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Adriano wins. ASP/Kirstin


Nat Young, first year, first final. Second place. ASP/Kirstin


Jordy Smith, semifinalist. ASP/Kirstin

Adriano De Souza wins the 2013 Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach

Adriano De Souza just won the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, beating Nat Young in the final. After a 25th at Snapper, Adriano bounced back to scoop his fourth world tour victory. “This is the most important event on tour to me,” said Adriano. “Guys like Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, my hero Mick Fanning, they have all rung the Bell. I have been coming here a lot of years. I love the place. It has been a tough time for me recently. I started 2013 without a sponsor for the first time in many years. I had to believe in myself that a company would believe in me and one did. I have to say thanks to Pena for believing in me. I have a lot of people to thank, but all I want to do right now is ring the bell.”

For Nat, it’s his second event as a world tour surfer, and his first final. “It was a huge event for me,” said the Californian. “Just to be in the field is a dream for me. I’ve looked up to the surfers in this event my whole life. The event has such a history behind it and I was honestly just excited to be here. Making the Final, I don’t even have words for it. Of course I wanted to win it. I want to ring the bell as much as anyone else on tour. Don’t get to it this year, but a Runner-Up finish is a big result for me and I’ll take that into the next one.”

Watch all the Heats On Demand, here.

1 – 
Adriano de Souza (BRA) 16.26
2 – Nat Young (USA) 15.83

SF 1: 
Nat Young (USA) 15.10 def. Taj Burrow (AUS) 13.43
SF 2: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 18.44 def. Jordy Smith (ZAF) 18.40

QF 1: 
Taj Burrow (AUS) 15.50 def. Kai Otton (AUS) 14.50
QF 2: Nat Young (USA) 17.27 def. Willian Cardoso (BRA) 14.83
QF 3: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 14.33 def. Mick Fanning (AUS) 13.76
QF 4: Jordy Smith (ZAF) 16.77 def. Filipe Toledo (BRA) 13.20

CURRENT ASP WCT TOP 5 (Following Completion of Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach):
Kelly Slater (USA) 11,750 pts
2. Mick Fanning (AUS) 11,700 pts
2. Taj Burrow (AUS) 11,700 pts
4. Adriano de Souza (BRA) 10,500 pts
5. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 9,750 pts
6. Nat Young (USA) 9,750 pts

  • HT


  • James B

    As i told you before, guys… BRAZILIAN STORM ON THE RISE!!!

  • fuckoffjamesb

    Adriano got over scored in the Jordy heat and the final

    • Mike Strovsky

      hahahahaha… you all still the same… very funny and a shame also. Always the same speech. Grow up your minds…

      • fuckoffjamesb

        Jordy won the semi, his last wave should have at least matched Adriano’s 9.1, but it ended up even being below 8.8. Every single one af Adriano’s waves were pretty much identical, just a couple of cutbacks with a layback at the end.

        • Vector

          Sorry mate… Just be a good sport. It was a close call, however ADS won.

  • HT

    Also, Filipen can you please get your dad to shut up? You rip mate but its annoying and makes you look like you cant handle it by yourself. I was sitting on the beach at Rainbow and wanted to punch him, now I have to see it on the webcast too. Shit cause you are the one brazo I want to watch surf, but even that is ruined. Please x

    • Tommy Dean

      What does it mean when people say “x” at the end of something?

  • biggie

    well that sucked.

    better prepare for the “brazilian domination” claims.
    fucking chimps.



  • Vector

    Cant wait for a string of stupid comments…. Bring it boys…

  • Vector

    Great win ADS!!! Much deserved….Can you hear the thunder….Yep… Its a Brazilian Strom!

  • Tommy Dean

    I feel like Jordy gets overly punished for not finishing a weak ass hack on the inside when he did 3 giant gouges out back -they still take 2 points off.

    If a rival tour starts, THEY WILL SCORE BASED ON MANEUVERS, and maneuver combinations. If you have the 3 best hits in a heat, you will win that heat, it doesn’t matter if you fall at the end of your 10th hit, the other guy who did 10 mediocure hits will not beat you.

    Most dumb is they require you do to maneuvers, but don’t seem to give enough weight to the best ones. Are we still counting turns? Point per turn is a sham.

    • Guest

      Jordy underscored? That last score from Jordy against Adriano was total bullshit, it was only mushy carves.. The whole contest was overscored, it was ridiculous.

