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Abyss – a new film starring Creed McTaggart

“Take a dark and psychedelic voyage with Creed McTaggart as he messes with the hostile waters of Western Australia’s Indian Ocean, set to one mind bending 10 minute track by Sleepy Sun. Abyss sends you back in time as it unveils and transforms a grip of differing shapes, sounds and personalities.”

It started with a song. A composition called White Dove, written by Sleepy Sun, that shakes its way through various movements over 10 minutes. It’s this song that formed the basis for Jay Grant’s new film, Abyss, starring Creed McTaggart. You know Creed. He’s Epokhe’s newest (and first) band member. He doesn’t use a tailpad. He has the roundedness in his surfing that one gets from growing up in West Oz. Stab is very fond of Creed as a young man to drink beer with and also to watch in the water. And, the manoeuvre that begins at six minutes and forty-three seconds into Abyss is as cool as you’ll see in 2013. Stab sat down with Creed on the Gold Coast to discuss Abyss and WA and tailpads and other things like that.

Watch the film above and then read the interview below. Or, the other way around. Whatever blows your hair back. We live in an age of freedom!

CreedOneStab: What gave birth to this whole dance?
Creed: I’m good mates with the guys who run Soggy Bones magazine. They did an article on Sleepy Sun and I read it, as did Jay Grant. We started listening to their music and we found this one song, White Dove, that goes for 10 minutes. We thought it’d be cool to do a short film to it. Originally we were gonna do it with heaps of people, then Jay ended up coming over for a month (to WA) and staying with me. We got really good waves, and midway through it we thought, “Should we just do it all on me?” It was so cool, we’d wake up early in the morning, surf all day, then edit all night. Tom Jennings would come down from Perth and shoot water. Chris Bryan came over, too, and shot land, a couple of really nice silhouette shots of North Point.

As much as anything else, it seems like a real snapshot of the WA landscape. It is, definitely. We wanted to say, this is home and this is where I grew up. It’s such a beautiful place with so much wildlife. I love living there. The whole thing was shot in a month and the waves are so good. It’s a little taste of Margaret River. It’s so raw, so extreme, there’s flies and 30-knot seabreezes, then you wake up at 5am and it’s freezing cold, then by lunchtime it’s 40 degrees. It’s harder to go surfing three times a day there than it is on the east coast. You’ve gotta be real keen. Then there’s the sharks, which is sketchy and always on your mind. That scares the shit out of me. When we were filming, waking up early, it’s really hard to find people to come surfing with you. You don’t want to surf on your own.

CreedTwoThe film is varied. Because Jay was staying close by, we’d constantly go through the footage and be like, we’ve got this and that, let’s work on getting more backhand stuff, or, let’s go hunt some barrels today. And living in West Oz you can kinda do that ’cause there’s such a wide variety of waves. You can wake up in the morning and go, I wanna get barrelled, so you go surf some little slab. Then you can go, I wanna surf a fun little beachie, and you can go do that. By the time it’s 10am it’s onshore, so there’s ramps galore everywhere.

Tell me about the song. It’s psychedelic rock and the song goes through so many highs and lows. There’s tapping sticks, it goes through a rock, grungy section, then it goes through a full drum solo, then it ends on an acoustic, chilled-out vibe. There’s this one section where it’s shot at good, barreling North Point, and it just goes through a drum solo, there’s hi-hats when the wave’s chandeliering, it’s sick. It fits really well with the surfing, especially the water footage and the landscape of Margaret River and West Oz.

CreedThreeTailpads, or lack thereof. Discuss. Two or three years ago, I got a bunch of boards sent over to WA. I didn’t have any tailpads and the waves were meant to be pumping. I just waxed them up, went surfing and it felt heaps better. I didn’t think I’d be able to do an air, but then I got used to it and started using Fu Wax and a comb, now I’d much prefer it. I love picking up a board with no deckgrip and feeling the tail out, having all that freedom when you’re on the board. You can move your feet around and you’re not getting stuck in putting your foot right at the back all the time. Sometimes I’ve done a floater and come down and my back foot has slipped off, and I’ve done the full splits. But that’s rare. I fall off a lot, but I don’t blame it on not having a tailpad. It’s just my surfing capabilities.

Are we going to see more of these 10-15 minute online movies? I think so, f’sure. I really like them. For instance, when (skater) Dylan Rieder did that Dylan clip with Gravis, that was so smart ’cause it was just 10 minutes of banger after banger. There’s no fillers in there and people were just like, this is crazy. Because it’s shorter, it’s easier to work around a storyline or have more of a theme, and carry that theme for 10 minutes, rather than 40 minutes, where it gets a bit boring after a while. I really rate the short film, hopefully we see more of them.

