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A Stab Exclusive: “Carpark Stories”

Welcome to Carpark Stories, a new film by Toby Cregan and starring Brett Burcher and a lot of other surfers Stab’s fond of. Also featuring in this 25-minute slice of brilliant escapism is Matt King, Scott Dennis, Creed Mctaggart, Duncan McNicol, Elliot Marshall, Kelly Slater, Russell Bierke, Mark Mathews, Pama Davies and Alex Gray. Yowser! There’s Indo, there’s the more rugged parts of Australia, and really, there’s just good vibes. Here’s to embracing the horizon!

  • randall


  • Big Jim

    fuck i feel like iv been on surf trip with good waves , good afends, good weed, ang good fucking times , cheers mini geko!

    • bitter guy

      and all without judges, jerseys, or interference calls

      • NEGATRON

        Dont forget idiots waving flags… sick Vid fellas!

    • Ricky

      That was the best surf vid I’ve seen in forever. I agree with big jim

  • El Gringo

    Very cool…

  • Dougie

    Nothing like some Luna Park to get you psyched on big wave surfing. I was wondering what happened to Luna…never see it in any videos. It’s short and shallow but heavy as hell. Let’s see some more Luna and other lesser known Ozzie slabs. There’s some great mysto waves there.

  • Judge #3

    a slab exclusive

  • the funky bunch


  • Brazo

    This is good stuff, needed a break from brazos being over scored, apparently claiming is one of the main keys of the judging criteria.. anyways. That was refreshing and well put together. Who is matt king btw? Surfs well.

    • HeyZeus

      Ahhh isn’t Matt King the dude than kooked up the Wardo sojourn to Cabo last year and was subsequently shat all over by Mason Ho? He has a facebook page called “Matt King Pro Surfer” where he shares his own photos.

      • bitter guy

        different Matt King but i did love the part when Wardo slaps him for fucking with his bike

    • Delbazz

      Yeah, just ask Fanning. Claimed his way to the ’13 Championship.


    If only the Aussies in the quikie pro pulled through like those mates! Hell men!

  • jb

    that right in the desert is amazing


    Wow that was so refreshing! You boys charge! Those waves at the end were epic! Cant wait to come down to Bega and surf them with you cunts! I’ll be the guy on the dick dragger sliding down the face in front of you!

  • cadmunt

    way to make everyone wanna go to the south coast! powerkegs everywherrrreeeee

  • Pock Mark

    That is a gun, killer.

  • shooootsbrah

    holy shit that was great ! excellent surfing , editing , filming , soundtrack, and locations! Toby Creegan you are fucking killing it, and so is everyone in this video. so stoked after watching this i instantly started it over and watched it through again. that fuckin right in the desert, holy hell . what a reward after that trek , well deserved and well surfed. slater was killing it out there, and the shipsterns section as well. dude is a freak. alex gray had some sick ones too there.

    the tube riding from EVERYONE in this movie just blew my mind. you guys fuckin charge! im gonna be watching this quite often for the next while. what a great film!

  • sadcunt

    14:57 FUCK!!

  • Ivan

    Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeed McTaggart surfed good

  • mullrider

    anyone know the soundtrack all the tunes would be sick??

    • mullrider

      or just the second one and the last one

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