      And i’m getting tired of hearing all this racists australians pricks. You’re all too bad surfers to criticize anyone.

  • Jeff

    Consistently had the biggest turns (not cutties like jordz) in the Bowl. Good on ya Adriano

  • TH

    Well done… deserved winner… Thought Kai got a bit robbed against Taj… And Brazzo’s, dont start with your brazilian storm shit… you won one comp with a tour veteran.. When your going for your countries 10th world title.. then say something… All your young guys got schooled….

  • Rover

    Well done to nat young. Into a final on his second contest on tour. It always seems like the less hyped guys are the real achievers. Where did Chloe and Julia finish again?

  • Soul Surfer

    please don’t tell me that the rise of the planet of the apes is actually happening

    • Gorik Badinskas

      forgot the “less” at the end of your first name…

  • slopey

    just got my new Adriano FCS fins in!! they’re tiny, shaped weird, and don’t allow you to complete a full cutback.

    ah, just hating on the man. i was actually happy for him once he got on stage. you could tell he was sincere and over the moon about the accomplishment.

  • JP

    “No kook has ever won at Bells” Hawaiian surfer Shane Dorian declared after ringing the coveted bell trophy in 1999….

    Sorry Shane.. a kook just won bells…

  • adolf

    who let the monkey into the event?

    • Arjones

      fucking racist

  • doodooburd

    overscored in semis, overscored in final. AiDS is shit with his midget poo stance what the fuck were looking at judges?! u really need that much brazzo hype for your shitty rio contest? bring back JBAY!

    • T-minus10

      Yeah, bring back J. Bay so Adriano can win again, like last year!

  • TH

    Brazilian storm came this morning, at Bells.. it rained.. or was that Adriano’s tears?? Man up poof! surfed alright tho…

  • JediMindTricks

    I know, You all guys have sore backs now! hahahaha… You better leave the tour and go watch Craig Ando making Charles Chaplin faces!

  • Matthew Nicholls

    Fuck i am so glad to see Jordy getting a result. finally. yewww hope he keeps up the form throughout the year. COME JORDY!!!!

  • test him, for real

    Adriano is juicing

  • Mr Giggles

    As someone who spends a lot of time at Bells, I offer the following explanation.
    Adriano has been the first guy in town 3 years running, maybe more. He has focussed on the Bowl. Leant it, understood it.Now he has the Big Bell. Take note all those who show up a couple of days before, think they can adapt, usually fail.[ Yeah my boards are good] The guy is a pleasure to surf with, always friendly, great with my Groms. Well deserved Winner. Stop the Monkey shit,it’s so pissweak, there is NO Brazilian uprising, just a great result for a guy who bothered to put in the “research”. The mid range Aussies should take note.

    • Arjones

      Thank you. There is inteligent life in this part of the word.

  • biggie

    anyone else see the stupid cunt break the bell?

    • Gorik Badinskas

      If it were an Aussie breaking the Bell, there’d be comments all over about too much power by the power surfer… it took a tiny man to ring the thing till it broke, man up and get a stronger trophy, hell bells? Rung that bell to hell!

  • Paddy

    Fair play. Hope a Brazzo takes it down this year. Aussies are irrelevant , Look at that fkn Beau Foster ad at the side of the page ridiculous. Love the brazilian work wthic, aussies are just over entitled dilletantes. You got your lifetime achievement gift wrapped world title from the industry last year, now step aside and let some real men take over

  • mangemongland

    This is indeed a very sad day for pro surfing

  • parko

    Wanted Jordy to win. Ripped off. Then a brazo wins it fuckin hell then destroys the bell..fag

  • Rbier

    Mr. Gigles saíd it all…and Shame on those who cant accept ADS deserved to ring that bell. He eliminated the media darling (STAB included) Kolohe Andino, easily, and went on to beat Mick, Jordy and others. The judges tried reeally hard to give it to Jordy on the final, his last wave was waaay overscored, but at the end the best prevailed.
    And let the whining begin……


    Jordy had this muppet in the semis – no one came close to Jordy power or heat totals for that matter . He hsoulda been rining that bell . asp deeeeeks

  • Vitao

    Always when I want to feel bad about humanity I came here to see all comments. A lot of racism. I don´t think Jordy´s last wave was enough to win. Even with one judgr giving him 9,5, ridiculous. Congrats ADS, you deserve.

