retreat. Guess that explains why dorks are buying fragile Al Merricks for $700 U.S., plus tax off the rack. Yet another amorphous company, that had no recognizable product, and a few surf faces attached for name brand. Quit trying to sell surfing everywhere in the World. Once again, the Danny Kwoks of the World, who stuck surf gear in the malls for their own profit are to blame. Now surfing is a game of mirrors, with a fragile economic infrastructure, and big companies booting out all the small brands that made surfings soul. Instead it has become a corporate morass of unsustainable hype. May the OC fall into the Ocean, and we can get back to going surfing,

    • az bay

      Learn to swim

    • Danny Kwok

      Does this mean you want to suck on Chippa’s dick?

      • analog

        I might… would you like to watch and let him stain your t-shirt?

  • hank mardukas

    poor oliver kurtz. that sucks

  • Koby

    I always thought Analog secretly meant Go Anal.

  • roger meras

    i will say i am very pleased that oliver kurtz got cut… the dude drives a fucking Hummer! he doesnt need shit

  • L8drop


    I really dislike the word Brand.
    As soon as we all started running around talking about fuckin brands …….
    brands this …. branding that ….. we became fully fucked.

    With the new realities of the empty economy I don’t see it ever
    getting back to the way it was ….. we really can’t have
    unstoppable growth at all times.
    Its unsustainable.

    yep ….. i really hate the word brand.


    • Reality

      Spot on comment L8drop

    • Smac

      Did you secretly write the lyrics for the new Muse album?

      • S


    • ijup

      what about the word sustainable zzzzzzzzzzzzzz misused and abused, you dont even know what it means anymore

  • McFly

    Chippa and Nathan can hop onto the BIC Stand Up team
    they have a couple openings ….. but they’ll have to get on it right away.
    Thats one smokin hot company.

  • Riley

    Analog was the ideal place for team riders who innovate and test new boundaries, Chippa, Nathan and everyone else don’t belong anywhere but Analog. To say that they’d be fine on any other team is a huge mistake. It’ll just be straight weird and awkward. Way to go Analog, great deciscion.

  • Papi

    Analog did help a few up and get going tho, all their marketing power did put a few faces and names on the map. Great opportunities were had. Too bad tho i wouldn’t have guessed it. like wow what happened ?

  • dave

    Burton just bought a bunch of brands to expand, bound to fail.

    Lib Tech on the other hand, aka Mike Olsen, put their heads down and just started making the most innovative boards in the world across surfing and skating as well as snowboarding. When Burton was putting out $1500 snowboards using 10 year old tech with leather top sheets, and boards “inspired” by Chippendale furniture (yep, seriously) Lib Tech was taking massive commercial risks with new technology (magnetraction) just because it rode better. And now they have a patent on the best Snowboard tech in the world – outselling Burton everywhere -they are using the profits to develop the most durable, environmentally friendly surfboards ever. Lib win. Burton (finally) lose.

    • even core is owned thesedays

      Lib Tech are owned by Quiksilver

    • rattone

      Lib tech is pure shit and is a perfect example of a company trying to incorporate snowboarding “tech” bullshit into surfboards and skateboards. They are failing HUGELY on both of those fronts and will continue to do so. Lib tech needs to take Jakes advice and “do what you know and do it best” Keep that shit on the mountains because thats the only place its relevant, surfers and skaters will never buy that hideous looking over-teched garbage.

  • Hulio

    Analog is the sickest brand …. So heavy for the riders, hope ben and chippa get some sick new sponsers cause they seriously rip

  • the truth

    what fool misses this companies that charge 50 dollars for boardies?

    as if the world would bat an eye if Rip Curl was taken over….. Non News..

    I don’t feel sorry for tattooed heathens that surf everyday and have 4 brain cells in use.

    • Bede D

      I went into a Rip Curl store the other day for the hell of it and they didn’t even carry surfboards. What’s next, a golf store that doesn’t carry golf clubs. A sex shop that doesn’t carry blow-up dolls? Surf companies produce inferior product that nobody with in sense would ever pay full price for. Good riddance to ‘um all.

    • rattone

      tattoed heathens?? you probably only bang your wife in missionary position. I feel so sorry for you and your values truth. Wake up and live a little

      • heathen

        yeah, maybe i do. maybe im a missionary. maybe i got a 13 inch cock. you wanna see?

  • goQuik

    A shame to see people lose jobs, but how many clothing and snowboard companies can there be?
    Seen the Libtech boards and thankfully they are junk, loud graphic surftech meets firewire. Actually will probably sell well to inland barneys who don’t know better.

    Lib is more pop-outs that will take more work from our shaping and glassing mates. At least they are not made in China – for now.

  • harry

    It’s quite funny to read how pissed off you all are about this. Every time Stab post a “Brand’s” clip you all piss an moan about the industry ruling the media and fuck them blah blah blah. When a company goes broke, you’re upset that a guy who’s making bank to surf loses his job? Well if you want him to continue to make bank and appear in various media, then how about you support the industry and their brands? You can’t have it both ways. You can shop at Best and Less and sleep at night knowing your not contributing to the downfall of soul surfing OR you can support the brands who sponsor your favourite surfers.
    It’s a slippery slope. First your pro surfers slip away, then your favourite mags, there’ll be no surf flims or photos to look at and then surfing will be run by conglomerates who’ve contributed little or nothing to the history of the sport/culture. It’s up to us to make the call.