So, did you go with more of an all-bangers formula? There’s a fair bit of lifestyle, it’s certainly not 10 minutes of pure surfing. There’s some weird, trippy landscape shots. We only shot for a short amount of time and wanted to only put the best stuff we got in there. It’s not the craziest surfing you’ve ever seen but it’s pretty fun and hopefully people get psyched off it.

CreedFourScooped up by Epokhe, must’ve been like a golden ticket to someone of your generation? Yeah! I’m sponsored by Globe so I did a trip down to Cabo with them and Dion was there. We got on really well, he’s one of those people who’s loved by anyone that meets him, ’cause he’s such a fucking legend. I was riding for Arnette at the time, and my contract was nearly finishing at the end of the year. Dion and I had kept in touch and when my Arnette contract finished, Epokhe sent me a contract. It didn’t feel like you were riding for a company, it just felt like you were riding for mates. We did the sickest trip down the south coast in mid-January. Doing a trip with Dion and Mitch? I was losing it. I’ve looked up to them ever since I was young. They’re a real big inspiration for me, not just in their surfing but the way they’ve gone about things. They’re really nice, genuine people and they take chances. They’re full of ideas, Dion doesn’t have a day where he’s not coming up with crazy shit. It rubbed off and I’ve been coming up with bits and pieces, which is a little bit how Abyss came about. Y’know, trying to do something off your own back. – Elliot Struck

  • Ben Bernanke

    Best surf edit I have ever seen

  • Conan

    Raised the bar..well done.

    • Ricardo dos Santos

      156 air revos… we’re are the variations? barrels i ride better than him.. my 25$ check can prove it.. but… we’re is the flow creedy? we’re are the power hacks… not those lazy cuttys… do you thing I like it? NO I DON’T I WANT MORE!

      • leggy

        we’re = we are. your after where mate.

        • Turbo Tony

          You are after “you’re” you absolute egg.

  • mwah

    full rote oop to floater. magnificent

  • spider

    the otis carey movie was better – said no one EVER!

    • peanut

      yeah that sucked waste of money that guy surfs like a retard.

  • Duarte

    This clip… i like it! ANOTHER!

  • Whitty Whit

    One of the most interesting and mesmerizing surf videos I have seen ever. Thanks so much for sharing this. It was AMAZING and I am so jealous you have those lovely waters ~ <3 Surf safe xo

  • j

    that was fucked good.

  • Bowlcut

    It never fails to amaze me at how the first few comments on an article can start (or swing) a bandwagon. All y’all were absolutely giving it to him in the epokhe vid, and now you can promptly shut ya mouths. enjoy the blowies creed! sure there’ll be a few here!

  • rhinoo

    those hayden shapes seem to work pretty good. even that chick beau can flare up on one…

  • Cali barn

    That guy is way better than Travis logie…… much better

  • Pirate

    Amazing edit, finally some decent music in a surf vid. Well done.

    totes frothing it ay

  • Iceman


  • froff

    that was soooo sick!! mental last clip! that oop to float

  • mystery head

    i’m sure im probably tripping ballz, but is that creeds head in the moon at 7.36 holy FUVK

  • Yallingup Store

    That was cool.

  • billy boy

    WOW! Who is this Jay Grant? He must make more

    • Hayden Cox

      Jay Grant is a really good bloke from Newcastle. He started filming when Ando bought him a camera to shoot him surfing a few years back. He’s been dedicated and learnt a fair bit in the past few years and now does it full time. A great guy to work with and comes up with some great edits! love his work.

  • Spitball

    Just like that, a new genre of short everyone will need to imitate. Better filming and edit than any ten minutes Kai Neville has produced and shit heaps better than anything Taylor steeles innersection crap fest has produced. That bit of music of course plays a big part. Like a Hendrix, zeppelin, Neil young mash up but fresh and new. The last air to float places creed in the elite.

    • Mike

      Yeah, you’re right on. This Jay Grant guy is heaps better than any of the past Innersection entrants, especially Jay Grant.

  • Justin Ward

    Yeah Carnts.

  • seabiscuit

    liked everything about that. well done.

  • gannysesh

    Man, not into this vid. It’s not varied. He does the same two moves 18 times.

    • shredder

      That was pretty sick creed surfs good and has cool style but i also agree that there wasnt alot of variation. Would be good to see some footage of complete waves where cunts link some turns and tricks together. I still give it a thumbs up though

  • de janiero

    you creed are good, i rate you an 8. jadson you a 4

  • Zach

    I knew this video was going going to be trippy as fuck so I rolled up a joint before and watched. I have to say I was not let down and also fantastic surfing by Creed!

  • shane burns

    That edit was so rad, surfing fit right in too!