  • Rbier

    Well, it was a “shut the fuck up STAB” kind of victory, wasnt it?

  • Dan

    Words cannot describe my anger with the asp judges, i am just a fan enthusiastic about good surfing, first bede was ripping and got “beaten” by ace buchan, then parko, arguably the best surfer at bells got “beaten” by raoni who got 9’s for bogging so much rail in between and through some of his turns.

    Then to top it all off my least favourite surfer was systematically overscored throughout this event just like in Rio to eventually “win” the event. this guy squat stances and generally has such bad style, flailing his arms around and shit every wave, It seems the ASP score how hard you try instead of how well you surf. I know difficulty of manouvre is on the criteria but just for making it look difficult shouldn’t get you big scores. It’s fucked

    • YD

      You had me at “words cannot describe my anger…” Cry baby. Suck it up idiot and now you and your “aussie mates” can go cry like the babies you are. Stupid haters and sore losers. IN YOUR FACE!! HAHAHHAHHA!!!

    • rbier

      Totally agree with you. ASP should change the rules so that your favorite surfers can win again.

  • Dan

    First event where the winner of the chicks comp is a better surfer than the mens “winner”

    • Matt Carr

      Didn’t you hear? Man turns, man….

    • YD

      Would you like some tissues?

    • wacko

      Dan, your GF has left you for a brazzo didn’t she?

      • Dan

        I don’t have anything against zillas, just the judges interpretation of Adriano’s surfing, gabs is good, maybe even top 20 in the world, and heitor alves rips!

        • YD

          You don’t? Ok, so drop the zilla stuff and name the 20 surfers better than Gabs

          • Dan

            Dane, Kelly, Parko, JJF, Dusty, Mick, Bede,Owen, Mitch, Jordy, Bruce, Jeremy F, Seabass, Rob Machado, Taj, Julian Wilson, Josh Kerr, CJ, Damo, Bobby Martinez.

          • YD

            HAHAHAH!!!! Ok…

  • Django

    Rednecks loving men in tight jeans… Congrats Adriano!

  • Matt Carr

    Follow Stab readers’ new and improved surf blog at for extensive analysis and a guaranteed scattergun scapegoat search every time a Brazilian wins or an Aussie loses!

    This week, Adriano’s new sponsor and global surf-industry powerhouse Pena and Victorian local government found to be in cahoots at centre of Bells conspiracy to elect ADS champion!

    Activists were seen earlier distributing a step-by-step guide to passers-by to the business end of Adriano’s victory.

    Quarter Final: Fanning’s defeat was in no way related to the fact that he fell over on the 3 best waves of the heat. Instead, Stab readers explain, Adriano won because he was overscored.

    Semi Final: Jordy Smith lost despite being awarded a 9.5 for one turn (the exact same freefall closeout thing that Adriano finished every one of his six 8/9point waves with). The only ostensible difference being that Adriano did actual turns leading up to that maneuver instead of Jordy’s 17 slopey cutbacks that may have excited Occy but which realistically could have been done by any one of you journeymen sliders. The readers go into a bit more detail here, illustrating that although Adriano repeatedly caught the best waves of the heat and “atomized” them whilst Jordy kept catching fat mushburgers and doing cutbacks and/or falling off, Adriano won because he was overscored.

    Final: Similarly, Stab readers contend that Adriano catching the better waves and surfing them better was a convenient smokescreen for the judges to hide behind. He was in fact, Stab readers contend, overscored.

    All in all, the facts look pretty stark. The unstoppable combination of Pena’s “big bucks”, the judging conspiracy, Adriano’s unexpected reverse-psychological “no-claims-bonus”, along with the seemingly universal popularity he enjoys in “the surf industry” was ultimately too much for the rest of the field. The reasons are there for all to see. Rip Curl’s posterboy at Rip Curl’s poster event; The former-next-world-champ-hype-kid-who-then-got-lazy-and-fell-off-a-bit-but-now-seems-back-in-the-saddle; and the fresh-faced clean-cut freckle from California were never going to be a match for the tiresome little Brazilian upstart who, gasp, actually tries to win (so Brazilian)!

    Somebody change the fucking record please.

    • YD

      Absolutely perfect. Congrats. But I have to admit that I am just loving to read the comments here. Can’t stop laughing. I pictured the haters lighting candles against ADS.