    • Just Go Surf

      Hey Hairy, thats what a lot of people want, and it would be good! Nobody gives a fuck WHO appears in media, or makes millions. We all just want to surf, and are tired of surfing being so hyped that its an overcrowded mess. Marketers sell ‘a lifestyle’, to promote sales. A lot of people make the call, and never buy $50 shorts, or $800 surfboards, but a lot of stupid people do. Apparently just not enough to sustain the “Industry”. Watching comps is sick, and such, but in the end we would all just go surfing no matter what. Choose not to buy in, get what you need, keep it simple.

      • Harry

        I agree and totally feel the same because frankly I don’t give a fuck whether pro surfing exists or not. it doesn’t effect me going surfing. I’m just saying if you’re going to be devo’d that Chippa and Nathan and co got sacked then go buy their products, if not, shut up and go surfing.

      • kas

        where i live it tends to go flat for long stretches – i quite enjoy watching clips of current rippers etc. and other surf related parafenalia – it helps to keep me sane.

        BTW – you realise your on a website essentially dedicated to surf clips and tit bits?

    • kas

      i think the real issue is that the only way that anybody can even be a ‘pro surfer’ is to be paid by a merchandise company to use their image.
      Its pretty wierd

  • Phillips

    Aghast..may the salty masses continue to wear your label.. On full display and in support of your brand… & fade away, say “never!” xxd.

  • G

    Funny how contentious the topic of capitalism v. surfing is– I think it’s because playing in the ocean on floaty sticks is just inherently fun with absolutely no independent “utility”. Frequent topic of conversation over beers with my crew for sure…

    On another note: I’m curious about how Volcom is doing? Are they still turning a profit? I always felt like their business/brand was super unsustainable, but then again, they do have Bruce…

  • man

    kinda sad but i can’t name one actually brand that hasn’t sold out to some corp

  • an

    why did Analog not sell the brand? Why not sell it to Chippa and Nathan instead of paying out their contracts?

    the sales must of really sucked arse for someone not to have bought them.

  • Industry Brotard

    The Analog brand is NOT going away. If you guys actually read the press release & Jake Burton’s interview, you would know that they are just ditching their surf & skate programs & refocusing strictly on snowboarding, which is where they started (and should have stayed apparently).

    • S

      ya.. they are ditching their SURF brand..which is why a SURF website posted this. I love snowboarding, but this website has nothing to do with it. yOU should call the editors and tell them to post winter x games results

      • Industry Brotard

        No, idiot, Analog is a CLOTHING BRAND that used to sponsor snowboarders, surfers & skaters. Now they are a CLOTHING BRAND that only sponsors snowboarders. Get it??

  • Jay

    Sigh… the end of the longest line…
    Skateboarding and snowboarding have always seemed to have a cooler counter cultured edge than surfing, so it’s only fair the brand gravitates back to its stable

  • longtom

    Snowboarding is full of rich jerk-off wankers…’s the greatest poseur sport in the world, mostly because anyone can get good at it in a week.

    Thank fuck that snowboard/surfing crossover bullshitt died in the arse because snowboarders just couldn’t learn to surf the way surfers could learn to snowboard.

  • Nh

    I think Kamalei and Benji better learn how to use a hammer! Haha

  • Some Kook

    chippa to brixton!!

  • Casual Observer

    Analog was, is and always will be a cool brand. You’re always welcome back.

  • Oliver

    “so yeah Hurley look, i was thinking… how about we just pick up where we left off and call it a day! i am so stoked on your company and how we’ve always treated each other as family…” …says Oliver Kurts

  • Benji

    “so yeah Bud Light look, i was thinking… how about we get away from the whole ‘paying me with 18 packs’ and start with giving me $200 a month so i can keep getting these great haircuts! that would be awesome, thanks…”

    “oh and if you could, do send a few more 18’s my way, got a lot of guys coming over for Halloween! thanks again”

    “crap, what to wear what to wear… i can’t be that guy still wearing clothes of a company that doesn’t exist anymore… hmmm, well good thing i’ve got a bunch of Dragon t’s from the 90’s”

    “hey Greg, anyway you can get a hold of Donovan? i was thinking we could drive around California and film it… you know, put back a few hundred bucks from the profits off the dvd’s… what’s that, we’ve already driven around Cali? well what about Japan? nope… Oz, Central America or Europe? really, that was us? we’ve already done that? well, who knew… and what do you mean people aren’t buying dvd’s anymore?

  • Adam

    ‘Design unlikely futures’ so it didn’t work out.. A shame ’cause they did a few things right (namely backing chippa), they supported filmmaking (which very few companies do these days) and they made a pair of boardies covered in sushi! Shame I hope too many ppl don’t loose their jobs. I hope andy and the other guys in oz land on their feet, as for the riders? Good luck gents its a tough nut to crack this ‘pro surfing’ thing. Ask Shane Herring. Peace.

  • doom

    fuck chippa and nathan…. what about dylan rieder?

  • Blah

    Guess these guys just didnt sponsor enough guys who made people “get on it” when product was put on the ground.

  • hole

    only the strongest will survive nigga

  • nkljh

    anal og’s

  • paul “the truth” pierce

    the surf industries really a fucked up scene and the surf brand is a slowly dying breed.. who here actually buys and wears “surf labels”??
    the surf industries an absolute joke,, surfers don’t even wear there steez…

  • paul “the truth” pierce

    p.s my house mate bought a rip curl party shirt the other day…

    i shook my head in disappointment..

  • breadguy

    what is a ‘party shirt’?

  • ninja west

    buy from true people of the sport, not from dudes that want to add to the bottom line of a stock ticker, remember when the GROMs think our brand is kooky, it is in the Malls, and old fat dudes from Sydney and Ohio were your brand IT IS OVER! SURFER for SURFERS, plus it already to pack in the line up! try a surf BOARD company like WEST SURFBOARDS, T & C or pYZEL

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