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Ain’t that Swell…

Here at Ain’t that Swell we’re committed to bringing you your weekly dredge of all things surfing. This week Ozzie Wright joins us in the studio (well, his studio) to play us a few records and talk us through his life and times (think choc-coated-magic-mushroom-cubes, the North Narrabeen “bucks party” style of surf culture and the bizarre accumulation of successful tweakers and bohemians that are his friends and family).

With the Billabong Pro, Rio De Janeiro around the corner, World Tour surfer Matt Wilkinson talks to us about preparing for an event in one of the world’s most crowded and aggressive lineups (spoiler: it involves him getting slapped followed by a threesome). Also, why a bigger penis doesn’t necessarily improve your surfing.

Finally, we head to Ireland’s west coast for this week’s Obscure Surf Check with Fergal Smith. The winter was brutal but Fergal had the mental grit to see it out. How he fares as the country’s kooks continue to discover tow surfing, however, is another matter.

Ain’t That Swell by Ry Franz

Click download on the player above to save the show to your machine.


Daniel Johnston – Chords of Fame
Ruminaters – Deadstuff (Download here)
Goons of Doom – We don’t care
Lunasa – Boy in the Boat (Outro)
Boston Blackies Bonzer Boys – Rocky Racoon (Download here)
Mylee and Ozzie – Wrapped up (Download here)

  • damien

    HAHA!!! yesssss. love it boys

  • Cote

    Ozzy’s actually good to listen too. With a little polishing this segments kinda cool

  • zach

    Awesome pretty sick listening to

  • Herman Melville

    With a little polishing that comment above might actually be literate, Mr Cote. Zing!

  • Grammar Nazi!

    Yeah, pretty heavy for a magazine editor, Cote. Can’t say I’ve ever read Transworld but I’m feeling maybe it could get used in primary schools as a “find what’s wrong in this sentence” kind of teaching tool.

  • fap

    Segments pretty heavy, with a little polishing my tool maybe someone can teach GrammarNazi to go to primary school and eat a penus

  • drea

    its hard not to like ozzie wright. and you don’t hear him talk that much. thanks,,,

  • Papa

    Nice intro show boys……. awesome! Keep the beaches rockin’

  • jdub

    suck a dick, cunts

  • Hermes Endarkess

    Classic. How good’s Wilko and how epic is the Goons new track. That’s some geeewd listenin’ there fellas.

  • Hermes Endarkess

    “Which clip has my cock in it?” Bahahahahahaha.

  • Physical specimen

    I still trip on the fact there’s a full surf crew in Ireland. Let alone heaps of kooks trying to whip in at slabs and blowing it, weirdness.

  • Chamalala

    “Sarge era” shenanigans. Eeeeeeeeeeep!

  • Barney kook rubberneck

    Oz = pure legend!

  • Randy Rarick

    Get Sunny Garcia, Eddie Rothman or Kala Alexander on here.

  • Bored current

    Epic show. surfiung needs this

  • cold pussy

    I never want to surf in irlenad.

  • Skeggin’

    “And then you just drop in and smack the lip and – BAAAARRRRRR!” Long live skeg heads, long live skeg heads!

  • Jimi

    Groovy show. Jimi digs!

  • Thoeophilus Thistler the Sizzled Sister

    Barney, kook, haole, rubberneck, blow in, spook, eggroll, gumby, gherkin head, gronk, poo-man and so on.

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