    • rbier

      YYYEEEEEAAHHH. Perfect

    • enricolatino brazo

      Finally some inteligence life here

    • Vector

      Matt. Is this the article STAB intended to write, but didn’t…. Seriously! All they could muster was a piss poor two paragraph downplay of ADS’s win. The funny thing though, is that I no longer come to this site to read the actual articles, instead I spend all my time in the forums. Great job STAB, continue reporting the facts as perceived by bias…. I’ll go back to SURFLINE for some real coverage.

    • Caio

      wow! congratz, dude!

    • bill

      you forgot to say that neptune took part in the conspiration sending a closeout set to seal the deal in the final minutes, sending both to the beach.

  • Rudy

    GO BRAZIL!!!

  • Zeus

    whilst i respect ads passion, friendly personality and competitive savvy, it is just displeasing on the eyes sometimes to watch him surf. he takes sections that could be demolished with sweeping rail gauges and bogs half way through the turn. his bottom turn looks atrocious 90% of the time, looking like a stoked out grom who’s just now learning how to go on rail.

    • YD

      Mmmm… Let me think. Between your usual biased comments here and the comments from Occy and others, I really don’t know which side to choose. Now seriously, I don’t dig ADS style, but it was looking pretty good at Bells, specially his bottom turns.

    • richie grove

      As one of the Greek Gods, you mustve invented surfing. Show us a clip so we can learn from you!
      Best mates with Neptune aswell , i guess?

  • macks

    Adriano broke all !!! literally !!! LOL ! that bell was already too old !! LOL

  • Mrs Anna

    Fuck you all losers, we are the best!! Brazilian Storm!!!

  • leo

    wtf those comments against Adriano, he just did better than everyone out there, you get what you did, like Mr Giggles said he was the first in town, i guess Bells is the hardest field to get in tune and he got it…well done

  • SeppoKunt

    How come no one is talking about how Mick refused a Drug Test after his round 3 heat and got into a physical altercation with event staff? Come on STAB. In your own country. Scooped again by Cote and crew.

    • turk

      wow…This was pulled from the transworld website as well. Come on stab I thought you guys were fearless when it came to reporting.

    • Ana Moser

      Remember Neco Padaratz some years ago. Suspended for months, lost the tour and sponsors

    • Cam


    • STABmag

      You’re totally a fool of April!

  • wacko

    Adriano is a legend. Adriano is corinthiano. Adriano is sponsored by a brazilian brand. You think Joel’s got fans? For all of you haters, bitch pleaaassee.. get a grip.
    Let the brazzos teach you the true meaning of competitive surfing.
    PS: Badass trophy, solid stuff.

  • Archie

    Well put Mr Giggles, I’m no Brazo lover but credit is due in this case…. Learn from it Aussies…

  • richie grove


  • Santos Surfer

    Stil can’t believe Nat Young made that far with mid-face cut backs and off the tops with no spray at all. He is the one who got overscored all contest long.

    • Gorik Badinskas

      Did he? Wasn’t really paying attention, usually turn the computer off during his heats… couldn’t be bothered!

  • Cam

    Taj vs Jordy, Pipe final for the ’13 title! That would be unreal, in a hopefully real kind of way. Slater and Parko on the QS next year? Kolohe vs JJF Rio final. Damo vs CJ final in Tahiti and Fiji. Dane for a win in France over Slater. Tiago vs Captain Barbosa in the Portugal final, that’d be horse shit for anyone of non-Portuguese descent. Filipe Vs Kolohe Trestles final. Jordy vs Kerr Karamas final. Ummm, I was meant to write that first sentence and shit just got out of hand. I don’t even follow the tour. Who is Nick Rozsa, was Snapper Rocks kind of shit this year? Long division is impossible.

  • surfcheck

    Adriano earned it. Yes he has spent a lot of time at Bells but so have Parko and Slater. And they didn’t ring the bell. Adriano was on the edge sponsor-wise, they love Gabs and the other young brasilian guns. Who are ascendant. But like everything Pro, the best win at the end of a long tour. KS could skip a contest and still challenge for 12.
    But did Mick refuse a drug test? Especially after all the talk at Snapper? Shocker. If true, good for Parko and Slater.

  • mdg

    theres a few good words about it in this blog – (sorry for non portuguese speakers… but maybe its worth trying)

  • Fast Brazzo

    Adriano deserved it, no doubt.


    no free commets

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