  • jm

    floter oop? shit was out of hand!

  • groovy dude

    Lame. Small and basic airs, boring music. Kind of like a Craig Anderson who is way worse at airs. Show this to some guy who doesnt surf and they will think surfing is gay, with some tranny doing tiny little pops and acting all groovy. Everyone on stab so quick to write off brazilians rail game, but this guy is worse than them all at turns. Not a fan of all the groovy hipster crap, much rather see Dane or Jordy punt big airs and do massive hacks

    • Jon

      ^^ twat prick.

  • luke

    so fucken dope!!!!!!

  • 21dayssucks

    free surfing rules , much better than watching the pros at the quik pro with the exception of reynolds.great clip.

    • KENOATH – Modern Vintage Australia.

      Fucken Oath. Totally agree.

  • jb

    north point has to be up there in the best wave in the world. long, powerful, throaty kegs and then mean ramps off the end bowl. what more do you want?

    • Blow In

      But it’s not all it seems. North Point is an extremely fickle wave. It breaks properly a handful of times a year, if that. It gets CRAZY crowded, like super bank crowded. It adds to the danger and frustration. Most of the crew in the water probably shouldn’t be out there. They’re just getting in the way and fucking it up for the others so when someone asks where they surfed today they can say “Norths”. Bodyboarders fucken swarm the end section and will happily shut crew down that are locked in the barrel. There are a crew of locals who live for the joint and surf it with unbelievable skill and courage both standing up and lying down. They will be on it if it is good and you will not get a wave from them. Best to find a good spot and enjoy the show. Or go surf elsewhere . Creed surfs the joint reel well and has made his way into the top pack in the last couple years. Those days where he is doing airs off the close out section are smaller days where is breaks off a different part of the reef. It’s real fucken hard to have a good surf when it’s like this unless, like Creed you’ve been surfing it your whole life and are sick at doing airs off heavy sections. That is all.

      • Lord Humongous

        Blow In – you nailed it to a tee. Thank God for the other options to get the wave count up. Used to love the days as a grom paddling from Huzz to North then North back to South then into Huzz again and a few sneaky ones at Borris’s on the way in. Just a pack of seal pups paddling across the bay. There were no sharks back then.

  • I can make a rhyme anytime, wow I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.

    This website tends to breed mcfaggots, well done creed mctaggart.

  • Realist

    Ok billabong listen up, put aside some money, not heaps but enough
    Now send Wade Goodall and Creed away to all kinds of amazing places and let them take this Jay Grant guy and then we will relish in there magic. Do it.

    • david van rensburg

      i would agree

  • Yep

    This vid is next level, sick surfing and amazing edit, makes me wanna surf

  • david van rensburg

    damn and fuckand my god..this is the best edit/graphic /music /surf combo i’ve had the great pleasure of viewing..big ups to jay and his crew..monumental work and a real pleasure to watch

  • mes couilles

    I love creed but this edit is shit! There is only one two turns wave !

  • Spitball

    I’m not holding out high hopes for “anything sing” but the actual filming in the trailer is by far the best in any Neville project. Whoever is on the camera work is top notch from what they showed so far

  • double standards

    If this guy was a brazzo he’d be ripped so hard for having no rail game. But because hes aussie its groovy and cool.

    • Marcus

      that garb rail cutty was pretty killer.. and its the lack of style, rail work, and wack over-competitive surf culture that makes people not like brazilians.. Everytime i see a fucking brazzo in the water they act like they belong there.. eh not so much

  • tryagain

    I can’t stop laughing at this line:

    We got really good waves, and midway through it we thought, “Should we just do it all on me?”

    Like OMG, we should totally make this ALL ABOUT ME! Fuck my buddy whose on the trip with me, make it about ME ME ME doing the same fucking trick over and over again… come on are you people that surf media starved that this is like some fucking amazing edit?

  • marcus willett and gj

    psychedelic edit. best i’ve seen in a while. give me more!

  • Jay Grant

    I made it through about half. Creed surfs with an amazing lack of power for being a decent sized bloke. Weak airs and no power, he’s the anti-Dane.

    • beat it

      you’re a dickhead

    • beat it

      you’re an idiot for not watching the whole thing.

  • Proffessor Dumbledorwe

    production quality is like bbc on shrooms. Awesome vibes performance just tastes a lil rancid

  • Tua mãe, aquela cretina

    Beautiful footage, but CAN HE GO LEFT?

  • God’s Quad

    needs more 360’s……..

  • 10 minutes of front and back 360s….awesome

  • Big Bobby D

    I would like to get in the way and fuck it up for others some time so that when someone asks where I surfed today I can say “Norths”. That would be cool.

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