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Ain’t that Swell…episode three

Here at Ain’t that Swell we’re committed to bringing you your weekly dredge of all things surfing. This week we’re joined by former hobo, punk singer, skater, skim boarder, professional itinerant and aerial innovator, Warren Smith to talk music, surfing, politics and homeless love. Josh Kerr joins us live from Fiji, where he’s about to meet his maker in the form of 12-foot Cloudbreak. He also divulges his ingenious honeymoon scheme (wait six years then take your wife to a tropical island brimming with pheromone secreting alpha males). Finally, we head to San Sebastian, deep in the Basque country, where the lefts are hollow, the car bombs are spicy and the world’s best indie surf culture festival is about to begin. Proudly presented by Aerial 7.

Miss Al Knost, Lewis Samuels and Canuck Pro, Peter Devries in episode two? Click here.

For Ozzie Wright, World Tour surfer, Matt Wilkinson and Irish Pro, Fergal Smith, click here. 

  • Guiseppe

    Pretty funny about Kerrzys honeymoon.

  • Socal hobos

    Sweet show lads. Waz is the man. Hobo pro!

  • loco motion

    Sweet tunes. Warren Smith, what a lord!!!

  • growlesque

    more…more… refreshing authentic people words sounds. Gracias

  • Tim 20 foot waves Frank

    This show blows the excuse of nobody was prepared for the waves. it is obvious that guys could have prepared if they wanted to be… While the comp being called off could be seen as a blessing in disguise, allowing many more surfers to freely enjoy the amazing swell, it is a shame that most of the “pros” didn’t want to get their sponsors’ shirts wet. Love the interview with Warren Smith – occupy the waves! The show has blurred the pain of a broken knee, cheers. One thing Ry, what about playing some Fat Fred’s?

  • Jo

    Jed looks like spicoli’s older brunette brother haha

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